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The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop - Rome
Standing next to buggy, upper left: Banks Samuel Highers (son of Jacob and Eleanor Wilson Highers)
Standing on ground next to fence: unknown man, unknown man, Simon C. Highers (son of Jacob and
Eleanor Wilson Highers. Unknown men standing in doorway

The owners of the Highers Brothers business in Rome were Banks Samuel Highers, Henry
Foster Highers, and Simon Claiborne Highers. Simon C. Highers is pictured on this website.

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I found a reference in the library where Simon (my grandfather) and Banks sold their share of 1/4 acre
in Rome to Henry in 1901. I think this may be when S.C. and B.S. started another shop in Dixon Springs.

From the 'Carthage Times', Friday July 20, 1900

WHEELS! ... We sell a set of four Wheels, full-bolted steel tires, your
boxing set in same by the latest improved Machinery for .....$8.50...
We also build Buggies, Farm Wagons, Paint and Upholster Carriages,
and do general Blacksmithing and Repair Work.


The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop #2
Highers Brothers buggy shop, Rome, circa 1900
The man standing next to buggy, upper left: Jacob Highers
man sitting in window, holding saw, upper left: Banks S. Highers
(Jacob's son; married Lula Ross)
man in window upper right: unknown worker
man standing in door, holding hammer, left: Simon C. Highers
(Jacob's son; married Ella Frances Miller)
man standing in door, right: unknown worker

Submitted by Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky, granddaughter of Simon C. Highers

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