Smith County
Civil War Veterans

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3rd. Sergeant George W. Allen
Co. H., 28 Tennessee Inf.
Enlisted Oct. 21, 1861
Casualty of Pillow's Brigade, Jan. 02, 1863
Severely wounded in hip. Murfreesboro, Tn.
Paroled Jan. 08, 1863
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt. John Y. Allen
Co. H., 28 Tennessee, Inf.
Capt. Ridley R. West Co.
Mustered in Oct. 24, 1861
Surgeon's Cert. July 8, 1862
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt. Jesse Houston Beasley
17th Infantry Unit,organized 6 Nov 1861.
This unit later became the 84th TN Infantry
which merged with the 28th TN Infantry on 8 Mar 1863
forming the 28th Consolidated TN Infantry Regiment
(also called 2nd Mountain Volunteers)
paroled in Greensboro, NC 1 May 1865.
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Barbara Beasley
Pvt. Wade Hampton Butler
28th Tennessee, 2nd Mountain Regiment
Captured Ringgold Georgia
Prisoner- Rock Island Prison, Illinois
Patricia Butler McCarl
Pvt. Samuel Sullivan Cardwell
28 Tenn. Volunteers Co. H
Discharged July 21, 1862 Vicksburg
Jerry Cardwell
Pvt.William C. Clark
Co. E, 7th Battalion,2nd Tn. Cavalry
Died after the Battle of Shiloh
at Cornith, MI Apr-May 1862
Jim Clark
Pvt. Steven R. Corum
CSA Company C Smith's Battalion Tn Volunteers
Later became 8th Regiment
Enlisted July 22, 1861
Injured in cavalry charge at Red Boilings Springs Tn.
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Buried At Polly Hill Cemetery Click Here
Talley Bailey
Pvt. James Mattison Cox
Co. H 24th Regt. Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted Summer of 1861
Discharged Sept. 1862 Tupelo Miss.
Yellow Jaundice & Typhoid Fever
Died Dec. 4, 1918 Macon Co., Tenn.
Joy King
Pvt. Rufus Davis
Co. M, 24 Reg't Tn Infantry Jan & Feb 1862
Enlisted June 27, 1861 at Nashville, TN.
last paid Jan 1, 1862
Died 10 March 1862 at Shelbyville, TN of wound
from a pistol shot in personal difficulty.
Rufus served 2 times

(2nd) Co H, 24 Regiment TN Infantry
March 1 to July 1, 1862
Enlisted June 27, 1861 Nashville, TN.
last paid Jan 1, 1862
Died on 10 March 1862 from wound received by
pistol shot in personal difficulty.

