Revolutionary War Pensions

Archives & Records Service, GSA, Washington 1969

Selected records from Rev War Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Application Files

Microcopy 805 Roll 377, GREER, Henry/GREY, Isaac (avilable from AGLL, Bountiful UT)

Transcribed Sep 1985 by M. Guyette Wardlaw, 181 W. Middleton, Henderson NV 89015

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 wid/o ABRAM GREGORY who served in the Rev war as a private, inscribed on the Raleigh roll

at the rate of 96 dollars per annum to commence on 4 Mar 1861 ending 17 Nov 1863 & payable

to JOHN BUCHANNAN Adm; recorded on Roll of Pensioners under act 3 Feb 1853 page 212

Vol H. s/ J.N.SMITH 12 Sep 1820 Person Co NC; ABRAHAM GRIGORY aged 60 years, enlisted for 9 months in the state of N*C, co commanded by Capt. GOODMAN Rgt comm by Col. Thos. RYAN...I am a planter, and when convenient work at the wheel writes trade, and also make siting chairs.  I reside in the county of Person State of No. Carolina.  My family consists of myself and wife, 58 yrs of age, a daughter only 23 years of age, a son OSBORN 19 years of age, daughter ELIZABETH 17. Myself and wife very unable to labour suficiant to raise a support for our selves. s/ABRAHAM GRIGORY.

Nov 1850 Person Co NC; MRS. CHASEY GREGORY who resides at the poor house in sd county and whose post office is at Roxborough, aged 50 yrs, to obtain the benefit of the pension made by the law of the US granting pensions to the widows of persons who rendered service in the Rev War; that she is the wid/o ABRAHAM GRIGORY dec'd who was a pensioner under act of 18 Mar 1818 at $96/annum; that she was md to ABRAHAM GREGORY dec'd - and that her husband died 1844; Wit: C.G.MITCHELL, J.G.DILLEHAY.


GREGORY, ASAHEL; Mass., S.23674; 8 Sep 1832, Susquehanna Co PA; ASAHEL GREGORY of Bridgewater twp aged 73 years enlisted Jun 1775 at Lanesborough Berkshire Co Mass under Capt. Asa BARNES; and marched as fifer to Watertown where he lay about 3 days

in which time the battle of Bunker's Hill was fought.  From Watertown he marched on to Prospect Hill near Boston where the co in which he served was attached to Gen. WOODBRIDGE's rgt, in Gen. GREEN's division.  That he cont'd in the service at and in the neighborhood of Boston until 1 Jan 1776 at which time he was discharged.  That he immediately enlisted under Capt. Jabex HALL of Lanesborough; the company to which he belonged was attached to Col. SETH WARNER's rgt of Green Mountain Boys so called.  He immediately marched with the rgt for Quebec passing through Bennington in VT to Ticonderoga and from thence on the ice across Lake Champlain to St. John's; from thence to Montreal, at which place he staid about one week, and from Montreal he marched to Quebec.  That he lay at Quebec, with the army, during the remaining part of the winter; being a part of time sick with the small Pox in the hospital, and at other times he attended the sick in the hospital as nurse.  Many died of the small pox, severe colds, hardships and privation during the winter; and among the number Capt. Jabez HALL.  That on the 6 May 1776 (Burgoyne's army advancing) a general retreat was ordered.  All the sick and invalids were to be taken to a place called Wolf's cove and there got on board of boats.  That the father of the sd ASAHEL GREGORY (who enlisted at the same time with him) lay sick with the small pox.  The time the retreat was ordered that the sd ASAHEL GREGORY accompanied his father to Wolf's Cove and there went with him on board a boat.That in the latter part of the same day the boats were closely pursued by the British shiping.  They were landed and abandoned to the enemy. They then took the main road and went on to a place called the Three Rivers where  the father of the sd ASAHEL failing from sickness and fatigue could proceed no farther was got into a french family, and the sd ASAHEL with two of his mess mates viz. RICE HONEYWELLS and NATHAN BRUNDRIDGE remained with him until his death which happened on the 3 day after their arrival.  They buried him and, almost nakid, and famishing with hunger proceeded on their way for the US begging a scanty subsistence through the country.  He crossed the river St. Lawrence to Sorrelle, there met Gen. SULLIVAN's army, drew provision by order of Gen. ARNOLD and went on to St. Johns and being without officers and an invalid, got enrolled by a Sgt. MUNN, in order to draw rations; staid at St. Johns 3 weeks, during which time he was on fatigue drawing boats up the River Sorelle; was then discharged, crossed Lake Champlain, went up the lake by water, landed near Crown Point, passing through Bennington in VT and arrived at Lanesborough in the latter part of July 1776...(several more pages..)s/ASAHEL GREGORY.


GREGORY, BRY: NC:  S.2249; 3 Sep 1852 Smith Co TN; personally appeared in open

court before John CHAMBERS, Zackary FORD, and Isaac GOODALL for the court of Pleas on a Qarter session now sitting, BRY GREGORY resident Smith Co TN; that he entered the service of the US under Capt. PATTERSON 1780; from sickness was furlowed and as he recovered his health in a few days he left home for Capt. PATTERSON's co and fell in with Capt. Dudly REYNOLDS co and served in his co 3 months and then rec'd a written discharge which has been lost.  Afterwards in the year 1781 he volunteered again under Capt. Benjamin HERRIN, marched to Gen. LILLINGTONs camp, and served under him until discharge making a 3 month tour; that he volunteered both time in Chatham Co NC being a resident of sd county and state, was in the battle of Cane Creek in the time of his last 3 month trip, served Gen. BUTLER and COX afterward in the year 1782 he volunteered in Chatham Co NC under Capt. Alex. CLARK*, marched to Caine Creek and then had a battle under Gen. BUTLER and Col. LATERAL, then he persued the enemy to Ross Swamp then returned back to Cross Creek and there remained until discharged serving 3 months more.  The war closed about that time, making in all 9 months service.  He has no written discharge nor - for the 2 last services, nor has he any other documentary evidence by which he can prove his service nor does he now know of any person by whom he can prove the same except WILLIAM GREGORY.s/BRY GRIGORY X his mark. Wit: Miles WEST a clergyman and Isham BEASLEY of Smith Co TN certify.

3 Sep 1832 Smith Co TN; WILLIAM GRIGORY res/o sd Co aged 69 years says that BRY GREGORY is his brother and that he knows he did enter the service as a volunteer under the - as stated above and served as he has stated. s/WILLIAM GREGORY.

letter to Mr. W.L.GREGORY, The Plaza Bank of Saint Louis, MO dated Apr 1939, from A.D.Miller Exec Asst to the Admin, in answer to rev. record of BRY GREGORY and 4 Apr 1940 to Mr. Claude GREGORY, 5590 Guilford St., Detroit Michigan..."in 1843 (BRY GREGORY) address was care of Maj. W. H. Wilkerson, Pleasant Shade TN; he died in Jan 1846, place of death not shown".


*Note upon close inspection of the original documents it can be seen this may be Clardy


GREGORY, CHRISTIAN; Penn., No. 38761; 29 Aug 1820, Augusta Co VA; CHRISTIAN GREGORY aged 73 enlisted for 18 months in 1778 in the state of PA, co of Capt. Thomas CAMPBELL, rgt comm by Col. Wm. BUTLER, PA line Continental; discharged fall of 1780 in the state of NJ; that he was in the attack made by Gen. WAYNE on the blockhouse in the neighborhood of NY, obtained a pension certificate under the act of 1818 from Hon. John G. CALHOUN Secretary at War beginning 9 Jan 1829; CHRISTIAN GREGORY further states that his wife and a grandson are the only members of his family living with him, that his wife is old and unable to attend to her family concerns without assistance, his grandson is about 11 years of age unable to afford any assistance in supporting the family.  The sd GREGORY is a stone mason by trade but unable to gain his support by it owing to his having lost the sight of one of his eyes entirely and the other being very dim.


