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Note: The following was copied from the files of noted genealogist (now deceased)
from Nashville Edith Whitley that she gave to the Williamson County Library and
Archives at her death.. She researched for many people..and these may be helpful
for those of you interested in our Kemp lines.


May 15, 1817 Court ordered on motion of John Anderson, that William
Haine, Elijah Hanie, BURRELL KEMP, William Cage, & John Piper be
appointed Commissioners to divide and set apart the said estate of John
Anderson decd. among the children of said deceased and make report
to court. (Min. 1815-17 page 320)

BURRELL KEMP on the committee to divide a tract of land November 14,
1817, (Min. Book 1817-1819 page 33)

Febraury 16, 1818, Ordered that Nathan Hale, Daniel Laine, ROBERT
KEMP, MURPHEY KEMP, Peter Garet (Garrett) be a jury to review and make
such alterations as ought to be made in the road through John E.
Baker's plantation. ( Min. 1817-1819 pg. 90)

Febraury 8, 1819, Order that Joel Dyer, Senr., RICHARD KEMP, SOLOMON
KEMP, MURPHEY KEMP, John E. Baker be appointed to view the road as
cut from the mouth of John E. Baker's until it intersects with the old road
and make report. (Min. 1817-1819 page 343)

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