Linda Davis Hopson
Willis B. Davis
CSA, Tennessee, 9th Cavalry (Ward's), Co. D
3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Morgan's Division
Enlisted August 27-September 1, 1862 (3 years)
Records incomplete and rank unknown
Janis Garcia
Pvt. Harrison Lee Douglas
Company I, 1st Tennessee Inf.
Returned to Hogans Creek
Died April 26, 1927
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Jim Clark
Pvt. Wesley Henry Harrison Duke
7th Regiment, Company B, Tennessee Infantry
Patricia Butler McCarl
Pvt. James Americus Durham
Co. G 28th Tenn. Inf.
discharged 7-20-1862
Heatstroke Battle of Vicksburgh
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Pvt. Thomas Matthew Durham
9th (Ward's) Tenn. Calvary
POW Camp Douglas, Ill.
Died 11-26-1864 of smallpox
Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago, Ill.
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Pvt. Warren N. Durham
Co G 28th Tenn. Inf
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Pvt William O. Durham
Co K 28th Tenn. Inf
Killed Battle of Shiloh 4-6-1862
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Pvt. William S. Durham
Co G 28th Tenn Inf
Elaine Durham Bargatze
1st Lt. Enoch Fisher
25th Tennessee Regiment Infantry
Enlisted September 23, 1861
Battle of Shiloh, Cornith, MS
Discharged September 16, 1863
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Jim Clark
Pvt. James Mills Gill
9th (Ward's) Tennessee Cavalry - Company D
Listed as serving at the Battle of Hartsville
Brother of John Stanton Gill from New Middleton
Robbie L. Hayter
Pvt. John Stanton Gill
15th Tennessee Cavalry Company D
The 15th later became 9th (Ward's) Tennessee Cavalry
Listed as serving at the Battle of Hartsville
Brother of James Mills Gill from New Middleton
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Robbie L. Hayter
Pvt. James A. Gillespie
CSA, 7th Tenn. Vol. Inf., Co. B, Hatton's Reg't
Enlisted 5-20-1861 for one year, discharged (ruptured hernia) on
11-5-1861. Re-enlisted 11-8-1862. Listed as deserted on 9-25-1864,
but had actually been captured (near Petersburg, VA) and made to
take the oath (for fear of his life). Pension denied because of
that oath. Died in Carthage on 12-6-1905.
Janis Garcia
Pvt. William H. Grider
Co. A, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry
Enlisted March 18, 1865 in Carthage
Mustered Out August 17, 1865
Carol Shrum
Pvt. Peter Hackett
23rd Infantry Regiment Tennessee
Company G, Martin's Regiment
Larry and Gina Satterfield
Pvt. Thomas Haley
Co. G 4th Tenn. Cav.
Interviewed in Confederate Questionaire
Hudson Allen, Jr.
Pvt. David Burton Harville
1st Tn Mounted Infantry, Company A
Enlisted January 7, 1864
Discharged January 30, 1865
Linda Lewis
Pvt. Burkett Ferrell Harville
(twin of Pvt. David Burton Harville above)
8th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment Company C
Buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery, Baxter, TN
Gary Harville
Benjamin Rucks High
2nd LT. Co E 8th Regiment
Enlisted 16 May 1861
Discharged Corinth MS
Died & buried TN Confederate Soldier's Home
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Renea Burkholder
Cpl. Oliver P. Hutson (Hudson)
Co. H, 28 Tennessee Infantry
Enlisted 24 October 1861
Died 10 April 1862 near Corinth, MS
after Battle of Shiloh
Nova Lemons
Pvt. John Marlin Kemp
Co. F, 9th Tenn. Cav.
Married 1863 on furlough
Died 17 Jan., 1923
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt. Harvey Kemp
Co H 28th Tenn Inf.
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Sergeant Sampson Dixon Kemp
Co. I, First Missouri Vol. Inf.
Enlisted June 22, 1861
Killed on breastworks Battle of Franklin
November 30, 1864. He was twenty-two.
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Judith Kemp Holley
Captain William L. Kemp Jr.
Co. M, 2nd. Co. H., 24th Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted June 27, 1861
Transferred to Co. F, 9th (Ward's) Cav.
Served under Gen. John Hunt Morgan
Paroled Oct. 01, 1863 Died 7-18-1914
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt. Abram M. Knight
Dillehay's Company, 55th McKoin's Infantry
Enlisted Dec 23,1861 Camp Trousdale
Missing-assumed taken prisoner April 7, 1862,
Battle of Shiloh. Dropped from muster roll
March 8, 1863 by order of General Bragg.
Note:He probably died at Shiloh.
Patti Sedillo
Pvt. William C. Knight
Company C, 28th Consolidated Infantry
Enlisted March 1, 1863 at McMinnville, TN
Surrendered May 6, 1865 at Atlanta, GA
Battle of Shiloh. Dropped from muster roll
Oath of allegiance May 12, 1865
Patti Sedillo
Pvt. Silas J Langford
24th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry Company M
mustered in august 24, 1861.
Catured by Union force Late January 1862
near Bowling Green Sent North

Note: Silas was eithere forced to join the Union forces from
Prison camp, or done so on his own. The family is not sure.