GREGORY, DANIEL; Conn., No. S.17,453; 31 Aug 1832 Fairfield Co Conn., DANIEL GREGORY aged 78 years, enlisted June 1776, Capt. Elijah BEACHs Co of State Troop as a private soldier at Stratford Conn. for 6 months service performed for the US in the state of NY; and that in 1779 belonged to a co of militia in the town of Weston sd County comm by Capt. Benazah BENNET when sd co was ordered into the US service; I went in sd Co to the state of NY.  I have no documentary evidence of this campaign but my brother SAMUEL GREGORY was with me in sd Co. in sd service and has personal knowledge that I served as a private in sd Co...I was born in Trumbull in sd county when the town of Trumbull was formerly a part of the town of Statford on July 22 1754.  I have a record of my age now in court.  I was living in sd Trumbull then Stratford when called into service, have lived in sd Trumbull since the Rev and do now live there. s/DANIEL GREGORY.

Wit: I, SAMUEL GREGORY of Trumbull in Fairfield Co now in court testify that he is my brother and that we both belonged to Capt. Benayat BENNETTs co of militia in the town of Weston in sd County in the summer of 1779..s/SAMUEL GREGORY.

13 May 1925 reply to Mrs. W.G.Lacey, RR6 Bx 31, Sioux Falls SD "Re Pension claim S.17453; it appears that DANIEL GREGORY was b 22 Jul 1754 in Stratford, that part which was later Trumbull, Fairfield Ci, Conn. Allowed pension on his app 31 Aug 1832 while living in Trumbull, Fairfield Co Conn.  It is not stated whether he was ever married.s/Wilder S. Metcalf, Commissioner.

GREGORY, EBENEZER B.; NJ; R.4291; 13 Jun 1834 Tioga Co NY; born in the year 1757 at Stratford, Fairfield Co, Conn; that he has a record of his age in a Bible left him by his father, now in his possission, that since the Rev war he has resided in the city of Scotch Plains NY, Essex Co NJ, Albany Co NY, Bradford Co PA, and Oswego Tioga Co NY at which last place he had resided since the year 1818 and where he still resides. s/E.B.GREGORY



wid/o ELIAS GREGORY who died 14 Jun 1842 Fairfield Co Conn; private Co comm by Capt. HOYT of the regt comm by Col. WEBB.

Wit: 1833 Fairfield Co, Bridgeport, Conn.; EZRA GREGORY aged 78 years, says that in the year 1775 he was in the same Rgt & Co with ELIAS GREGORY now of New Canaan in sd state, in the service of the US State troops under command of Col. Charles WEBB of Stanford Conn and that the Co to which they belonged was commanded by Joseph HOYT of Stamford as Capt. and by Allen WRIGHT of Norwalk sd Co as Lt., and that they were both discharged from sd service at Charlestown near Boston in Mass. Dec. 1775. s/EZRA GREGORY

3 Mar 1832 Norwalk, Fairfield Co Conn; ELIAS GREGORY a resident of Welton Fairfield Co, aged 82, enlisted 1775 sd town of Wilton; was born in sd Wilton 13 Feb 1750; have no record of my age; have always lived in sd Wilton and now live there; Wit: CHARLES J. TODD, a clergyman, town of Welton, and Daniel BETTS.

30 Jan 1843, Fairfield Co Conn; ELIZABETH GREGORY aged 82 wid/o ELIAS GREGORY; md 29 Dec 1776; ELIAS GREGORY died 24 Jun 1842.s/ELIZABETH GREGORY.

ELIAS GREGORY was md to ELIZABETH GREGORY 29 Dec 1776.  SARAH GREGORY d/o Elias and Elizabeth b 2 Aug 1778.  MATTHEW FITCH GREGORY s/o Elias and Elizabeth b 24 Jun 1785; JAMES GREGORY s/o Elias and Elizabeth b 24 Jun 1785 - the sd JAMES GREGORY died 28 July 1785.  I certify that the above is a tru copy of the record with the exception of the date of the mg which is expressed on the records in fair legable figures as follows fis Dec 29 1776.s/Town Clerk of the town of Norwalk, Co of Fairfield, St of Conn.


GREGORY, ELISHA, ABAGAIL; Mass.; W.13,329; 2 Aug 1837 Providence Co RI; ABAGAIL GREGORY now resident in Providence aged 88 years wid/o ELISHA GREGORY formerly of Berkley St of Mass; that she was md to the sd ELISHA GREGORY 28 Oct 1773 Berkley Mass, and that her husband the sd ELISHA GREGORY d in Berkly 7 Aug 1810.


"Intention of Marriage between ELISHA GREGORY of NC now resident in Berkley and ABIGAIL NICHOLS of Berkely entered 18 Sep 1773; Attest Samuel French, Town Clerk, Berkeley.


Att: Ephraim FRENCH.

I, HANNAH DEAN, of Freetown, Co of Bristol, Mass, widow, now being 76 years, do testify and say that I was well acquainted with ELISHA GREGORY late of Berklyn said county but now dec'd, that he was my brother in law, he having md my eldest sister ABIGAIL NICHOLS...



GREGORY, ESBON; Conn., No. W.4971; 13 Apr 1833, Bridgeport, Fairfield Co Conn;

EZRA GREGORY age 78 years; born in the Parrish of Wilton then a part of the town of Norwalk

in Fairfield Co 17 Oct 1754; I have a record of my age in my Bible;

26 Mar 1853 Bridgeport, Fairfield Co Conn; HULDAH GREGORY now a res/o the city, county, and state of NY, aged nearly 69 years; wid/o EZRA GREGORY dec'd; md to EZRA GREGORY in Bridgeport by the Rev. Franklin Y. Vail who was at that time the Pastor of the First Congregational Society in Bridgeport; on the 26 Feb 1827; EZRA GREGORY died in Bridgeport 29 Jan 1835; maiden name was HULDAH WHEELER and that at the time of her mg to GREGORY she was then the widow of JESSE BENEDICT who died in Fairfield 18 Oct 1815. s/HULDAH GREGORY.

GREGORY, GEORGE, SARAH; NC; R.4299; 27 Nov 1832, Cocke Co TN; GEORGE GREGORY SR., aged 75 years, entered the service in Rowan Co NC and rec'd his discharge and ret'd home making a compaign of 3 months; he again entered the service in Macklinburg Co as a Volunteer making a term of 6 months and ret'd home to Macklinburg Co NC. s/GEORGE GREGORY X/mark.

1 Sep 1845, Hamilton Co TN; SARAH GREGORY resident of the 10th Civil Dist., aged about 75 years; wid/o GEORGE GREGORY; md to GEORGE GREGORY some time in the early part the year 1792, she being illiterate and unable to write, and her sd husband having no English education at all, and only able to read in the German language; she and her husband having moved from South Carolina about 40 years ago she cannot now call to her recollection any person who was present at her mg that she knows to be living; GEORGE GREGORY died 20 Feb 1837.


CATHERINE GREGORY was b the 29 Nov 1792; RICHARD GREGORY was b the 5 Apr 1795; MARGARET GREGORY was b the 26 June 1801; SARAH GREGORY was b May 9th 1803; GEORGE GREGORY was born June 12 1805; DAVID GREGORY was b the 1st day of October 1804; THOMAS GREGORY was born Feb 1st day 1812;

LUCINDA GREGORY was b 3 September 1815.


