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Thomas David And Mary Francis Wilkinson Sanderson - abt. 1870
Bill K. Kemp, great great grandson of Thomas David and Mary Wilkinson Sanderson
provided the pictures and information for the write-ups on the Sanderson family.

Thomas David Sanderson was born Oct 20, 1810 and died Dec 22, 1887. He was born in Tennessee,
the son of Edward "Ned" Sanderson who was born in North Carolina. Ned was the son of Jesse
Sanderson (from the Newbern District of Jones County, North Carolina), the ancestor of all the
Sanderson's from the Pleasant Shade area. Mary Francis, born Sep 22, 1818 and died Dec 2, 1911
was the daughter of Thomas Allen and Rachel Hesson Wilkinson. Thomas and Mary Francis became
the parents of four children, Joseph Allen, Thomas Malcam, Martha Susan and Mary Melvina.

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Thomas Sanderson lived his life at Pleasant Shade and was a prominent figure in that community. His
impact on the community is demonstrated by the fact that a road, stream, Cumberland Presbyterian
Church, school and cemetery once bore or currently bear the Sanderson name. Thomas served as an
elder in the Sanderson Cumberland Presbyterian Church that was organized in 1855. His vocation was
a cabinet and furniture maker (as were his ancestors) and also a farmer. He owned a considerable amount
of land near Pleasant Shade. From his cabinet making skills, he also built coffins and buried the deceased.
On one occasion during a flu epidemic, Thomas and others worked all night building coffins to bury
the dead. This was the beginning of the present Sanderson Funeral Homes now located in both Carthage
and Kempville. Thomas may have been the individual who provided the land for the Sanderson Cemetery
located on the Sanderson Branch at Pleasant Shade.

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Notes from Tom Dickerson:
In addition to being a cabinetmaker, undertaker and farmer, Thomas Sanderson was skilled as an administrator
and served in this capacity to finalize the estates of people living in the community. He was the administrator
of my gg grandfather's (Lanson Dickerson) estate that is posted on this website under "Deeds of Smith County".

John Waggoner has posted pictures of both the Sanderson Church and Cemetery on this website.
Both Thomas and Mary Sanderson's gravestones are included in the pictures.

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Cal's Column Articles on this website make many references to the Sandersons of Pleasant Shade.

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An aerial view of Pleasant Shade showing the Sanderson Branch and the old Sanderson Cumberland
Presbyterian Church may be viewed on this website under "Miscellaneous Photos of Smith County".
The old Thomas Sanderson home site is located just off the extreme lower left of the picture.

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Mary Francis Wilkinson Sanderson - abt. 1910
Pictured is Mary Francis Wilkinson Sanderson, wife of Thomas David Sanderson, when she was
about 92 years old. Mary Francis was born Sep 22, 1818 and died Dec 2, 1911. She had a twin
brother who died as a young boy. Mary Francis became the mother of four children listed above.

Thomas David Sanderson House
Pictured is the home of Thomas and Mary Francis Wilkerson Sanderson that was located
on the present site of the late Jack and Edith Wilmore Hackett home at 49 Sanderson
Branch Road, Pleasant Shade. Jesse Sanderson, or his son, Edward (Ned), first built their
house near a spring behind the present Sanderson's Cemetery. After the earthquake of 1811,
however, the spring ceased to flow and they built the above house near another spring. The
weatherboard siding part of the house was probably added sometime after 1811. Joseph Allen,
son of Thomas and Mary Francis, tore down the house in about 1917 and built a new one
(mentioned above) on the same site.

Thomas David Sanderson Fireplace
Pictured is the fireplace and living room of the Thomas Sanderson family. Notice the spinning wheel
and table on the right. The table was probably a product of Thomas Sanderson's handiwork or perhaps
that of his ancestors. On the table is a doily, candle and candlestick along with a Bible having "Holy
Bible" inscribed on the front. I suppose this setting was typical of homes in the area in the mid to late
1800's.This picture must have been made on a warm day since the logs in the fireplace are not burning.
(Comments by Tom Dickerson)

Thomas David Sanderson Cabinet Shop
Pictured is the old cabinet shop where Thomas David Sanderson, his father, Edward "Ned", Sr.
and his brother, Edward, jr. worked in their furniture and coffin building business. This building
was located near and on the right of his house. The picture was made many years after the building
ceased to be used as a cabinet shop. Notice the missing wood shingles that were most probably
made from chestnut trees. This building was still standing as late as about 1920.

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