Pvt. Silas J Langford
1st Tennessee Mounted Infanty Company A
Mustered in Jan. 24, 1864
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Larry and Gina Satterfield
Pvt. Christopher C. Manners
Co. E, 4th Tenn. Mtd. Inf
Enlisted Aug. 1864
Discharged Aug. 1865
Battle Of Nashville
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Regenia A. Hope
Pvt. Daniel J. Martin
Co F 3rd Regt. TN Cavalry
Enlisted Sept 1, 1862
Captured Jul 21 1863 Ewington, OH
POW Camp Douglas ILL
Released Feb 5 1865
Peggy Martin Blue (no email)
Pvt. Thomas B. Mathis
Co.G 4th Tenn. Mounted Inf. U.S.
Enlisted Dec 1 1864 Carthage Tn.
Jan.-Feb. 1865 on duty with Sheriff of Smith Co.
Jan. 20 1865 Wounded in face while charging the enemy.
Discharged Aug.1865.Died 6-27-1914, Johnson City Tn.
at Mountain Home branch for disabled solders.
buried Section B. row 8 grave 6
Les Marsh, Shelbyville, Tn.
Pvt. Hugh Lawson White McCall
Co. H, 24th Tenn. Infantry
Enlisted June 07, 1861
Captured & paroled with Joshua Goad and
D.D. Pate Sept. 10, 1862 in Ky.
Died January 11, 1923
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt.William Carroll (Goat) Minton
22nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Barteau's)
(Consolidated from Co. E, 7th Batt'n TN Cavalry)
Enlisted December 11, 1861
Captured while on recruiting duty/deserter roundup then paroled.
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Ken Minton
Linda Simmons
Pvt.Wilson Winfrey Minton
Unit: Allison's Tennessee Cavalry Co C.
Fought at the Battle of Missionary Ridge.
Taken prisoner on or about Nov. 25, 1863.
Held prisoner for the duration of the war.
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Ken Minton
Linda Simmons
Captain George C. Moore
Co H4 (Murr's) Tennessee Cavalary
Became Co C 8 (Smith's) Tennessee Cavalry
Enlisted July 22, 1861
In 16 battles,wounded "Battle Above the Clouds"
Surrendered Charlotte, NC May 2nd,1865.
Karen Moore Waugh &
Gordon Clark "Buck" Moore
Captain William “Buck” H. Moore
Brother of Capt. George C. Moore
Enlisted 15 Nov 1861, Camp Jim Davis Macon Co. TN
Co. E 7th Tennessee Cav, later officially Co G, 22nd Cavalry Regiment (Barteau’s)
Wounded in breast at Columbia, and in leg at Franklin;
Disabled 3 months, returned to regiment.
Paroled at Gainsville, Alabama, May 10, 1865.
Karen Moore Waugh &
Gordon Clark "Buck" Moore
Pvt. James Campble Nickson
Co. G/ 2nd Co. A 23 Tn. Inf.
James and the following 3 Veterans were all brothers
Timothy S. Nixon
Pvt. Samual Oldham Nickson
Co. G/ 2nd Co. A 23 Tn. Inf.
Wounded at Shiloh and Chicamauga
Timothy S. Nixon
Pvt. Charles Hamilton Nickson
2nd Co. A 23 Tn. Inf.
Timothy S. Nixon
Pvt. Thomas J. Nickson
Co. E 22nd Cavalry (Barteau's) Tn
P.O.W sent to prison Rock Island, Ill
Moved to Point Lookout, Md.
Captured at Limestone ,Al on Dec16 ,1863.
Timothy S. Nixon
Pvt. William Robinson Perkins
Co. G 28th Tenn. Inf
Interviewed in Confederate Questionaire
Elaine Durham Bargatze
Pvt. Swan T. Perry
Co.A,1st Tenn Mtd. Inf.
Carthage Tenn
Laura Zimmerman (no email)
Pvt. Thomas Layton Petty
4th Tenn. Cav. CSA
From Ky Confederate Pension App.
Enlisted Jan 1862
Paroled Apr 26, 1865
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Joyce Adams
Pvt. Silas Phelps
Enlisted 1861, CSA, 7th Tenn. Vol. Inf., Co. B
Discharged 1862 for measles (never enjoyed good health again)
Superintendent of the Smith County Poor House
Died 3-4-1901
Janis Garcia
2nd Lieutenant James S. Searcy
Capt. Dillehay's Co. 55th (McKoins) Tenn. Inf.
Enlisted Dec. 23, 1861 Camp Trousdale
Died May 03, 1876
Judith Kemp Holley
Pvt. Stephen Cantrell Stafford
15th TN Cav Co D - captured July 1863 in KY
escaped Oct 15 from the hospital
Died 29 Mar 1877 in Dixon Springs, Smith, Tennessee
Cantrell Stafford is listed in the 1870 census with family.
Teri Freedman
Capt. Claibourn Wright West
28th Confederate Regiment
Company D
Jan Safavi
Pvt. Harrison West
28th Tenn Inf.
Janette West Grimes (no email)
Capt. Ridley Roberts West
28th Confederate Regiment
Company H
Jan Safavi
Allen Wade Williams, Color Sergeant
Co. H. 24th Regt.Tenn Infantry
Enlisted 6/27/1861. Paroled 5/1/1865
Fought at Shiloh, Chickamauga,
Missionary Ridge, Atlanta (wounded) and others.
Died April 5, 1905 in Trousdale Co
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Fay Canter Leonard