GREGORY, GEORGE; VA; S38763; 24 May 181 Westmoreland Co VA; GEORGE GREGORY aged about 63 years, enlisted 1775 under Capt. Richard PARKER; discharg dated about Oct 1796; occupation employed as a miller; his wife about 40 years; 2 children living with him, one 6 years and the other 4 years.s/GEORGE GREGORY X/mark.


GREGORY, ISAAC; NC; S.38771; No. 8923 SCRoll, Greenville Dist., SC, Private in rgt comm by Col. MARTIN of the NC line for the term of 5 years; 8 Nov 1818 Granville Dist SC; ISAAC GREGORY aged about 60 years, enlisted in Pasquotank Co NC in the 2nd NC rgt comm by Col. MARTIN; the second NC State Rgt of the Continental line and of Gen. HOGANs brigade.



GREGORY, ISAAC; VA; R.4293; Aug 1832, Sumner Co TN; ISAAC GREGORY, aged 75 6th day of Nov 1832, born in the county of New Kent, state of VA 1757; he has a record of his age at his residence in the Co of Sumner; he was residing in the Co of Pittsylvania in the State of VA where he resided after the Rev war when he removed to the state of TN, co of Sumner, about 27 years since; Wit: Elisha VAUGHN a clergyman of Sumner Co TN and Wm McCALL sd co & st.


GREGORY, JABEZ, MERCY; Conn., W.21213; 8 Apr 1837 Farifield Co Conn; MERCY GREGORY aged 96 years; wid/o JABEZ GREGORY; md 20 Jan 1762;

JABEZ GREGORY died 12 Oct 1824.

8 Apr 1837 Fairfield Co Conn; MOSES GREGORY of Norwalk/ 21 years of age and a son of JABEZ GREGORY and MERCY GREGORY; This may certify that the following is a true copy

from the records of the town of Norwalk, Fairfield Co, Conn., viz JABEZ GREGORY was md to MERCY ST. JOHN 20 Jan 1762; LUCRETIA (?) GREGORY d/o Jabez and Mercy born 10 Apr 1763; MOSES GREGORY s/o Jabez and Mercy born 13 Feb 1766 –

Attest: Benjamin ISAACS, Town Clerk.


GREGORY, JAMES; Conn., S.17,445: 20 Nov 1832 Delaware Co Ohio; JAMES

GREGORY of Berkshire Township; born 19 Dec 1764 Fairfield Co Conn; enlisted 1780 Lt. Wm HALL, Capt. Josiah LACY, Col. David BURR; removed to Delaware Co OH where I now reside.s/JAMES GREGORY  Wit: Joseph BRUCE, James P. CRAWFORD of Berkshire Twp.


GREGORY, JAMES, ELEANOR; NC, VA; R.4292: 29 Aug 1832 Greenbrier Co VA;

JAMES GREGORY age about 81 on the 14 day of next May; born in Coucestershire England

about 14 May 1752 and at the age of 18 emigrated to VA and shortly thereafter settled in Augusta Co where he entered the service as volunteer against the Indians in North Western Virginia under Col. LEWIS, Capt. Sam'l WILSON during which tour of duty he was at the Battle of the Point where he recd a wound; he afterwards volunteered to go against the Cherokee Towns, Capt. Thomas SMITH commander, and in their march crossed over New River, Holstein River and on to North Carolina; discharged, and about 2 years later he volunteered again to go against the Cherokees and they took their towns under Col. John SEVIER, and Col. Arthur Campbell. At this time he resided on Horse Creek on Nole Chuckee River in NC; again volunteered under Capt. Patterson and was marched to Kings Mountain engaged in battle under Col. SEVIER and Col. Wm CAMPBELL...


Wit: John McELHENNEY clergyman in Lewisburg Greenbrier Co and Thos. CREIGH certify.

26 Oct 1846 Greenbrier Co VA; ELLENER GREGORY aged 72 years, wid/o JAMES GREGORY, married 4 Sep 1788; JAMES GREGORY died Nov 1838. s/ELLEANER GREGORY X/mark.

28 Dec 1854 Greenbrier Co VA; Sarah BARNHAM one of the children of James and Eleanor Gregory, both dec'd...

Clerk's office, Greenbrier Co VA; mg record 1 Sept 1788 JAMES GREGORY to ELLINER DIKES by the Revd John ALDERSON. s/John Mathews Clerk of the Co Court.

GREGORY, JOHN, private, Hazen's Rgt, Warrant No. 13126; Bounty Land Warrant Record Card; 100 acres issued 1 Mar 1797.


GREGORY, JOHN, JERUSHA; Conn., W.1419:  JOHN GREGORY dec'd of Danbury

Conn., private and teamster Rev War, roll of Hartford.  JERUSHA GREGORY wid/o JOHN GREGORY, died 15 Oct 1854.

26 Jul 1832 Fairfield Co Conn.: JOHN GREGORY aged 71 years, born in Danbury Conn which has since been inc. into a new town by the name of Brookfield, on 18 Mar 1761; in 1796 or 1797 he removed to Vermont and in Plattsburgh NY 15 years - during all his life with those exception, he has resided in sd Danbury.

21 March 1853 Fairfield Co Conn: JERUSHA GREGORY, res/o Danbury Co Conn, aged 87 years; wid/o JOHN GREGORY; md to JOHN GREGORY 17 June 1830; JOHN GREGORY died 7 Nov 1842.s/JERUSHA GREGORY X/mark.

Certifies that John Gregory and JERUSHA WILDMAN both of this town were married 16 June 1830 s/John Nickerson.


GREGORY, JOHN; PA, Continental; S.39624:  6 May 1818 Chester Co PA; JOHN GREGORY enlisted Cumberland Co PA, 66 years of age. s/JOHN GREGORY

31 Jul 1820, Westchester, Chester Co PA; JOHN GREGORY aged 68 of Charlestown, Chester Co, obtained pension, cert. no. 1803. s/JOHN GREGORY.  "I have no trade except farming which I have followed for a living, I am not able to follow it for days work from infirmity.  I have no family except myself, my wife being dead, and a grandson 7 years old living with me. s/JOHN GREGORY.

GREGORY, JOHN; private, Maryland line, Bounty Land Warrant Record Card; Warrant No. 11247, 199 acres, issued 11 Jun 1790.


GREGORY, JOHN; N.J., No. R.4294; 5 Jun 1851 Monmouth Co NJ; JOHN GREGORY

age 92 years, nelisted as a militia man in 1776 under Capt. CONOVER and then under Capt. WIKOFF.  In 1846 he was allowed a pension from New Jersey of $60/annum, the highest rate allowed by the state. s/JOHN GREGORY X mark.


GREGORY, JOHN; PA, No. S.23671; Berks Co PA, CAPT. JOHN GREGORY, 84 years,

1777 commissioned as Capt. of foot 4th Battallion of Militia Co of Northampton PA under command of Col. Michael BOBIT; 1780 Capt. of Foot, Co of Northampton under command Lt.

Col. Nath. KERN; born Hareford Twp Berks Co; resided some time in Northampton Co, that after the war he moved back into the Co. of Berks and there resides at this time.


letter to Mr. Geo. R. Gregory, 1634 Mineral Spring Rd, Reading PA signed R.W.Morgan, Acting Comm., d Sep 1930; "John Gregory b Hereford Twp Berks Co PA, died 21 Dec 1835."

