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Rebecca Kemp Gregory
Rebecca Kemp daughter of Burrell Kemp, Sr. and Nancy Foster wife of Smith Gregory.
Smith Gregory was born in 1796 in Caswell County, NC., the son of William H.
(Squire Bill) Gregory and his wife Martha (Bledsoe) Gregory.Smith died May 9, 1848,
Rebecca and Smith Gregory are buried in the Will Gregory Cemetery Smith county.

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The children of Smith and Rebecca Gregory are:
1. Curtis Gregory, born May 1, 1816 in Macon County, TN., married Rachel (?),
and died June 26, 1885, buried at Will Gregory Cemetery.

2. Noel Gregory, born 1820 in Macon Co. TN., Married Eliza Brawner, date of death unknown.

3. Joseph Newton (Newt) Gregory, born Oct. 28, 1822 in Smith County,
married Martha Ann Wakefield, died 23 Dec. 1892.

4. William H. (Will) Gregory, born Febr. 2, 1827 in Smith County, married
Mary (Polly) Ann Kemp, died 27 June 1914 and is buried in
the Cemetery named for him; The Will Gregory Cemetery.

5. Minerva Gregory, born 1830 in Smith County, married Luther Russell
on April 9, 1850, date of death unknown.

6. Elizabeth (Betsy) Gregory, born 4 Mar. 1831 in Macon County, TN., married Wiley (Wylie)
Kemp on Jan 10, 1849, Died May 30, 1910 buried in Will Gregory Cemetery.

7. Nancy Gregory, born 1837 in Smith County, TN., (I have no further info)

8.Mary (Polly) Ann Gregory, born December 22, 1838 in Smith County, TN. married
(1) James Newton Parker, (2) Richard Parker, (3) Isaac Grubbs, died Jan. 16, 1914,
buried Graham Cemetery, Madison County, Missouri.

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9. Larkin Gregory, born 1840 in Smith County, TN.

10. Jesse A. Gregory, born 1847 in Smith Co., married Louisa Russell.

Smith County, Tennessee published records show the following:
Jan 1819: Smith Gregory bought land from John Needham.
April 1820: He bought 39 acres from Samuel Thompson
April 1820: He sold land to Mathew Anderson
Jan. 1829:Smith Gregory bought land from Neal Goad.
Dec. 5, 1831: George Dale and wife Polly Mitchell turned over to Smith Gregroy "our interest in five negros."
Oct. 1836: He bought land on Peytons Creek from David Mitchell.
Mar. 1839: He sold land on Peytons Creek to Joseph Brown.
Dec. 1843: George Gregory sold to Smith Gregory his interest in the estate of William Cleveland.
May 9, 1848: He gave 160 acres to Joseph N. Gregory and James N. Gregory in his will.

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