Heirs of Pitts Gregory To Hugh McGinnis

Deed Book 2 Page 439-441

Transcribed by John Waggoner Jr. Carthage TN 2003

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For the consideration of three hundred dollars in hand paid we Matilda Stewart & husband James Stewart & W.T. Gregory & Martha Shoulders & husband James Shoulders & Mary Gregory & husband R. H. Gregory & July Chaffin & Harvy Chaffin & E V Gregory heirs of Pitts Gregory. We have this day bargained and sold to Hugh McKinnis his heirs and assigns a certain parcel of land lying in Smith County Tennessee on the waters of Peytons Creek and on Nicky Jack Branch containing by calculation sixty acres with the same more or less. Commencing at a locust stump running with the conditional line to top of the hill on Thomas Shoulders line thence north to a Buckeye on Thomas Shoulders line. Thence west to an Oak on line thence with the conditional line to a maple stump and corner, thence to the beginning to have and to hold the same to the said Hugh McKinnis and his heirs and assigns forever. We do covenant with the said Hugh McKinnis that we are lawfully seized of said land and have a good right to convey it and that the same is unencumbered. We do further covenant and bind ourselves & our heirs & representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the said land and every part thereof to the said Hugh McKinnis, his heirs & assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whomever this October the 14th, 1871.

Wit: W.T.Gregory SEAL

S. C. Gregory James Shoulders SEAL

J. J. Gregory Martha X Shoulders SEAL

Julia X Chaffin SEAL

and husband

Harvey X Chaffin SEAL

R.H. Gregory SEAL

& wife

Mary X Gregory SEAL

Matilda X Stewart SEAL


James X Stewart SEAL

E.V. X Gregory SEAL

State of Tennessee

Smith County

Personally appeared before me S. Allison Clerk of the County Court aforesaid Hugh McKinnis who makes oath in due form of law that Martha Shoulders, Julia Chaffin, Mary Gregory & Matilda Stewart are unable to come before the county court to be privately examined to the foregoing deed and that he wants J.J. Gregory Commissioner to take their examinations to the same.

Sworn before me on Oct 2/74 J.M. Fisher D.C. Hugh McKinnis

State of Tennessee

Smith County

To J.J. Gregory Esquire You are hereby authorized to take the examination of Martha Shoulders, Julia Chaffin, Mary Gregory, & Matilda Stewart privately and apart from their husbands relative to their free execution of the within deed and the same to be taken to certify

under your hand and seal. Witness - S. Allison Clerk of the county court of said County aforesaid. At office October 2, 1874

S. Allison - Clerk

By J.M. Fisher D.C.


State of Tennessee

County of Smith

This day the wife of James Shoulders Martha the wife of R.H. Gregory Mary the wife of Harvy Chaffin having personally appeared before me and having by virtue of the authority in me vested have examined privately and apart from their said husbands and they having acknowledged the due execution of the within annexed deed by them freely, voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or constraint by their said husband and for the purpose therein expressed. Same is therefore certified. Witness my hand this the October 2 1874.

J.J. Gregory J.P.


State of Tennessee

Macon County

(Directs William Rickerson Esqire to take the acknowledgement of Matilda Stewart privately.) Thomas J. Gregory

Clerk of Macon Co Court


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