GREGORY, JOHN, BARBARA ANN; VA; W.8875; Davis Co KY, JOHN GREGORY, 74 YEARS; that John Gregory was a resident of Culpepper Co VA during the Rev war; served county militia duty under Capt. RICHARD YANCY...s/JOHN GREGORY X/mark.

Woodford Co KY; BARBARY ANN GREGORY, resodent, aged 82 years, wid/o JOHN GREGORY who was a pensioner in Woodford Co KY; md 1794 Culpeper Co VA - she has not got a family record of her mg nor the ages of her children, states it was not long after the taking of Lord Cornwallice her and John Gregory was married; JOHN GREGORY died 24 May 1844. dated 2 April 1845 s/BARBARY ANN GREGORY X/mark.

19 June 1845 Woodford Co KY; ANN STEVENS oldest dau/o late JOHN GREGORY & BARBARY ANN GREGORY; my father and mother never had a family record of there marriage nor the age of there children as neather of them had any education and I never had a record of my marrage nor my children ages though I know that I was married in my 18th year by my grandfathers family record which has been lost or distroyed I have no doubt but my father and mother was married upwards of 59 years ago or 60 years ago from the age of there children and other circumstances which have come under my own knowledg and I know of my own personal knowledg that they were living together as man and wife in the year 1793. s/ANN STEVENS X/mark

 Wit: Samuel M. Wallace JP Culpeper Co VA "I Fayette Mauzy Clerk of the co and of sd county & state do hereby certify that there is on file in my office a mg license bond dated the 14 Jul 1787 executed by JOHN GREGORY for mg between him the sd John Gregory and BARBARY HOOPER. s/F. Mauxy, clk, 5 Sept 1845.

letter from Earl B. Church, Comm., to Mr. Lorne Williams, Wichita KS d 7 Mar 1930: "John Gregory died 24 May 1844..."


GREGORY, JOHN; VA; B.L.Wt.2627-200; Lt., issued 14 Feb 1793 to RICHMOND TERRELL or TERRILL guardian to JNO. MUMFORD GREGORY, son and heir, no papers.


GREGORY, JOSEPH, DEBORAH; Conn., No. W.1596; 30 Nov 1835 Chenango Co NY; JOSEPH GREGORY res/o Guilford, Chenango Co NY, aged 77 years; in Aug 1779 living at Norwalk Conn volunteered and enlisted in Capt. HOYTs co of militia; that he was born at Norwalk Conn 21 Sep 1750; that since the Rev war he has lived at Saratoga, Oxford and Guilford in this state, that he now lives at sd town of Guilford...sJOSEPH GREGORY.

22 Jul 1850 Saratoga Co NY; DEBORAH GREGORY, res/o Ballston, Saratoga Co NY, aged 89 years since October 1849; wid/o JOSEPH GREGORY late of Milton, Saratoga Co NY; JOSEPH GREGORY died 18 Aug 1849; md 28 Mar 1781 and that her name before mg was DEBORAH JACKSON and her place of residence Wilton, Fairfield Co Conn, and now resides in Ballston, Saratoga Co NY. s/DEBORAH GREGORY X/mark.


GREGORY, JOSEPH, GALUSHA, SARAH former widow (this woman's No. 3 husband also served in the Rev War; see Abiram GALUSHA, Conn, S.43,583.  Mass., No. R.4300.: letter d 27 Sep 1933 from A.D.Hiller Asst to Admin to Mrs. Fern Gregory Bean, 10924 Bluffside Dr, N.Hollywood CA: "Dear Madam:  The data given below were obtained from the papers on file in the Rev War Claim R.4313 based upon the service of JOSEPH GREGORY:  Joseph Gregory (the name is also shown as GREGRY) was b 5 Nov 1762, place not stated.  He md 17 Sep 1786 in Lanesboro, Berkshire Co Mass. Sarah (her name also shown as Sary ) THORN, who was b 22 Oct 1763, place not stated.  The soldier moved in Feb/Mar 1788 to NY state and he d 10 Apr 1816 Bolton, Warren Co, said state.  His widow Sarah Gregory married, date not given, - VARNUM (his christian name not shown).  He died in a few years, and she md Dec 1828 in Caldwell, Warren Co NY, ABIRAM GALUSHA, from whom she separated about 15 yrs later.  On 27 Feb 1846 sd Sarah, then a res/o Brownville, Jefferson Co NY, applied for pension on acct of the services of her former husband, Joseph Gregory.  In the app for pension it is stated that Joseph Gregory, while a res/o Lanesboro Mass, enlisted 1 Jan 1780 and served 12 mo. as a private in Capt. Sumner's Co, Col. Greaton's Mass. Rgt.  At the time of the app for pension made by the above named Sarah, her signature was by mark as Sarah Gregory.  She then made no ref to a subsequent mg.  Her claim was not allowed as it was revealed in  the process of establishing her claim that she was not then a widow, her husband Abiram Galusha being still alive, therefore she was not entitled to pension.  In 1847 sd Abiram Galusha was living with his son Reuben Galusha presumably in Johnsburg NY.  The names of the following children of Joseph and Sarah Gregory are shown in the claim for pension:

Mary b 12 Sep 1787 md Welcome Hewlett, living 1846 Whitehall NY; widow in 1847.  Deborah 18 Mar 1791; Saly/Sally 7 Jun 1793; Phebe/Phoebe 17 Oct 1795; Levi 12 May 1799 - living Chestertown, Warren Co NY 1852; Samuel 7 Sep 1802 - living No. Granville, Washington Co NY 1857; the following is the record of the family of Levi Gregory:  Levi 12 May 1799; Ireaney 10 Feb 1800; Lydia 13 Sep 1821; Joseph 11 Jul 1823; Benjamin 13 Apr 1825; Elsea 19 May 1827; Matilda 22 Mar 1829.  One of the dau's of the widow Sarah Galusha was residing in Dresden NY in 1846, her name not designated.  In 1846, Jonathan VOWERS, aged 73 yrs and a resident of Warrensburg, Warren Co NY, stated that the sd Sarah was his half-sister.  Soldier's brother THOMAS GREGORY served in the same company with him.  He resided in Warren Co NY at time of death, the date of which was not stated."


GREGORY, JOSHUA; NY; No. S.8625; 7 Feb 1833, Putnam Co NY; JOSHUA GREGORY, resident town of Carmel, aged 80 years the 9 Sept last, entered service of the US under Capt. Ebenezer ROBINSON, Lts. Nath's SCRIBNER, Isaac TOWNSEND...born what is now Carmel and has lived there always except about 6 months, b 9 Sep 1752..s/JOSHUA GREGORY

23 Nov 1939 letter from A.D.Hiller Exec Asst to Admin to Miss Marie L. Beyerle, 125 N. 4th St, Reading PA: "No data relative to soldier's family..."


GREGORY, JOSIAH, ELLEN; Conn., W.24308:  2 Aug 1832 Fairfield Co Conn:

JOSIAH GREGORY aged 72, resident of Norwalk, enlisted 1 Aug 1776 16 years of age; was

born in Norwalk 2 Aug 1760 and have always lived in Norwalk, my age recorded in my family

bible. s/JOSIAH GREGORY Wit: Edwin HALL, clergyman, Paul S. TAYLOR.

30 Apr 1847 Fairfield Co Conn; ELLEN GREGORY resident Westport, aged 82 years; wid/o JOSIAH GREGORY lat of Westport; md 23 Jan 1783 by the Rev. Nathaniel Bartlett Pastor Congregational Soc. in Redding in sd County and that there is no record of her mg left by the sd Nathaniel Bartlett to be found; that there is a record of her mg in their family bible which was made by her dec'd husband; JOSIAH GREGORY died at Westport 8 Feb 1847.


