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1880 Sumner County, TN
Mortality Schedule

District 14
Page 510

Transcribed by Joan Pruett
© August 2001

"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880."

Name of person who died Age Sex Color Married/
Occupation Cause of death Yrs. Resident in County
Hunter, Susan 37 F W S TN TN KY Oct.   Consumption 37
Buntin, Jake 1 M B S TN TN TN April   Scrofula  
Macklewain, Jesse 6/12 M B S TN KY TN Mar.   Burned  
Buck , Mat (?) 1 M W S TN TN TN Aug.   Bowel disease  
Harvey, Martha 30 F W M TN VA TN Feb.   Consumption  
Ausbrook, C. A. 59 F W W TN VA VA June   Hernia  
Stewart, Curtis 1 M W S MO TN TN Nov.   Inflammation of brain  
Staggs, Callie A. 11/12 F W S TN TN TN June   Whooping cough 11 mos
Morris, Mary E. 76 F W W NC NC NC Jan.   Enteritis 50
Whitson, Manerva 36 F W S TN TN TN Feb.   Consumption 35
Brizendine, Frances 69 F W W NC NC NC July keeping house Dropsy 69
Brown, A. C. 57 M W M TN NC NC May farmer Typhoid fever 57
Hornbuckle, Mary F. 9 F W S TN AL TN Nov.     9
Kirby, Dock 11 M W S TN TN TN Dec.     11
Kirby, Mary E. 35 F W M TN TN TN Feb. keeping house   35
Kirby, Larrince 86 M W W NC NC NC Aug. farmer Abscess --- 66
West, Fannie 65 F W M TN TN NC Aug. keeping house Dysentery 65
Ramsey, Charles 2 M W S TN TN TN July     2
Perdue, not named 1/12 F W S TN TN TN Oct.     1 mo
Martin, Minis 2 M W S TN TN TN Sept.   Flux 2
Brown, William 25 M W M TN TN TN Oct. farmer Flux 25
Punshun, Luke, Sr. 84 M W M Eng. Eng. Eng. Feb. farmer Pneumonia 10
Clendening, Lellie 8/12 F S T KY TN KY July   Inflammation of brain  
Roney, Edger 1/12 M W S TN TN MS Aug.   Congenital consumption  
Hunter, John F. 25 M W M TN TN TN Mar. farmer Phthisis fulonon  
Dinning, Maud 11/12 F B S TN TN TN July   Chol. Infantum  
Dinning, Walter 9/12 M B S TN TN TN May   Measles  
Kelly, Thos. W. 4 M B S TN TN TN Feb.   Scrofula  
Kelly, Virgelia 9/12 F B S TN TN TN Apr.   Meningitis  
Perdue, Louisa 46 F W M -- -- -- Oct. housewife Tuberculosis  

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