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Smith County Jury - 1914
Pictured is a purported Smith County jury made no later than 1914.The picture was probably
made between 1900 and 1910. Since there are nineteen men pictured, some of them are perhaps
the judge, lawyers and other court officials as well as the jurists with alternates. The
building is most likely the Smith County courthouse since its features compare well with
the courthouse as it was in the above timeframe.

Only two of the men have been identified.

The man on the extreme left with the hat is Newton Howard Donoho of the Dean Hill community
of Smith County. Newton Howard Donoho was born in about 1853 and died in 1914. The other man
is Rufus Jefferson "Jeff" Kemp who later became a Tennessee State representative. Jeff is on
the back row on the right between the men with the hats. He was born in 1881, died in 1962
and lived near the Four-Way-In community of Smith County.

If anyone can identify any of the other gentlemen and post their input, it would be appreciated.

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