"I, John A. Weed of Norwalk, Fairfield Co Conn, hereby certify that I am Town Clerk and have been for the last 3 years; that I now have the records of sd town in myu possession consisting of 34 books, that in the 19th book of sd records there are many mg's recorded with the dates of the births of their children, but no dates given when recorded and that amongst thos records I find the mg of JOSIAH GREGORY late of sd Norwalk, since a part of the Town of Westport, dec'd, and it is expressed on the record book as foolows, to wit: JOSIAH GREGORY was married to ELLEN ADAMS 23 January 1783.  Lucdina Gregory d/o sd Josiah was born 6 Dec 1784." dated 20 Aug 1847 s/John A. WEED, Town Clerk.

"I JOHN GRAY of Westport, Fairfield Co Conn, 71 years of age and over, hereby certify that the town of Westport in which I now live was formed from section of the towns of Fairfield, Weston & Norwalk in sd county and that I now live in that part of sd Westport which was formerly a part of sd town of Norwalk; that JOSIAH GREGORY late of sd Westport dec'd lived in that part of Westport which formerly belonged to and was part of sd town of Norwalk and was a near neighbour of mine, I having settled after mg in the same neighbourhood.  I had been acquainted with him ever since I was about 17 yrs of age up to the day of his death.  I have been an inmate of the family of JOSIAH GREGORY and married his oldest and only daughter for my first wife by the name of LUCINDA GREGORY who has long since been deceased.  I have a record in my family bible of my own age and that of my wife together with the date of our mg which record was made shortly after I was md to the sd Lucinda which record is as follows to wit: JOHN GRAY was born in the town of Fairfield 5 Jan 1776.  Married to LUCINDA GREGORY d/o JOSIAH and ELLEN GREGORY of Norwalk 19 Oct 1800.  LUCINDA GREGORY b 6 Dec 1784; ELOSIA GRAY b 17 Sep 1802; son born 31 Dec 1805; son died 31 Dec 1805.  LUCINDA GRAY my wife died 5 Jan 1806."



Conn, private, Continental comm by Capt. GILBERT, Col. ST. JOHN in Conn. line for 18 months. 

2 Sep 1833, MOSES GREGORY res/o Wilton, Fairfield Co Conn, born Wilton Conn at that time a Parish of Norwalk, on 13 Sep 1762 recorded on the Record of sd Norwalk and on the family Bible and have always lived in Wilton...s/MOSES GREGORY

18 Sep 1838 Wilton, Fairfield Co Conn; ABIGAIL GREGORY aged 73, wid/o MOSES GREGORY md on 22 Mar 1789; MOSES GREGORY died 23 May 1837.s/ABIGAIL GREGORY.

Attest, Benjamin Isaac, Town Clerk: This may certify that the following is a true copy from the records of the Town of Norwalk, Fairfield Co Conn: MOSES GREGORY was md to ABIGAIL GREGORY 22 March 1789; DOLLY GREGORY d/o Moses and Abigail b 24 Feb 1790; LEWIS GREGORY s/o Moses and Abigail b 24 Feb 1790; HARRY GREGORY son of Moses and Abigail born 1 April 1796; HARRY GREGORY died 4 June 1796.  ABBY GREGORY d/o Moses and Abigail born 26 Apr 1797."


GREGORY, NATHAN; Conn., No. S.13214; 25 Jul 1832 Danburg, Fairfield Co Conn; NATHAN GREGORY aged 71, born in Danburg and resided there the greatest part of his life; enlisted 1781 Conn. line, in company with Phineas TAYLOR, Esq., Benjamin PECK, John BENEDICT, and others..s/NATHAN GREGORY.

letter from Winfield Scott, Comm., to Mrs. Scott A. Humiston, 145 Benedict Ave, Norwalk, Ohio, dated 2 Mar 1927: "no data on file relative to his family.."


GREGORY, NATHANIEL; Conn., No. R.4296; 17 Sep 1833, Danburg, Fairfield Co Conn., NATHANIEL GREGORY aged 72; born in Danburg and has always resided there...s/NATHANIEL GREGORY Wit: Rory STARN, clergyman, Lewis R. STARR; Attest Edward TAYLOR Clerk Court of Probate Dist. of Danburg.


GREGORY, NEHEMIAH; Conn., NY; No. S.22803; NEHEMIAH GREGORY, resident of Kartright, Delaware Co NY, born 29 Aug 1762 Bedford, Westchester Co NY, resided in Bedford until 1794 when he removed to Kartright where he has lived ever since. s/NEHEMIAH GREGORY Wit: Caleb MILLER, Daniel SMITH:  Remarks: Soldier died prior to Apr 1845 leaving a widow Sally.  No further family data.


GREGORY, RICHARD; VA, No. S.31,712: Oglethorpe in the State of Georgia; Lt. pri. cavalry and pvt. Infty in the company commanded by Capt. DIXON of the Regt commanded by Col. PAGE in the Virginia line for 14 mos, 16 days.  Inscribed on the Roll of Georgia $80.59/annum to commence on 4 Mar 1831.

3 Sep 1832, Oglethorpe Co GA; RICHARD GREGORY aged 74 on 14 Nov next; that he entered the American service against Great Britain in the year 1776; that he was born in Gloucester Co VA on 14 Nov 1758 according to the family record from whence and from his parents he has derived his information...s/RICHARD GREGORY. Wit: Benjamin BLANTON Clergiman and Joseph J. MOORE; William H. SMITH, Clerk/Court.

letter from A.D.Miller, Exec Asst to Admin, to Mrs. Thomas Husband, Box 1101, Gallup NM dated 1 Nov 1939:" RICHARD GREGORY was born 14 Nov 1758 in Gloucester Co VA.  The names of his parents are not shown. While a resident of Gloucester Co he enlisted in 1777 and served at various times until after the surrender of Cornwallis, amounting in all, to 14 months and 129 days, as private in Captains Mordecai Cocke's, Dixon's and Robert Cary's companies, under Colonels John PEYTON, John PAGE and John TAYLOR in the militia of Gloucester Co VA.  He was allowed pension on his application executed 3 Sep 1832 at which time he was a resident of Oglethorpe Co GA having moved there in 1800.  There are no data in the papers of sd pension claim relative to the family of RICHARD GREGORY.  If you desire to obtain the date of last payment of pension of Richard Gregory, the name and address of the person to whom it was paid and possibly the date of death of this soldier, it is suggested that you address the Comptroller General, Gen. Acctg Office, Records Division, Wash.D.C. giving the following data: Richard Gregory, Cert. #12501 issued 4 May 1833, rate $80.59 per annum, commenced 4 Mar 1831, Act of 7 June 1832, Georgia Agency."


