There are many great lists out there than can help you with your family
search or just to learn a little about the area. Here are the ones I
recommend for Smith County.

The TNSMITH-L List is for discussions about Genealogy, History,
Queries, Stories, Folk Lore, Links & Genealogies are always welcome.

This mailing list is the offical mailing list of the TNGenWeb Smith
County website and The Smith County Historical Society website.
This mailing list will be used to announce updates to either site including
special projects, that anyone with Smith Co. roots will want to know about.

General discussion and chit chat should be done by private email.

Or Join the TNSMITH-GEN-GEN mailing list for the offical Smith Co.
General Discussion mailing list.

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Or you can view the Archived TNSMITH-L at rootsweb of past messages:

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The TNSMITH-GEN-GEN List is for Genealogy Discussion and general
discussion is ok. This means anything you wish to discuss is exceptable.
If you like more than just the facts this is the list for you!
Subscribe to both TNSMITH-L & TNSMITH-GEN-GEN
so you don't miss anything !

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The Cal's Column List is a great place to discuss genealogy of families
that appeared in Cal's Column a Newspaper Column that appeared in the
Macon County Times 1946-1957 by Calvin Gregory.

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The UPPER CUMBERLAND List is for Cannon, Clay, Cumberland,
DeKalb, Fentress, Jackson, Macon, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, Smith,
Van Buren, Warren, and White counties. If You had Family in these
Middle Tennessee counties you should join this List!

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