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Tommy Sanderson Store At Pleasant Shade
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Bill K. Kemp, provided the picture and information for this write-up on the Sanderson Store.

Pictured is the Tommy (T. D.) Sanderson store at Pleasant Shade in about 1920. Tommy Sanderson
was the son of Thomas Malcam (Jack) Sanderson, son of Thomas David Sanderson. Brothers, Jack
and Joe Sanderson were the builders of this store. It was located on the east side of the Boston Branch
across the branch and old Hwy 80 from the Sloan Brothers store. The Bob Cleveland store was located
next to the Sanderson store. Tommy Sanderson sold general merchandise and also operated his funeral
home business on the ground floor. The second floor was a millinery shop operated by his first cousin,
Myrtle Sanderson Hackett. Caskets were also stored on the second floor. Later, Tommy Sanderson
moved his funeral home business to Carthage.

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