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Deed Book U, Pgs. 213-214 - 26 August 1851
Joel L. Gregory to Abel Gregory a crop of tobacco
Joel L. Gregory (my ggg-grandfather) b. Abt. 1810 TN and his brother Abel Gregory b. Abt.
1797 NC, both sons of Jeremiah and Barbara Rawls Gregory. Joel was a stone mason, but
was also a tobacco farmer as can be seen in this trust deed between he and his brother. Abel
was a farmer. They both can be found in the 1850 Smith County, TN census.

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Deed Book U, Pgs. 213-214 - 26 August 1851

I have this day bargained and sold and do hereby
convey to Abel Gregory for the sum of one dollar
to me paid and the other consideration hereinafter men-
tioned all of my present grocery crop of tobacco to have
and to hold the same to the said Abel Gregory his heirs
and assigns forever I do covenant with the said Abel
Gregory (rest of line struck thru)
(part of line struck thru) that I am lawfully seized of said
tobacco and have a good right to convey it and the sum
is wherein cambered. I do further covenant and bind my-
self my heirs and representatives to warrant and forever
defend the title to the said tobacco and every part thereof
to him the said Abel Gregory his heirs and assigns
against the lawful claims of all persons whatever.
But this deed is made for the following uses
and trusts and no other purpose that is to say I
am indebted to William Tunstall in the sum of twenty three dollars
and 60 cents all by note under seal bearing even date with these presents
and one other note due the 25th of December next for fifty of the same
date and am desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same
now if I should pay the said debts by the 1st day of April next term this
deed to be void, but if I should not then the said Abel Gregory as
has to after giving ten days notice in writing at three of the most
public places in the district may expose the said tobacco to public
sale to the highest bidder for cash and appropriate the proceeds
first to the payment of the necessary expenses. Secondly to the
satisfaction of said debts and thirdly if any pay the balance
to me as witnesseth my hand and seal this 26 day of August 1851.
John H. Lyon                                        Joel L. Gregory   ( Seal )
Marlin (Merlin) Young

                                       Tennessee Smith County
Personally appeared before me William V R Hallum
Clerk of the county court of Smith County, Joel
L. Gregory the within named bargainor with whom
I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged
that he executed the within deed for the purpose therein
contained witness my hand at office this 27th
day of August 1851.              W V R Hallum Clerk
Received the 27th August 1851 at 2 p.m.
                                       D.C. Sanders Register                                                        

Transcribed By Celeste Miller & Glena Faye Gregory

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