Miscellaneous Photos Of Smith County

Carthage By John Waggoner Jr.

200th Celebration Of Smith County Coins

Old Postcards Of Smith County

Photos Of The Courthouse

Photos Of Schools

The Black Widow

Carthage - Smith County Jury - 1914

Carthage - William F. Cothern Grocery Store

Carthage Demonstration Club Leaders - 1940

The Fisher House

The Highers Brothers Buggy Shop - Rome

Laycock Bridge

Shaw's Mill - Dixon Springs

Stonewall Bridge

Photos Of The Library

Modern Woodman Camp at Defeated Creek in 1925

James And Son Store - Hickman

W.H. McKinney Grocery - Elmwood

Myers Department Store

Pleasant Shade Aerial View

Pleasant Shade Schematic Late 1940's to Early 1950's

Pleasant Shade Belles

Pleasant Shade Garage

Pleasant Shade Hotel

Pleasant Shade - The Muttonbluff Story And Pictures

Pleasant Shade - Tommy (T. D.) Sanderson Store

Pleasant Shade - Old Sloan Bros. Store

Pleasant Shade about 1920

Pleasant Shade Road Workers

Pleasant Shade - Bob Williams Sawmill

Rome Ferry - abt 1900

Rome Ferry - 2001

Tunstall's Spring - Riddleton

Jeff Kemp And Smith County Road Workers - 1920s

West Point Community

Robinson Cemetery In Macon County
Unusual Photo

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