GREGORY, SAMUEL, CHARITY; Conn., No. W.17970: 31 Aug 1832, Bridgeport, Fairfield Co Conn; SAMUEL GREGORY, res/o Trumbull, Fairfield Co Conn, aged 70 years; that in June 1776 or 1777 my father SAMUEL GREGORY belonged to Capt. David BENNETTs co of Householders in Fairfield and was drafted for 6 months service from sd Co into a - commanded by Lt. John ODELL 4 Lt Foot.  I took my fathers place in sd guard as a substitute for him...that in the year 1777 my father was again drafted from sd Bennets company when I again took my fathers place as a substitute for brother DANIEL GREGORY whos deposition is annexed knows that I performed several tours of service in the Rev war as a substitute, by draft and as a volunteer; was a substitute for my father SAMUEL GREGORY and SAMUEL WINTON...s/SAMUEL GREGORY

11 Aug 1838 Fairfield Co Conn, District of Stratford; CHARITY GREGORY, a resident of Trumbull, aged 79 years, wid/o SAMUEL GREGORY; md on or about 19 Feb 1784; SAMUEL GREGORY died at Trumbull of consumption 5 or 6 July 1836.s/CHARITY GREGORY X/mark

PLUMB B. GREGORY of the town of Trumbull Co of Fairfield, state of Connecticut, 40 years of age deposeth and saith that he is the son of Samuel and Charity Gregory and that Samuel Gregory died in the town of Trumbull on the 5 or 6 day of July 1836 of consumption and that he left

a widow by the name of Charity who is now a resident of Trumbull...s/PLUM B. GREGORY;

Wit: Isaac Sherman JP.

"I, -BRINSMADE, Clk Congregational Church of Trumbull, do hereby certify that it appears by the records of sd Church which are in my custody the following vis. SAMUEL GREGORY and CHARITY EDWARDS both of this place were md 19 Feb 1784."


GREGORY, SAMUEL; NY, No. R.4298: Milford, Oakland Co Michigan; 10 Dec 1844; SAMUEL GREGORY age 84 years and 8 months, entered the service of the U.S. at 16 years of age and resided in Frederickstown, Inskeep Co NY; further states that he knew Gen. Israel PUTNAM, Brig. Gen. PARSONS of the Conn. militia, and Cols. MEIGS and WILLIS of Parson's Brigade; that at the time of the Battle of Saratoga he was with his co of militia in the southern part of Duichess Co NY; born 8 Apr 1760 at Fredericksburg, Duchess Co NY; has lived in the following places - the 3rd year after the war he removed to the town of Colchester, Delaware Co NY where he lived 19 years; to the town of Goram, Ontario Co NY where he lived until 1812; thence he removed to Parma, Co of Monroe NY, until 1840 when he removed to the town of Highland, Oakland Co Mich until May 1844 when he removed to Commerce about 4 months when he removed to the village of Milford. s/SAMUEL GREGORY X/mark.

letter from A.D.Hiller, Exec Asst to Admin dated 27 Sep 1937 to Mrs. Leo G. Sheehan, 131 Chestnut St, Battle Creek Mich; "no family data.."


GREGORY, SAMUEL; VA and Indian War; No. R.4297: 28 Oct 1834 Butler Co OHIO; SAMUEL GREGORY, 73 years, vol Dec 1779 VA militia under Capt. Robt. McCREARY and marched to Warwicks fort on the head waters of Green Briar River in the then Co of Augusta in the St of VA...he again returned to his residence in the county of Rockbridge where he remained until in Dec 1780 and that he was then called out under Gen. MUHLENBRUGH, Col. Sampson MATTHEWS in the VA militia...Deponent states that he has no record of age, as aforesaid, and was born in the Co of Augusta, VA; has lived in the county of Butler Ohio for 39 years last past where he still resides...s/SAMUEL GREGORY

letter 25 Apr 1934 to Mr. J.W.Gregory, 9173 Van Nuys Blvd, Los Angeles CA from A.D.Hiller Asst to Admin: "No data relative to the family of Samuel Gregory.."


GREGORY, SILAS, SARAH; Conn., No. W.25653: 7 Aug 1838 Fairfield Co Conn; SARAH GREGORY res/o Norwalk, aged 72 wid/o SILAS GREGORY died 18 Apr 1809; md 1 May 1788. s/SARAH GREGORY X/mark

Betsy Gregory d/o Silas and Sarah Gregory b 1 Aug 1782; Sarah Gregory d/o Silas and Sarah Gregory b 4 Aug 1784;Sarah Gregory wife of Silas dec'd 18 July 1787; Silas Gregory was married to Sarah (Smit ?) his 2nd wife 1 May 1788; Silas Gregory s/o Silas and Sarah born 10 May 1789; Nancy Gregory d/o Silas and Sarah born 29 Sep 1790; Susana (?) Gregory d/o Silas and Sarah born 26 Sep 1796, certified: Benjamin Isaac, Town Clerk.

7 Aug 1838 Fairfield Co Conn: JOSIAH GREGORY, 78, was well acquainted and always lived in

the same neighbourhood of SILAS GREGORY...s/JOSIAH GREGORY.


GREGORY, SPITTSBY or SPILLSBY; VA, No. S.10,775:  12 Nov 1832 Spencer Co KY; Spillsby Gregory, age 75; did enlist in the Cont. Line of the Army of the Rev. for and during the war in 1778 4th Regt, VA Continental line Co Comm Capt. MINOR, comm by Col. TAYLOR; discharged 1783 in or at a place called Bowling Green in the St of VA.s/SPILLSBY GREGORY.

GREGORY, STEPHEN; Conn., No. S.22274; 11 Feb 1833 Bradford Co PA; STEPHEN GREGORY of Twp of Pike, aged 79 years; was born in the township of New Fairfield, Farifield Co Conn on 30 Feb 1754...rec'd a printed discharge which when he came into PA was left in Kent in the state of Conn.  When about to make application for a pension some 2 or 3 years ago he wrote to his son HEZEKIAH C. GREGORY to forward to him his sd discharge he has never rec'd them..s/STEPHEN GREGORY.Attest: Fred STEVEN, Isaac SEYMOUR of Pike Township.

20 Sep 1830 Bradford Co PA; HEZEKIAH C. GREGORY; in compliance with a request two certain papers one of which purported to be a discharge of STEPHEN GREGORY from the services of the US in which he had been discharged as a soldier in the army of the revolution which when enclosed he put into the post at Kent about the month of Jan 1827 directed to the said STEPHEN GREGORY in Pike Township, Bradford Co PA..s/HEZEKIAH C. GREGORY.


GREGORY, STEPHEN; Conn. Continental, No. S.13191: of Sand Lake NY, private, co comm by Capt. McKINAKES, Rgt comm by Col. PATTERSON in the Mass. line for 3 years/  Inscribed on the Roll of New York; 5 Sep 1832 Troy, Reusselau Co NY; STEPHEN GREGORY, 75 YEARS, res/o Sand Lake, R.Co NY; enlisted Litchfield Co Conn in Capt. John Mckinstries Co in Col. Pattersons rgt in the Mass line;...that he was born in Norwalk Conn; that he has a record of his age in his family bible copied from a record kept and made by his father.  That 1 or 2 years afer the close of the war he moved from Sharon to a town then called New Bostian now called Chatham in Columbia Co St of NY; that he resided in New Britain 3 or 4 years; from New Britain he removed to the town of Dover Co of Dutchess where he resided until Dec 1791 when he removed to Sand Lake where he now resides...s/STEPHEN GREGORY.


GREGORY, TAPLEY, B.L. Wt. 8051-160-50.  The data which follow in regard to TAPLEY GREGORY were obtained from the papers in the claim for bounty land based upon his service in

the War of 1812.  No claim for pension was made by anyone on account of his service.  The date

and place of birth of TAPLEY GREGORY and names of his parents are not shown.  TAPLEY GREGORY enlisted, place not stated, and served from 28 Jan 1814 to 10 May 1814 as private in Capt. Allen WILKINSON's company, and from 13 Nov 1814 to 13 May 1815 as private in Capt. Elijah HAYNIE's company, both tours in the Tennessee militia, against the Creek Indians.  The soldier applied 8 Nov 1850 at the age of 58, while residing in McMinn Co TN with post office at Athens, in care of J. W. Blackwell & Son, for bounty land which was due on account of his service

in the War of 1812.  He was granted 160 acres bounty land on Warrant 8051 under the Act of 28 Sept 1850.  No family data are shown in this claim." s/A.D.Hiller, Exec Asst to the Administrator dated 4 Apr 1940.


