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Sharon Beasley Gregory provided this picture and the original was published in the Carthage Courier.

Sanderson School was named in honor of Thomas David Sanderson whose picture is posted on this website.
The school, now gone, was located near the junction of Austin Hollow Road and North Dog Branch Road at
Pleasant Shade. It was not uncommon for students to walk as far as two miles or more to attend this school.

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I have a story about Allen Wilmore, the late owner of the original picture. In the 1930's, Allen and my
father were working together in the fields and had stopped for a rest in the shade of a nearby tree. After
resting for a short time, my father noticed Allen rubbing his eye and asked if he had gotten something in
it. Allen acknowledged that indeed, something was in his eye that he could not remove, it was stinging
terribly and he needed some immediate help. Upon inspection, my father found that a large ant had
"latched-on" to the white of Allen's eye and was not inclined to turn loose. After some futile attempts to
"rake it off" with a small stick, my father trimmed two matches and made a pair of tweezers that he used to
grab hold of the unwanted tenant. Slowly, my father began to pull on the ant but it was reluctant to release
its captive. Finally, after the white of Allen's eye stretched about one quarter inch from its normal position,
the ant gave up his hold and Allen began to get some relief. Needless to say, Allen was most appreciative
of the "surgery" administered to him and they soon returned to their chores.

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