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This may have been the work of Levi Durham Agee. There are at least two different scribes

based both on the dates and the handwriting and probaly three or more. (I will include the

original spelling and wording and only add items in parenthesis to help make it easier to read.

The earliest dates are recorded in a beautiful script with excellent grammer and spelling, the

middle range of dates is sloppier and with poor grammer but the hand writing looks like

a shaky version of the early style, and the latest dates are poorly written and barely readable.)

Names  added in bold for easier reading.


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Philadelphia, Jesper Harding, 1853


(1st page is on a blank page)


Docery Agee died January 15 1876

Nancy S* Lancaster died Novem the 1918 (no day listed) (* initial hard to read)

Jonathan Agee died february the 6 1897

Sarah Agee died october the 24 1899

Mattie Agee died july 18 1908

Martha A. Allman died dec 29 1912


page 2


Jonathan W. Agee & Martha Barnett was married in July 24th 1834

Jonathan W. Agee and lusinday fisher was married September the 24 1874

(not sure about 4 could be 5 its hard to read)

John Kent and Martha A. Agee was married the the 13 day of febuaray1871

Daisy agee was born (very lightly written, the date could have faded out but it really looks

like it was never written down. Most entries in this handwriting were written in the early 1900s.

The scribe used an A which appears to be a small case a at the start of all the Agee names he

or she entered.)

William F. Agee and Athalinda Denny was married in Jenuary the thirteenth


LD agee and Sarah roberts was mared January the 8 1874

Levi Agee and Mattie Martin was mared September the 5 1901


page 3


Levi Agee and Mattie Martin was maried September the 5 1901

John Agee and delily Pars (Delila Paris) was mared December the 3, 1899

fannie Agee James paris was married January th 27 1901

Lem Agee and Warda Pope was mared April the 15, 1901

Levi D. Agee and Lucy Denton was mared December the 5 1909

Rollie Wilson Agee bornd April 20 _____

Dasy Ola Agee was bornd October 18, 1914

Rollie Wilson Agee died Oct _______ (both lines about Rollie Wilson Agee

were written by the same hand as the one who recorded the birth of Daisy Ola Agee)


Page 4


Jonathan W. Agee was born in February 27th 1813

Marthia Agee was born in February 12th 1814

William F. Agee was born Oct 24th 1836

James L Agee was born Sep. 16th 1838

Mary E. Agee was born February 23, 1841

Nancy B. Agee was born April (the day looks like 1th could be 4th )

Marthia A. Agee was born Sep. 6th 1845

William pairs bornd august the 4, 1903 (added later)

Levi D. Agee was born March 20th, 1849

Doceria Agee was born in January the 4 1862

Napoleon Agee was born in December the 23, 1864

Sarepthia g Agee was bornd July the 25 1867

Marget isabeela Agee was bornd Oct the 26, 1868

Arrety pairs bornd April the 21, 1905 (added later)


Page 5


______ Agee was bornd March the 20th 184- (looks like the birth date of Levi Agee

was copied by a later scribe)

Dottie Agee bornd april the 13 1879

Linday Agee bornd may the 23 1876

Joseph Agee bornd july the 26 1878

Martha francis Agee bornd november the 6 1880

Luther Agee bornd april 2 1889

James L Agee bornd october 20 1885

Albert Agee bornd (ripped)

Lucy Agee (ripped) sept 1, 1889

ellar Agee bornd july 11, 1891

pearl Agee bornd july the 25 1892

lucinda Agee bornd August 29, 1894

ider Agee bornd April 19 1897

huburt (or herbert) Agee bornd april 27 1899

Levi roy (or ray) Agee was bornd November 28 1902

Jo Willie Sara Agee was bornd July the 11 1902

Clarince Agee bornd march the 10, 1901

Lem Agee _____ bornd June the ____ 5 1904


Page 6


Mary E. Agee died the first day of January 1845

James (g or l) Agee died the fourteenth day of march 1858

Martha Agee Died the twelth Day of January 1872

Mary E. Lancaster died August the 17 1875

Milla B Agee died the 11 of December 1875

Wilam Harrison Lancaster died July the 29 1876

Levi B Agee was Bornd january the 24th 1870

Martha M. Agee was Bornd August the (15th or 18th) 1872

Mary E. Lancaster was Bornd July the 20 1875

Milla B Agee was born the 2 day of December 1875

Wiliam harison Lancaster was Born July the 9 1876

Martha A Lancaster was Born the 13 of September 1877


Page 7


John R Agee was bornd feb the 20 1875

Jonathan (middle name looks like Camda) Agee was born May the 23 1876

William Joseph Agee was bornd July the 26th 1878

Martha francis Agee was bornd November the 6, 1880

Thomas Luther Agee was bornd April the 2, 1883

James Lemuel Agee was bornd october the 20 1885

John W. Kent was born June the 9, 1862

Lemuel G. Kent was born June the 15 1864

James C. Kent was born Sept the 19, 1866

Mary an Kent was born July the 13, 1870

Martha Isabell Kent was born January the 22, 1872

Sara Elizabeth Kent was born December the 19, 1873

Robert McKinley Agee was born april the 27 1899


Page 8


Landay Agee died October the 29 1897

ider Agee died december the 21, 1897

lucinda Agee died april 12, 1898

Sarah Agee died october 24, 1899

Lucinda Agee (looks like initials sr after her name, probably means the

elder of the Lucinda Agees ) died april 12, 1900

Joseph Agee died November the 9, 1901

Luther Agee died March the 14, 1904

Lem Agee _______ died June the 17, 1904

William pairs died may the 1 1904

Mary elizabeth Agee died June the 18, 1906

Mary elizabeth Agee bornd March the 9, 1905

Mattie Agee Died july the 18, 1908

Mattie heard Agee Jr. was bornd July 17 1902

Mattie heard Agee died Sept 17 1902

Lucy Agee died September 4, 1908

ella agee died july 1914


page 9


Levi agee died march the 20, 1926


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