GREGORY, THOMAS; Mass. Continental, No. S.44182: Private, Capt. Hawthorne, Mass.

line & Continental; Inscribed on the roll of NY at the rate of $8/mo to commence 20 Apr 1818.  Cert. of Pension issued 11 Jan 1819 and sent to Wm. Robards Esq, Warren Co NY.

Warren Co NY: THOMAS GREGORY, 64 years, is in need of assistance from his county for support being in an infirm state of body and haveing 7 children to support...


12 Sep 1820; THOMAS GREGORY residing in Warrensburgh, Warren Co NY; enlisted in 1782

co comm by Capt. Hartshorne, attached to Col. Jacksons being the 89th Mass rgt for the term of

3 yrs and served in the same until the same was reduced to the 3rd Mass. rgt in which he continued to serve (as a common soldier) until he was discharged in 1784.  This discharge was sent to the war office with the original papers on which his pension cert. was granted to him...FAMILY - my wife has been sick for some time and children being with me for whom I provide to wit - 1 boy aged 17 up - 1 boy aged 13 yr - 1 dau 10 yr - 1 dau aged 9 - 1 dau aged 6 - 1 girl aged 15 yr all in good health and willing to assist me as much as their growth and experience will permit. 

I was born in the town of Pukskile in the state of NY; aged about 56 years, by occupation a farmer...s/THOMAS GREGORY X/mark


GREGORY, THOMAS, SALLY; VA, Continental, No. W.8876: 26 Apr 1847 Caldwell Co KY; THOMAS GREGORY JR...s/o the late THOMAS GREGORY SR. dec'd, who was a rev soldier of the US in the war of the revolution, in behalf of himself and the other heirs of the sd THOMAS GREGORY SR. dec'd, states that Thomas Gregory Sr. was a continental soldier in the VA line and believes he enlisted in June 1776 under Col. Charles HARRISON and Capt. Samuel J. CABEL, of Morgan Rifle Corps.  Thomas Gregory Sr. lived in Amherst Co VA when he enlisted and lived there until 1785 then removed to Caldwell Co KY until death which occurred in the year 1824.  The affiant further says that the aforesaid Thomas Gregory Sr. was md to SALLEY STAPLES in Amhurst Co VA in the fall 1787 and his wife Salley died in March 17 1843...and left the following 5 children to wit: SAMUEL GREGORY, JOSEPH GREGORY, THOMAS GREGORY, ABIGAIL GREGORY, and MARY ANN GREGORY, all of lawful age...s/THOMAS GREGORY X/mark.

Wit: David BIGHAM, ancient citizen of co and st aforesaid, aged 82, that he was well acquainted with THOMAS GREGORY SR dec'd and his wife Sally maiden name SALLY STAPLES, and lived near them for 54 years and was present and saw the mg take place in Amherst Co VA in 1787...David F. Bigham; Attest James A. Cartwright JP.

letter d 27 Dec 1937 to Mrs. Wm M Sweeny, 126 Franklin St, Astoria, Long Island NY from A.D.Hiller, Exec Asst to Admin: Thomas Gregory born and raised in Amherst Co VA md in the fall of 1787 in Amherst or Halifax Co VA SALLY STAPLES.  She was reared in Halifax Co VA; her father was deceased at the time of her mg; THOMAS GREGORY moved  to Caldwell Co (later Lyon Co) KY; died there 12 Jun 1814 and his widow Sally died there 7 Mar 1842 or 17 Mar 1843.  The ch/o Thomas Gregory and his wife Sally: SAMUEL GREGORY, BETSEY GREGORY who md JACOB FOWLER; THOMAS GREGORY b about 1791 and in 1854 a resident of Lyon Co KY; JEREMIAH GREGORY; JOHN W. GREGORY; ABIGAIL GREGORY who md WILLIAM PRITLE (?); MARY ANN GREGORY who md SAMUEL HENDERSON.  The following children survived their mother:  Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, Abigail Pritle, Mary Ann Henderson; the following ch were alive in 1854 and were allowed the pension due tjheir mother; Thomas, Joseph, Mary Ann Henderson a widow.  John W. Gregory, grandson of the soldier Thomas Gregory and s/o Thomas Gregory, was 33 years old in 1854 and living in Lyon Co KY.  Reference was made to JEREMIAH GREGORY bro/o the soldier THOMAS GREGORY as living during the Rev. war, and to  JOSEPH STAPLES, bro/o the widow Salley Gregory.  Thomas Gregory, s/o the soldier, served in War of 1812 in KY militia."


GREGORY, THOMAS; NC; No. S.41588:  Dist of Edenton, Currituck Co NC; 3 May 1819; THOMAS GREGORY, aged 60, enlisted 1776 in Currituck Co NC in co commanded by Capt. Dennis Doul (?) rgt commanded by Col. Samuel Jarvis line of NC Continental; discharged Curr.Co NC; that he afterward enlisted in the co commanded by Capt. Edward WEST in the rgt of Col. Gideon LAMB NC line Cont.

letter d 9 Apr 1888 P.H.Coney & Co., Attorneys at Law, Topeka KS to Bureau of Pensions: Dear Sir, Herewith I enclose your letter to me dated 31 Mar 1888 relative to Thomas Gregory Rev soldier & Pensioner, with the reply of his daughter LETISTY PARKER; although she is very old and feeble her memor is much better than one of that age usually is; she has given for your examination and assistance an identification leaf from her fathers family Bible containing the names and date of the birth of his children by his wife Betsey, the last name on the record LETISTY GREGORY is the person who is now LETISTY PARKER..."



private co comm by Capt. SHARPE, Rft command Col. ARMSTRONG, NC line for 9 months,

Nov 1778-1780.

1 Aug 1828 Sampson Co NC, THOMAS GREGORY aged 79 years, farmer living on leased lands that he is obliged to pursue this course of life instead of his trade as a carpenter which his advanced age and consequent infirmity have compelled him to abandon...for himself and wife aged 56 (which constitute the whole of family).s/THOMAS GREGORY


GREGORY, THOMAS, ELIZABETH; VA; No. W.75999: 11 Feb 1833 Chesterfield Co VA; THOMAS GREGORY aged 82 years, militia Chesterfield Co comm by Capt. Bernard MARKHAM; again in 1781...that it appears by a register in his Bible at home that he was born in Chesterfield Co 2 Aug 1750, that he has resided in sd county ever since except for about 6 or 7 years when a child he is told that he resided in the Co of Halifax. s/THOMAS GRIGORY

5 May 1843 Chesterfield Co VA before me Samuel H. Royall, J.P., ELIZABETH GERGORY, aged 73; wid/o THOMAS GREGORY who died 25 Mar 1843; married 27 Dec 1789. S/ELIZABETH GREGORY X/mark; Affidavit: George Adkins & Francis Adkins.


