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1880 Sumner County, TN
Mortality Schedule

District 13
Page 509

Transcribed by Joan Pruett
© August 2001

"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880."

Name of person who died Age Sex Color Married/
Occupation Cause of death Yrs. Resident in County
Brown, Jeremiah 80 M W M NC NC NC May farmer Apoplexy 67
Ripley, Flora 2/12 F W S TN TN TN June   Meningitis acute 2 mo
Holmes, Parlee W. 1/12 F W S TN TN TN May   Hooping cough 1 mo
Johnson, Richard B. 11/12 M W S TN TN TN Sept.   Typhoid dysentery 11 mo
Biggs, Louisa R. 38 F W M NC NC NC Mar. keeping house Pneumonia 35
Patton, Cornelius ? 1/30 M W S TN TN TN Sept.   Premature birth  
Neal, Ellonier 68 F W M TN TN TN June keeping house Pneumonia 68
Martin, John M. 33 M W M TN VA TN May farmer Consumption  
Coker, infant 3/30 F W S TN TN TN Mar.   Cyanonis  
Martin, Millie A. 1 F W S TN TN TN Apr.   Croup 1
Travelstead, Mason?Marion? 10/12 M W S TN KY KY Feb.   Dysentery  
??                   Pneumonia  
Barber, Sarah 34 F W M TN NC NC Aug. farmer's daughter flux  
??         KY KY KY July farmer    
?? 1/12       TN NC   May      
Faulding, Geo. W. 26 M W M KY KY KY Feb. Consumption ?
_, Jane ? 46 F W M KY KY KY Feb. keeping house Consumption ?
Johnson, Colen C. 4 M W S KY KY TN Oct.   Flux ?
Hill, Ellen 11 F W S TN TN TN Sept.   Typhoid dysentery 11
Angela, Eliza 73 F W W NC NC NC Sept.   Typhoid dysentery ?
??                     ?
Perdue, William 20 M W S TN TN TN Oct. farm laborer Typhoid dysentery ?
Bernard, Eldridge 31 M W M TN -- -- Sept. farmer Pneumonia  

Remarks at bottom of schedule:
All the deaths reported above occurred in this Enumeration and the families resided in it on the 1st day of June 1880. Four of the last deaths reported above, I failed to report in my daily report.
signed: J. F. Gray, Enumerator

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