Riddleton Church Deed - 1887


Transcribed by Bill Amonette

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    For and in consideration of the sum of twenty dollars to me paid in hand, I have this day bargained and sold and by the presents do hereby transfer and convey T. D. Grissom, W. H. Bradley & A. J. Reditt as a board of trustees a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Dist. No. 21 of Smith County lain and bounded as follows; Beginning at a stake, the same being the N. E. corner of the Academy lot in the the town of Riddleton in A. J. Redditts line 1 chain - 8. of Ac. [Academy] lot, thence S. 18 [degrees] E. 8 Ps. & 11 links to a stake in M. L. Bradley’s & W. D. Popes line, thence N. 60 [degrees] W. 7 3/4 Ps. to a stake,  thence 33[degrees] W. 8 P. 11 links to a stake in the center of Pike at the bridge, thence 60 [degrees] E. 8 3/4 poles to the beginning  containing 3/7 of an acre be the same more or less but I hereby reserve to my self & my heirs the right of way to travel and hall (sic) over to and from the G & C Turnpike road. The land herein conveyed is for the purpose of building a church house and to be free for all denominations to preach in when not occupied by the Church of Christ (or Christian Church) to have and to hold to said board of Trustees, their successors in office as assigns forever and at any time a vacancy should occur by death, resignation or removal from neighborhood or how this vacancy thus occurring shall be filled by the two remaining trustees - appointing someone to fill the same but this action is to be ratified by the church. Said land and property is to be made the control of said board of trustees and their successors in office with power to sell, transfer and convey the same by deed if the church at any future time should deem such necessary provided the proceeds arising therefrom shall be applied to the promotion of the Church of Christ or be reinvested in active property for the Christian Church. I covenant with the said board of trustees that I am lawfully seized and possession of said land and have a good right to convey the same and I hereby to covenant and forever defend the title of said land to said board of trustees against the lawful claims of any or all persons whatsoever this Nov. 29th, 1887. 

                                                                                              Signed    M. L.   (X)   Bradley

               (her mark)




( Above is a transcription taken from microfilm found in the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The images were very dim and quite difficult to read. However, I think the text is basically correct. The original may be found in the Smith County Courthouse, Deed Book # 7, page 152).



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