Bible Records, Smith County

Jeremiah Edward Agee Sr. Bible

Jonathan W. Agee Family Bible

James T. Allin/Allen Family Bible

Reuben Goad Bible

Grissum Family Bible

James Bartlett Hubbard Family Bible

Hunter Family Bible

Asa Kemp Bible

John Head Kemp, William Lon Kemp and old Sutton Bibles

Garland Hester Knight 1830-1862 Bible

John Lankester/Lancaster Family Bible

John Ligon Family Bible

Thos. P. Ligon Family Bible

Wm. W. Ligon Family Bible

Norris - Steverson/Stephenson Bible

Calvert and Esther Settle Porter Bible 1824

Linnie Gwaltney Waggoner Bible

Herman Haskel Woodard and Mary Lillie Sircy Bible

Elizabeth Harper West Bible

Daniel Young Bible

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