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Mary (Polly) Ann Gregory And Third Husband Isaac Grubbs
Right to left:
Mary (Polly) Ann Gregory Parker Parker Grubbs, Martha Jane Parker, Isaac Grubbs

Mary (Polly) Ann Gregory Parker Parker Grubbs was my great grandmother and the daughter
of Smith and Rebecca (Kemp) Gregory.

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She was born December 22, 1838 in Smith County,
Tenn. She first married James Newton Parker and had three children. He died on February 6,
1863. Then she married Richard Parker, the older brother of James. They had three children;

(1) Mary (Molly) Parker who married John Dorsey.
They both lived in Fredericktown, Mo. and are buried there.

(2). James Parker b.April 7, 1868 in Macon County, TN and died December 10,1951
at Buckhorn, Mo. He is buried in the Graham Cemetery at Buckhorn,beside Polly Ann.
I was a pallbearer at his funeral.

(3) Martha Jane Parker my grandmother (little girl in the picture) born December 12, 1870
at Pleasant Shade, Smith County, TN. Her and Grandpa, William Willis Johnson were married
at Coldwater, Mo. on April 16, 1891. She died April 11,1941 at Brunot, Mo. and is buried in
the Beulah Cemetery.

In 1878, Polly Ann loaded the three youngest children in a wagon, left Richard who was mean
to her, and moved to Coldwater, Mo. to live with her relation, the Gregorys. There she met Isaac
Grubbs (the man in the picture) and they got married. They both spoke Cherokee. The pictures
have been in our family for years. My brother has the originals which are tin types.

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