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1880 Sumner County, TN
Mortality Schedule

District 7
Page 502

Transcribed by Joan Pruett
© August 2001

"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880."

Name of person who died Age Sex Color Married/
Occupation Cause of death Yrs. Resident in County
Davy, Alice 8 F W S TN Ireland Ireland Nov. accidentally shot    
Gray, Joseph L. 78 M W M TN TN TN Sept. stone mason consumption 45
Clambee (?), Emma J. 24 F W M TN TN TN Feb.   consumption 24
Montgomery, Polly 80 F B W VA VA VA March   old age 65
Jackson, Thomas W. 37 M W M KY KY KY Apr. farmer consumption 5?
Latimer, _ 1/30 F W S TN TN TN Dec.   disability  
Latimer, _ 2/30 M W S TN TN TN Dec.   disability  
Kirkpatrick, Evaline 59 F W W TN NC TN Sept.   consumption 59
Brinkley, Georgeann 17 F B S TN NC VA Apr. cook pneumonia 17
?? ?                    
Kizer, Phillip 88 M W W TN Germany Sweden July farmer dropsy  
Clendening, John W. 34? M W M TN TN TN Feb. farmer suicide, shot himself  
Montgomery, Evaline 9/12 F B S TN TN TN May   scrofula  
Watkins, Nancy J. 26 F B S TN TN TN March   consumption 26
Watkins, William 9/12 M B S TN TN TN Apr.   brain fever  
Shepperd, Peter 77 M B M TN TN TN Oct.   pneumonia 77

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