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Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory
Alexander Gregory was the son of Milton Gregory and Matilda Grissom. Alexander was
born in Nov of 1848 In Smith Co. Alexander was married To Susan Elizabeth Payne who
was born Jun 11, 1853 in Dixon Springs. She was the daughter of William J. Payne who
was born in 1818 in Buckingham Co, Virginia. His family had immigrated from England
to Maryland, then to North Carolina and finally to Smith County. William was married to
Martha Thornton Garrett who was born Jun 17, 1826. They were married Aug 13, 1843 in
Smith Co. The Garretts had came from England to Virginia, then to Tennessee.

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Alexander and Susan had the following children. 1. Victoria Gregory b. Oct 8, 1884 Smith Co
married Walter Chambers. These are my great grandparents. 2. Louis Gregory Married Francis
Satterfield, 3. Martha Gregory, (I know little about her. If anyone has information, please let me know.
4. Mary Gregory b. Apr 30, 1879 married Louis Claridy. 4. Sam Gregory b. Feb 3, 1886 married
Myrtle 5. Paul Gregory b. Feb 17, 1897 6. William Gregory b. Jun 7, 1873 married Martha Wilburn

Family Group Photo
Seated left to right: Alexander Gregory, Susan Elizabeth Payne Gregory, One of their
daughters. This would be either Martha or Mary. The child in front is unknown to me.
Standing left to right: Son, Son, Daughter Victoria. The sons are either Louis, Sam,
Paul, or William. If anyone knows I would appreciate you contacting me.

Alexander Gregory Family
Left to right: Alexander Gregory, His wife Susie Payne daughter of William J. Payne,
Unknown, Victoria Sue Gregory, I don't know the people kneeling on the ground.
Taken in Smith Co.

Victoria Gregory as a Young woman
Victoria was married to Walter "Big Walt" Chambers who was born Oct 8, 1884 in Smith County.
Walter was the son of William Chambers of North Carolina and Ellen Calhoun b. April 16, 1841
daughter of Hardy Calhoun. The Children of Victoria and Walter are 1. Golda Chambers 2. Opal
Chambers b. 3. Leonie Chambers b. Feb 14, 1881 4. Mary Ellen Chambers b.Jun 27, 1870 unmarried
5. Lois Hart Chambers b. Jul 12, 1907 d. Oct 16, 1972 Married Dedie Dixon b. May 26, 1901 daughter
of Tom and Lucy Hunter Dixon of Jackson Co Tennessee. Lois and Dedie were my grandparents.

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Paul Gregory as a young man.
s/o Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory

Paul Gregory
s/o Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory

William Derice Gregory
s/o Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory

William And Martha Wilburn Gregory And Children.
s/o Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory

Louis And Francis Satterfield Gregory
s/o Alexander and Susan Payne Gregory

Dock and Martha Gregory Stone
Martha Gregory Stone and Husband Dock Stone. The back of the picture has her as Mattie
she was born 1877 in Smith Co. She is the daughter of Alexander and Susan Payne.

Sam Gregory

Mary Gregory with husband Lewis Claridy and daughter Ethel

Payne Family
The back of the picture says that the man is John Payne the brother of Susan Payne,
and his wife. There are two women in the photo and which is which is not presently
known. Also who is the other woman? John and Susan Payne were the children of
William Payne b. 1818 and Martha Thornton Garrett b.1826. The 1850 Smith Co
Census gives Johns age as 10. I would appreciate any information anyone has on
John. I believe his wife was named Hattie, but have not confirmed this.

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