GREGORY, URIAH; Conn., N.Y.; No. S.15157: 12 Jan 1833 Saratoga Co NY; URIAH GREGORY, res/o town of Ballston, aged 78, born Norwalk, Fairfield Co Conn 21 Mar 1754; resided in Ballston 54 years.  In 1775 he resided in Reading, Fairfield Co; Jan 1776, having returned to his father's in Norwalk, he enlisted for 2 months under Capt. Matthew Mead of Norwalk, Lt. TAYLOR, Sgts. Thomas BETTS, Joshua ADAMS, Azar BELDING, in Col. Waterbuiry's rft; Gen. LEE was in command at NY at that time.  In the month of May 1776 he with his father moved to Stillwater, Saratoga Co; he was enrolled as an orderly 1778 he returned to Ballston..s/URIAH GREGORY.


GREGORY, WALTER; VA, No. S.37,966; 27 May 1819 Spotsylvania Co VA; WALTER GREGORY, aged 63 urs, res/Fredericksburg,enlisted as a private in Feb 1776 under Capt. Richard Clough ANDERSON, formerly of Hanover Co VA in the 5TH VA Rgt, Cont. line VA, commanded by Col. PEACHEY, the sd regiment commanded in 1777 by Col. Wm. DAVIES...discharged at Valley Forge Feb 1778. s/William Brockenbrough, Judge Gen. Court.

26 Feb 1820 Sptosylvania Co VA; WALTER GREGORY aged 64 years, that I am by trade a tailor, but am incapable of pursuing it, so as to obtain thereby a support, that I have a wife whose name is Alzira aged about 40 years; she is a seamstress, but for want of employment is unable to aid in the support of my family. s/WALTER GREGORY.

Certified: Robert Smith CHEW, Clerk Superior Court.


GREGORY, WILLIAM; Conn., No. S.29,191: 20 Aug 1832 Monroe Co NY; WILLIAM GREGORY a resident of Perrinton, aged 68 years; enlisted 1781 and served in the 5th rgt Conn. line; when he enlisted he was a resident of the town of old Straford, Fairfield Co Conn...and after his discharge (annexed) returned to Old Stratford. s/WILLIAM GREGORY

26 Nov 1834 Wayne Co Michigan; WILLIAM GREGORY a Rev. Pensioner placed on the Pension Roll of the St of NY from whence he has lately removed; that he now resides in the Territory of Michigan where he intends to remain and wishes his pension to be there payable in the future..his children, 5 of them, reside in Michigan and it is more pleasant to be with his children. 



GREGORY, WILLIAM, MELLA; Mass., No. R.4295.:  31 Aug 1855 Waldo Co Maine; MELLA GREGORY, aged 91 years, a resident of Camden; wid/o WILLIAM GREGORY, a Private in the Co commanded by Capt. Philip M. Ulmer in the Rgt comm by Col. W. COBB of the Penobscot Expedition in the Rev war; that her husband enlisted at Camden, Maine, July 1779 and was honorably discharged 1779; md WILLIAM GREGORY in Thomaston, Maine, 10 Nov 1784 by Mason WHEATON JP, and that her name before mg was MELLA TOLMAN; and that her husband died at Camden, Maine, 10 Feb 1848. s/MELLA GREGORY X/mark.

Wit: STEPHEN BARROWS, ROBERT GREGORY; Wm G Sargent, Judge Municipal Court, Rockland City, 23 Oct 1784:  The intentions of marriage between Mr. William Gregory, Jun. Of Camden and Mella Tolman of Thomaston were entered with me.  S/John Dillaway, Town Clerk.

15 Nov 1855 Camden, Maine: "I JOHN GREGORY of Camden aged 86 years on oath depose and say that I am personally knowing to my brother WILLIAM GREGORY being in the expedition...and that afterward he md MELLA TOLMAN of Thomaston who is now a widow and lives nearby me...s/JOHN GREGORY.


WILLIAM GREGORY: No. S1666; NC 22,145 West Tennessee: 

William Gregory, Smith Co TN, was a private in the Corps comm. By Capt. Hern of the regt

comm. By Col Clark in the NC mil for 8 months. 

1832 Smith Co TN:  William Gregory, a resident of Smith Co TN, aged 68 years last May; that

in the month of Nov 1780 Chatham Co NC he entered as volunteer…he has no written discharge nor never received any or amy other documentary evidence by which he can prove his service except Isham (?) and BRY GREGORY whose testimony he offers..s/William Gregory.

Isam Busby aged 73 years, well acquainted with Wm Gregory in Chatham Co NC at the commencement and through all the war...s/Isham Busby

Sept 1832 Smith Co TN:  BRY GREGORY a resident of Smith Co aged (ink blot) says that Wm Gregory is his brother and that he knows he did enter the services as a volunteer under Capt. Hern in Orange Co NC and served his tour….s/BRY GREGORY

15 May 1939: letter to CLAUDE GREGORY, 5590 Guilford St., Detroit Michican, from A. D. Hiller Exec. Asst to Admin:…WILLIAM GREGORY was born in the month of May 1764…brother of the soldier, BRY GREGORY, was living in 1832 in Smith Co TN.  It is not shown that the Capt. GREGORY under whom the soldier WILLIAM GREGORY served in 1780 was a relative…"



Oct 1832 Lincoln Co NC:  WILLIAM GREGORY, aged 75, resident of sd county; that he was drafted by Col. Moore in the year 1774 and in the month of August; that he was marched under Col. Moore, Capt. Tucker against the Indians on Silver Creek in Brooke Co; that he served near 3 months that being the time for which he was drafted when he returned to Orange Co NC where he was drafted and marched from…he has lost his discharge.  That after the declaration of Independence he was again drafted about the last day of August 1780 by Capt. - at Hillstown, Orange Co NC for 3 months; that he marched from Hillston under Gen. Butler, Col. Moore and Capt. Faker in pursuit of the British on the Broad River; that when he arrived at Salisbury NC he was detached from under the command of Gen. Butler and put under Col. Campbell and Maj. Armstrong which officers marched him to the Shallow Ford on the Yadkin against the Tories who had collected there…


Wit: Hartwell Spain, a clergyman and RICHARD HAWK are well acquainted with WILLIAM GREGORY…that we believe him to be 75 years of age…


4 Jun 1845 Lincoln Co NC before me A. B. Cox, JP:  MARGARET GREGORY, aged 87 years, widow of WILLIAM GREGORY; md 1 January 1778; WILLIAM GREGORY died 10/11 July 1836; and that she was married to him prior to his going into the service. 



Virgininia, Halifax County

William Gregory was born ye 11th of Augt. 175(torn)

Marget Gregory was born ye 13th of June, 1758

Salley Gregory was born ye 4 of Novbr. 177(torn)

Thomson Gregory was born ye 17 of May 178(torn)

Johnson Gregory was born ye 6 of Jany 1783

Mary Gregory was born 15 Aprl 178(torn)

Marget Gregory was born 13 of Janry 178(torn)

Fanney Gregory was born 5th of July 178(torn)

Hosea Gregory was born Jany 7th 178(torn)

Joseph Gregory was born the second Day of April 1790

Elezabeth Gregory was born January 15, 1792.

The other shows the following date:

Wm Gregory was born August the 11, 1758

Marget his wife, June 13, 1758

Salley the 4 of November 1779

Thomson 17 May 1780

Johnson 6 January 1782

Mary 15 April 1783

Fanny 5 July 1786

Hosa 7 January 1788

Joseph 2 Apr 1790

Elesbeth 15 Janury 1793

Anny 25 May 1791

Elezbeth 4 July 1793

Marget 14 Augut, 1794

Nancy 2 May 1796

Susan 22(?) Decemr., 1800

Mata 10 Febry, 1803.


GREGORY, WILLIAM, Private, PA line, Warrant No. 9467, 100 acres, issued 22 Dec 1794 to Henry Purdy, assignee.


(end of file)


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