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Enoch Fisher enlisted in the Confederate Army on September 23, 1861 at
or near Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co., TN in Shaw's Company, Company F,
25th Tennessee Regiment Infantry. He was listed on the roll at Fort
Myers by Lt. A. B. Hardcastle, for a period of twelve months. On May
19, 1862, he was elected 1st Lt. at Cornith, MS (Battle of Shiloh)
While in the service he contracted cholera, "flux" and a kidney disorder
and was hospitalized in Chattanooga, TN. On September 16, 1863 Enoch
was discharged from the service due to poor health. He returned to his
home in Punch (Watervale), Smith County, TN where he married for the
second time, to Elizabeth Malone.

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Note: Harrison Lee Douglas was raised on Hogan's Creek, Smith Co., TN by his
grandparents, Richard and Delilah (Risen) Hodges. I believe his home place
was at the entrance of Hogan's Creek and named Hodgetown. He was brought up
to TN from Arkansas after his parents deaths to be raised by his mother's
parents. Harrison was a veteran of the Civil War. He enlisted in the Union
Army and was in Company I, 1st Tennessee Inf. After the war, he returned home
to Hogans Creek where he died April 26, 1927. He was married three times
and is survived by one child (the year 2000) Mrs. Alice Alvis of the Bluff
Creek community.

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Thomas Layton Petty
Enlisted January 1862 in General Forrest command, Col. Smith: Lieut. Col.
Anderson: Capt. Sanders made up company/ Was paroled under Capt. Moore.He
was paroled April 26. 1865 either at Greenville or Charlotte, N.C. He also
stated that he never took the oath of allegiance to the United States
Government. He moved to KY 1869.

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Sergeant Sampson Dixon Kemp
Sampson Dixon Kemp had gone to be with his brother Ellis B. Kemp who had removed to
Missouri with his wife, Elizabeth Pankey Kemp & children. Elllis B. Kemp was shot in
Madison County, Mo. during the civil war. He was one of the leaders of the "Knights
of the Golden Circle", a group of southern sympathizers who helped people in Missouri
head south & cross over into Kentucky to join the Confederate Army.

