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Myers Department Store
In my research I came upon a letter which I thought was most interesting. It seems
Mr. Myers was a promoter and he realized early on that women liked to shop.
This letter submitted by Bill Jolly Amonette

Maj. W. W. Fergusson, an attorney who lived on Bowmanís Branch in the late 19th century, wrote
a letter to his son Willard dated April 26,1894 telling of events and happenings in that area at that
time. This is a portion of this letter in which he is telling of his 17 year old daughter, Rena and her
first trip to Carthage and to Myers Store and Mr. Myers efforts in promoting his store.

" For the first time in her life, she visited Carthage today and returned home delighted with everything
especially the ride in Myers open Omnibus and four horses - driven by Will Jones - ex Stage driver.
Mrs. Arch Brim, Rachel Royster and Mrs. Lena Jones were her companions and went shopping to
Myers Store - the turnout provided by him to bring in customers from the country. Yesterday the
Gordonsville people were brought to Carthage and the vehicle turned over and Miss Georgia Kirby
had her arm broken. Tomorrow the people from Rome will be sent for, but the unfortunate accident
has made our people uneasy as to the venture."

James Thomas Clark a citizen of the Rock City community of Smith County, bought a rifle from the
Myers Dept. Store in Carthage in 1907. This store served an important purpose in the lives of the
citizens of Smith County. Saturday was the day of the week when the farm chores were put on hold
and everyone in the family loaded into a wagon and went to town, to do their shopping. Myers Dept.
Store burned down many years ago. Its location was just opposite the bridge on the right side of Main
Street. Mr. Myers and his son who owned and operated the store lived in and owned beautiful homes
in Carthage. Unfortunately both homes were destroyed by fire.

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Comments by John Waggoner Jr.:
The Myer house was located on Upper Ferry Rd and it burned- Was said to be the finest house
between Nashville and Knoxville.

The other Myer house, that of W.E. Myer burned also and was
located on Main Street where the present Bass Funeral Home is located.
The Myers are buried in the Old Carthage Cemetery.

The Store was located at the corner of third and main street. Kims Frame Shop is located in the
building that is on the site now. These Pictures of the store above and of the two Myers' homes
can also be found in the Smith County History Book.

"The Ed Myer"
This photo shows the steamboat of W. E. Myers
photo contributed by John Waggoner

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