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James And Son Store - Hickman
The James Family of Hickman owned a general store.
A list of names that appear in the ledger follow the pictures:

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First page of the Store Ledger with the date.

Page 103 of Store Ledger of M. W. Russell

The following names and other information appears in this ledger
Many of these names are entered more than once. Some of them must be
companies that bought from the store or supplied the store with merchandise:

J. R. James, J. H. James,W. A. Davis, Horace Betty, Ira Askew, T. L. Winfree, W. J. Givan,
C. R. Johnson, John L. James, J. P. Temple, John Wester, Scot Burton, R. A. James, W. H. Smith,
Joe Gwaltney, J. F. Johnson, A. Gwaltney, Henry Huch?, M. W. Russell, Will Houghes?, F. P. Cheek,
Joe Bates, Saul Betty, S. A. Flippen, Mrs. J. Welch, R. B. James, James W. Ashley, R. T. Foster, G. G.
Thomas, J. L. Coffee, Bud Gordon, Jesse Davis, John Agee, W. F. Jones, F. M. Gold, Reuben Agee,
Arch Parker, W. S. & J. W. Ashley, Sam Flippen, Mrs. Mary Blackburn, W. H. James, Sion Ashley,
S. S. Harvey, Munro? Preston, J. L. Coffee, Henry Dedman, J. P. Temple, James Ashley, John Harrison,
C. C. Gore, B. L. Gore, J. S. Johnson, Mrs. Shug Newbell, A. Gwaltney, Arch Gwaltney, M. W. Russell,
Andrew J. Scrugs, Tom Wilson, John Bates, F. P. Cheek, Moss Brothers, John Ashley Jr, Jesse Baird,
John Agee, T. J. Newbell, Robert Ashley, J. C. Brownlow, Dudley Brothers & Lipscomb, J. Cooney & Co.,
Orr Scoggins & Hume Co., Henry Hunt, James Talley, Buford Brothers, Murray Dibrell & Co, Ira Askew,
Joe Berry, W. R. Burris, F. R. Neal, Ellice James, Bob Cragwell Co, Will Little Co, R. M. Parker,
Johnson Roberson, R. M. Parker, Hogin James, A. Gwaltney, Spurlock Neal & Co., Henry Preston,
Frank Nolen, Harriet Buckner, Joe Betty, Nora Wester, Dock Cockerhaur, W. H. Ashley, Richard Wester,
Ed Betty, Hickman Milling Co., Jesse Baird, Don Neighboss, Mattie Thomas, Herman Bros. Lindauer & Co.,
John Ashley, Sion Agee, W. C. Wright, Bob Denney, Mrs. Nannie Lee, Jake Reasonover, Sy Boulton,
Mrs. Caudas James, Mrs. Shug Newbell, Tom Russell, ? Tally, L. C. Smith, John Hunter, Henry Wright,
W. H. Saels?, Henry Whitica?, Frank Thomas, Sid & Jim James, ? Nichols, John Braswell, D. B. Gwaltney,
Andy Scruggs, Clover Huller Company, Tom Jameson, Dismukes & Co., J. S. Johnson, Sid Jones,
Miss Paele? Agee, R. L. Moss, W. E. Baird, Mrs. Nannie Lee, Hollius ? Sons & Co., Sion Agee, Dan Ray,
Mrs. Hattie Kitchens, J. M. Moss, Billie Blackburn, Miss Mattie Thomas, Harrison Denney, Lige Fouch,
Willie Smith, Jr., J. S. Nixon, Alex Ray, R. L. Printice, Joe Blackburn, Robert Denney, Simon Jones,
William Nixon, Dr. Mat ? Nichols, Cheek Webb & Co,. John Talley, William Clark, Will B. Malone,
R. L. & J. M. Moss, Hauna Cowan, John James, The M. Brisbo Furniture Co., Joe Agee, Gray Fell & Co.,
Weil Clothing Co., Charles Lieb, Jackson Mathews & Harris, W. B. Ford & Co., Mack Stadley & Co.,
Richardson Brothers & Co., John Woods, H. G. Agee, Cassetty Oil Co., Phillips Baily & Co.,
Sherman Anderson, Tom Plunk McKinney, N. J. Ashley, James Blackburn, Grant Nolen, Nell Betty,
L. H. Squires, John Winfree, Jim Reasonover, Jim Parker, Bob Parker, Levi Cowan, Charlie Dowell,
Spencer Buckner, P. C. Heflin?, Jim Fouch, Bob Nolen, Mrs. Bettie Gwaltney, Lon Betty, L. Whorley,
G. W. Newbell Jr., G. W. Newbell Sr., Jesse Butts, Robert Thomas, A. F. Wansen?, R. L. Ashley,
Carel Malone, Bob Hughs, Lige Foutch, Jake Bugh, Nick Bates, W. G. Fouch, Jace Fouch, J. B. Tubb,
W. J. Roberson, Billie Baird, Standard Oil Company, Mrs. Hardy Agee, W.R. Tabb?, Mr. Joe Moss,
John Turner, J. H. and R. L. Moss, Bradford Carson, J. B. Henderson, Adie or Abe Hughs, Tom Cowen,
William Johnson, Jesse Agee, G. W. Newbell, E. ? Jones, John Blackburn, Ben Agee, James Agee,
Andrew Johnson, John D. Harris, W. W. Cheek, Grant Whitley, John E. Reasonover, James Green,
Orr Jackson & Company, William Lack, Sam Nixon, Dolph Bass, John Anderson, J. S. Kanaird,
John E. Newbell, William Agee, Mrs. Jane Newbell, James Steward, Oscar Nixon Doos Dowell,
Bob Newbell, Bob Anderson, Charlie Talley, Joe Barber, Charlie Picket, W. J. Parker, H. G. Agee,
J. S. Davis, Sam P. Wilson, Lucian Preston, Jonah Welch, West Winfree, Frank Thomas, J. A. Winfree,
Ed Powell, James Powell, Tom Nixon

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