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This is my transcription and comments of the original listing of A. Lanson Dickerson's inventory sale.
He was the ancestor (my gg grandfather) of nearly all the Dickerson's who resided in the Pleasant Shade
area as late as the 1970's. Born Feb 23, 1818 and died Jan 15, 1861, he lived in the Dickerson Hollow
(named in his honor), was a member of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church and is buried in Sanderson's Cemetery.

             An inventory of sale of property sold at the 
             sale of Lanson Dickerson dec., on June 10, 1865 
                                       - Thos. Sanderson Adm.

             M. C. Smith          1 bull tongue plow     $  .50
             W. D. Dickerson      1 pole axe and 2 hoes     .25
             W. Dickerson         1 cotton plow            1.00
             R. A. Dickerson      1 weeding hoe             .10
             Widow Dickerson      1 ho(?) hoe (?)           .10
             L. P. Gregory        1 pan of geane (?)       1.30
             A. J. Grissom        1 smoothing iron          .50
             M. C. Smith          1 looking glass           .30
             Widow Dickerson      1 spinning wheel          .10
             Widow Dickerson      1 table                   .05
             Widow Dickerson      1 bee stand               .05
             Widow Dickerson      1 bee stand               .05
             Widow Dickerson      1 bee stand               .45
             M. C. Smith          1 trundle bed            9.00
             Widow Dickerson      1 clock                   .10
             G. B. Gregory        5 sheep                  5.50
             L. P. Gregory        5 sheep                  4.00
             Widow Dickerson      5 lahs (?)                .10
             James Dickerson      1 mule                 100.00
             Widow Dickerson      1 bay mar (mare?)         .05
             Don Beal             9 books                   .25
             T. Shoulders         1 milk cow               5.05 
             T. I. Smith          1 calf                   4.00
             W. D. Dickerson      1 heifer                 7.00
             A. Smith             1 beef hide              3.10 
                                                         ______                                                   __________
                                                        $142.90                                                        142.90
In 1860, Lanson valued his real estate at $800 and his personal property at $1000.
This sale may have been held to raise money to pay off Lanson's debts. (See some
of the debt he had acquired on later pages.) Perhaps the items sold were those
that the family could sell and still carry on life in a reasonable manner. However,
if this was the case, I wonder why his widow bought a number of the items. At this
time three of his five children were still living at home.

Thomas Sanderson, the administrator of Lanson's sale, was also a cabinetmaker and
may be the Sanderson who gave the land at Pleasant Shade for the Sanderson Cemetery.
He may have used his cabinetmaking skills to begin the undertaker business which is
now located at Carthage and stills bears the Sanderson name.

M. C. Smith was Malcolm Calvin "Cab" who married Elizabeth Dickerson, Lanson's eldest
daughter. Cab was the son of Abel and Martha Dillehay Smith.

W. D. Dickerson was William David, eldest child of Lanson. He was already married to
Esther Sloan and they later (abt. 1868) moved to Dade County (Trenton) Georgia. He is
the ancestor of many of the Dickerson's that currently live in Chattanooga, northeast
Alabama and northwest Georgia.

R. A. Dickerson was Lanson's wife, Rebecca Grinad Dickerson.

L. P. Gregory was Levie Gregory, son of Abel and Polly Gregory.

A. J. Grissom was Americus Grissom, son of Mac and Lucretia Smith Grissom, daughter
of Abel and Martha Dillehay Smith.

G. B. Gregory was probably Gideon Gregory, son of James I. and Alethia Oldham Gregory.

James Dickerson (my g grandfather) was the son of Lanson
and his picture is posted on this website.

T. Shoulders was probably Thomas Shoulders.

T. I. Smith was probably Tommy Smith, son of Abel and Martha Dillehay Smith.

A. Smith was probably Abel Smith.

Lanson was the father of five children:
William David, Elizabeth, Sarah; who married Charles D. Taylor, James Samuel; who
married Matilda Louise Anderson and Nancy, who married Jesse Beasley.

Rebecca retained the homestead and continued to live there until her death in 1905.

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