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L. Stern, Publisher, New York
Sue Petty states the photo was made about 1910. Sue is the Smith County Historian.

W W Cline Co. Chattanooga, Tenn. E-77
Notice the entrance has changed from the above postcard!

Bridge Over the Cumberland
This postcard is titled Bridge Over the Cumberland, 1000 Ft. long. Carthage, Tenn.published
by D.T. Kent. The card was mailed from Lebanon, Tenn on May 17, 1910 to Russellville, Ky.
concerning a bid the writer had made for painting this bridge for William Myer Bridge Company.
There is a large crowd of people on the bridge some of whom have climbed to top of the
girders. The courthouse is visible at right side of the postcard. This photo was probably
made in Feb 1908 when over 200 people were present for opening to the public.

Williams-Myer Bridge Postcard
View of the Williams-Myer Bridge mailed from Carthage on Dec. 28, 1910.
Published by Zimmerman.

The Bluff, view from Carthage
Circa 1920s postcard by the Asheville Postcard Company - Asheville, NC
with view of bluff on south side of Cumberland River opposite Carthage.
Shown is a garage building with an old gravity flow gasoline pump at
the end of the old toll bridge. Card is shown courtesy of Gary Lester.

The Chapman Hotel was built in 1905 as the Riverside Hotel.
It was located across the street from the courthouse where
the post office is now. It was torn down in the late 1950's.

Carrie Craig Chapman was the owner of the Chapman Hotel. Her
tombstone is a stone step from the old hotel with her name and
dates engraved on it. She is buried in the Ridgewood Cemetery.
See the Ridgewood Cemetery photos below:

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The First National Bank at Carthage was at the corner of Third Ave and Main St. across from the
courthouse In 1918 it merged with the Smith Co Bank. Later it was occupied as the post office.
Today it is used as a barber shop.

The old bank building almost one hundred years later.

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