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This deed as transcribed and posted on the site is for the farm land (part of the original Jonathan GRIFFITH farm,
Forks of the Pike, Henley Hollow Road, near Dismal Creek-Liberty in (was Smith County) Dekalb County, TN.
Jonathan GRIFFITH (Jr) (dob 1782) was the father of 7 sons and 3 daughters, all of whom lived to adulthood.
Jonathan sold (and or gave) parcels of his own farm to at least three of his sons, for their own farms. This deed
represents 174+ acres of farm land that was sold to Moses GRIFFITH (dob 1806),the oldest son of Jonathan
GRIFFITH (Jr).. This deed is dated 1836. Moses had already been married ten years at that time.Five of Moses'
eight children had been born.Moses had three sons, five daughters. This land was a major part(perhaps all) of
the farm land which became the 'Moses GRIFFITH' farm and on which the Moses GRIFFITH cemetery is located.
This land Moses GRIFFITH farmed and eventually sold to/gave to/bequeathed to(?) his own oldest son, Josiah
GRIFFITH,(dob 1834) who in turn farmed this land. The part of the farm (original Jonathan GRIFFITH (JR) farm)
where the Jonathan GRIFFITH (Jr) Cemetery is located was sold to/given to/bequeathed (?)to William GRIFFITH
(dob 1822). Jonathan's youngest son. William GRIFFITH in turn farmed the land, and raised his family upon it; he
then also sold it,gave it, or bequeathed it(?) to one of his own sons.

GRIFFITH Deed(1836 Jonathan to Moses GRIFFITH)

State of Tennessee Smith County Registers Office February 20, 1836

I herby certify that the within deed from Jonathan GRIFFITH to Moses GRIFFITH together
with the probate for registration herein is duly registered in my office in Book M page 528
Harvey Hogg, Reg. of Smith County

DEED Jonathan GRIFFITH to Moses GRIFFITH acres 174 & 92 poles

This indenture made and entered into this day 15 January 1836 Between Jonathan GRIFFITH
of the County of Smith and State of Tennessee of the one part and Moses GRIFFITH of the
County and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that I the said Jonathan for and in
consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars to me in hand paid by the said Moses the
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. Hath granted Bargained and Sold and by these
presents do grant Bargain convey and confirm unto the said Moses, a certain track or parcel of
Land Lying and being in the aforesaid County of Smith on the waters of Dismal Creek of
Smiths Fork. Beginning and running as follows viz. Beginning on a pahpah about three rods
west from an elm corner made by Moses FITE and Charles JINKINS running thence due east
sixty poles to a Buckeye thence south Twenty poles to a poplar and Birch marked T.B. & J.G.
Thence east with a conditional line(originally made by Tilman BETHELL & David FITE) one
Hundred poles to two dogwoods and some pahpahs in Samson WILLIAMS (original east
boundry line) thence north(about one Hundred poles) to a sugartree(mind the said Jonathanís
corner made by John FITE Thence east (about Twenty poles to a yellow Beech the south east
corner of a Twenty five acre entry that I the said Jonathan made in the year 1826. Thence west
to a poplar >J.M. BENNETTs South east corner Thence west with said BENNITTs South
Boundry line to a Beech his south west corner making in the whole line one Hundred and
forty one poles Thence west with said BENNETTs West Boundry line nineteen poles to a
pahpah / Jessee CARNEYs South east corner / Thence west (with said CARNEYs South
Boundry line) about forty five pole to a black walnut in said line. Thence Southward with an
agreed upon line(between me the said Jonathan & the said Moses) to the begining Containing
by Estimation one hundred & Seventy four acres and ninety two poles. With the
Heredetaments(??)apssaartauiances (??)M(?) sher unto belonging to have and to hold the
aforesaid tract or parcel of land to him the said Moses GRIFFITH and to the only use and
benefit of him the said Moses and to him his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Jonathan
GRIFFITH does for himself his heirs? M or any one claiming in or by whim or from the legal
claim of any other person whatsoever; will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid tract of
land to the said Moses GRIFFITH to him his heirs and assigns forever.

In witness whereof I the said Jonathan GRIFFITH have hereunto set my hand affixed my Seal
this day and date first above written.
                   JONATHAN GRIFFITH (**his signature**)

Signed sealed and delivered
In presents of
DAVID GRIFFITH (**his signature**)

AMOS GRIFFITH (**his signature**)

M.L. WEST (**his signature**)

State of Tennessee Smith County

Personally appeared before me John J. BENNETT Clerk of Smith County Court, Jonathan
GRIFFITH the Bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who has acknowledged
that he ???cuted the within(?) deed of conveyance (?) for his(?) purposes . This contract
witness my hand at office this 17 day of Feb 1836 John J BENNETT clerk of Smith County

Transcriber Notes:
(This document was copied from an original(?) copy in the possession of Hugh Brown
GRIFFITH Nashville, Tennessee -------The original deed, copy was in his family Bible. I
copied it 14 October 1970---Judy ADAMS Woods(GGGgrand-daughter of Jonathan, and
GGGrand-daughter of Moses GRIFFITH)

I have transcribed this document to the best of my ability. All spellings are
transcribed as written. Question marks proceed or follow illegible phrases or words.

Capitalization is reproduced as written. The punctuation on the document is practically
non-existent. I have capitalized all surnames to help any family researched who may view
this document. Any error in reproduction has been done unintentionally.)

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