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Miles Brice Knight

According to Delcie Huffines Knight, this is a picture of Miles Brice
Knight. Delcie was married to Miles Clifford Knight (the oldest son
John Riley Knight and Patie Jane Dallas). Aunt Delcie said Miles Brice
Knight was the father of John Riley Knight.

This is a picture of John Riley Knight 1891-1954 and wife Patie Jane Dallas
Knight 1894-1929, holding (their daughter) Georgia Knight (still living and
visually impaired and unable to see the pictures clearly). I'm not sure of
exact year, but would have been after 1910.

The Man on left is my father Robert Elzie Knight 1917-1969. Woman on far
right is his sister Georgia Knight (still living). They are the children of
John Riley Knight and Patie Jane Dallas married 1910.

We are trying to find out who the unknown boy and girl are. This picture
would of been made in the late 1930's or 1940's.

The woman on the back far left is Delcie Huffines Knight, wife of Miles
Clifford Knight. I believe the picture was made in the late 1940's. I
don't know the other folks in the picture.

Found with Knight family pictures..if you know who this is please let us
know..She could be a Knight or Tuck.

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