Bible Records of Robert Elmore Anglea
& Isadora (Isa) Gant Anglea

Submitted by Robert Anglea

© 1998

Note: The Bible is owned by Rebecca (Lovell) Goddard of Russellville, Ky. The listings in the Bible are transcribed as written.


Ell Anglea was borned July the 10 1860

Isa Anglea was borned June the 9, 1865

Other Anglea was borned Oct the 30, 1884

Mallie T. Anglea was borned Sept. 30, 1889

Joe Gilbert Anglea was borned Feb the 12, 1894

Jewel Raymond Anglea was borned March the 4, 1900

Loyd Gant Anglea was borned Sep. 10, 1907


Loyd Anglea and Belle Barnes was married April the 6, 1928

Ell Anglea and Isa Gant was married Nov. the 13, 1883


Oather died Mar. 2, 1906

Ell died Jan. 10, 1909

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