A group of Union soldiers from Illinois were sent into the area to find member of the
"Knights of the Golden Circle". They were not wearing their uniforms and the people
in the area mistook them for men wanting to go south along their secret route through
the creeks & rivers. Unfortunately, they directed them to where Ellis B. Kemp was and
when he would not reveal the names and locations of the other members of his group,
they shot him. They also shot another of his neighbors who belonged to the "Knights"
and arrested Ellis' son and took him to jail. This information is all in a letter in the
Missouri State Archives, written by a member of the Union unit that shot him.
A picture of Ellis B. is in the county history of Madison Co., Missouri.

A great great granddaughter of Ellis B. Kemp (bro. of Sampson D.) has written me with
more info on the death of Ellis B. Kemp. She says that another of her gg grandfathers,
Edward S. Sanders..was murdered with in a few days of Ellis B. Perhaps this is the other
neighbor mentioned in the write up. She said the Union Missouri Militia took both men
out of their family homes and executed them by a shot to the head.

Ellis B. & Sampson D. Kemp were sons of Jinks Kemp whose father was Murphy Kemp.

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Allen Wade Williams was married to Martha A. Russell April 9, 1861 in Smith
County, Tenn. Their daughter Minnie W. Williams married William Levi Canter
on July 18, 1886. Wm. Levi and Minnie W. Williams Canter were the parents
of my grandfather George Allen Canter of Smith County a veteran of WWI.

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Additional information: William Carroll Minton
Place of Birth: Smith County, Tennessee
Date of Birth: 1832
Marriage: Mary Elizabeth House, 2nd Mary Frances Pritchard

Military Service: Enlisted December 11, 1861 Camp J. Davis by Capt. B. Smith as
private in Co. E. 7th Batt'n TN Cavalry. This company was consolidated in June 1862,
with Co. F, same battalion, to form Co. G, 22nd (also called 2d)Regiment Tennessee
Cavalry. The unit was active at Luka, Cornith, Brices' Cross Roads, Fort Pillow
and Harrisburg. Pvt. Minton participated in battles at Reinzi (Rienzi), Monterey
and Courtland. He also participated in Gen. Wheeler's last raid into Tennessee.
He was captured while on recruiting duty/deserter roundup and then paroled.

My ancestor, William Carroll Minton, applied for a Confederate pension, as did his widow.
The Pensions Board recognized his service to the Confederacy, but wanted proof that he was
captured and paroled, and had not deserted. This was 50 years after the war was over.
The last entry in his file was a letter he sent to a former commander asking him to
verify that he was sent on official duty to capture deserters and/or recruit new men
for the regiment. Minton cites the LT he was detailed with and signs his name.
In parenthesis was an apparent nickname "Goat," so I include that with his information.
Apparently the officer he sent it to had died or moved, as there was no response listed.
W.C. Minton then passed away and he or his widow received nothing from the pension board.

Burial Location: Maxwell Cemetery Baxter Putnam County, Tennessee
Residences: Born in Smith County, Tn, after the War removed to Putnam County, where he died

Wilson Winfrey Minton b. 1829 or 1830, in Smith County. He was the son of
Thomas Henry Minton. His wife was Elizabeth Cooper, b. 1835.
After the Civil War, Wilson Winfrey Minton moved to Pilot Point, Denton
County, TX. He died in 1892. He did receive a Confederate pension.

Silas returned to Smith County to live with his wife and children, but was
threaten and received such grief for serving the Union from his neighbors
and friends, Silas disappeared one night, never to return to Smith County.
Silas left his wife and children to live with the Langford's in Smith County
for their safety. Silas was found accidentally many years later living in
Dickson County by his brother, where He died in 1905.

I am not sure if anyone else from Smith County served on both sides, but
this has been a known fact in the family thru generations.

Silas was 12 in the 1850 Smith County Census, 23 in 1861 when mustered into the
24th Confederate, and 26 in 1864 when mustered in the 1st Mounted Union Army.
This is a very unusual Civil War story.

Silas J Langford is my wife Gina Hackett Satterfield's great great grandfather.
Peter Hackett, already noted in your Smith County Records,
was my wife;s other great great grandfather.
Larry and Gina Satterfield