Baker Family: Part Three

Submitted by Peggy Bone Colella


  1. Mary Margaret Baker m. Benjamin Rawlings Howard, 19 June, 1834. Ben Howard, son of James Howard and Willia Rawlings, was a man of most pleasing and congenial nature, efficient in business and kind-hearted to a degree.
    Children of Mary and Ben Howard:
    1. Mary Ann Howard b. 15 Apr. 1837 d. 5 Mar. 1864 m. 20 May 1856 Andrew Jackson Gillespie.
      Their children:
      1. Benjamin Gillespie
      2. James Gillespie
      3. Jessie Gillespie b. 1861 d. 1879
    2. Daniel Saffarans Howard b. 1839 Killed in the Battle of Fort Donelson.
    3. Isaac Baker Howard b. 1841 m. Georgia Baker d/o Larken Baker. Isaac Howard was taken prisoner at the Battle of Fort Donelson, and held in Chicago until he escaped with the aid of Southern sympathizers. After the war, he moved to Mississippi.. They had a number of children.
    4. James (Woody) Howard b. 1844 m. Minna Keith Bowen d/o Mary Taylor Gillespie and Mathew Irvine Keith Bowen.
      Their children: (According to a Bowen genealogy)
      1. Daniel Irvine Howard b. 22 June 1869 d. 30 May 1933 m. Anna Jane Gholson b. 3 January 1874 d. 22 February 1942.They had 9 children.
      2. Minna Rawlings Howard m.1. Abner Percy Lockett of Knoxville. They had 2 children. Minna m.2. Alfred P. Sanford
      3. James Woodward Howard, Jr. m.1. Gertrude Brady of West Point, MS m.2. Ethel Russell of San Francisco.
      4. Hal Bowen Howard m. Marianne Crawford of Memphis, TN
    5. Ellen E. Howard b. 8 Jan. 1846 m. Andrew James Gillespie (after her sister's death) - lived Aberdeen, Miss.
      Children of Ellen and Andrew Gillespie:
      1. Ellen Rosa Gillespie - not married
      2. Mary Gillespie m. 1903 (Guy) Bumpers. Their children: 1. Ellen 2. Guy, Jr. (These two lived in Birmingham) 3. Andrew (lived in Jackson, Miss.)
    6. William Eagleton Howard b. Aug. 1849 Gallatin, Tenn. d. Aug. 1904 Gulfport, MS., m. June 1867 Mary Wade Vasser b. 1854 d. 1930. Mary was the daughter of William Hunt Vasser & Mary Tabitha Wade.
      Their children:
      1. William Vaughan Howard b. 25 July 1877 d. 4 May 1938 m. 10 June 1919 Elise Cudworth b. 20 Dec. 1890
        Their children:
        1. Mary Kate Howard m. Edward Warren Price. 3 children.
        2. William Vaughan Howard, Jr. m. Ann Bail. 2 children.
        3. Martha Elise Howard m. Noville Irwin Richardson, Jr. 1 child
      2. Pascal Wade Howard d. 1930 Philadelphia
      3. Marion Howard - never married - died in Georgia.
        Information on the Howard family from Mary Kate Price of Atlanta, Georgia.

  2. Larkin Baker m. Mary E. Lucas, 20 November, 1840. Larkin Baker was a representative man of his time, energetic and full of business. Mary Lucas was a woman of fine intellect, nay a walking encyclopedia of fine lineage. She was granddaughter of Thomas Lewis, a brother of Gen. Andrew Lewis (whose monument stands beside that of Washington's). There is no name that stands out more prominently, upon the pages of history, than that of Lewis and even today is the synonym for all that is noble, brave and chivalrous.
    Children of Larkin and Mary Baker:
    1. Margaret Baker m. George Shafer
    2. Matilda Baker m. William B. Rock
    3. Mary Baker m. John M. Wilkins. They had a number of children - lived around Bowling Green, KY.
    4. Georgiana Baker m. Isaac Baker Howard, her 1st cousin, s/o Benjamin R. Howard and Mary Margaret Baker (#7).
    5. Eliza D. Baker b. circa 1853 m. Mr. Brashear
    6. Archie Baker b. circa 1851
    7. William D. Baker b. circa 1855
    8. Emaline Baker b. circa 1857 m. Hyde Ragland
    9. Jos. Lucas Baker b. circa 1861

  3. Isaac W. Baker married Mary C. Hines, 24 December 1839. Isaac Baker was a fine man of jovial disposition. He served as a Private in the Seminole War, in Florida, under Gen. Trousdale in Capt. McKoin's Company of mounted Tennessee volunteers. He enlisted in Gallatin 14 June 1836 and was discharged in New Orleans 14 Jan. 1837. He received 80 acres of Bounty Land for his service and his widow later received a pension. Mary Hines Baker was a splendid woman noted for her perfect housekeeping. She was the daughter of Judge Pleasant Hines and Hettie Fore Jackson Hines of Bowling Green, Ky.
    Children of Isaac and Mary Baker:
    1. Amanda Baker b. circa 1840 d. 1927 (according to Callie Baker Weisiger) m. Dan Rascoe of Nashville, Tenn. Actually she married 22 Sept. 1859 David Alexander Roscoe, of Cottontown, b. 23 Feb. 1826 d. 18 Nov. 1891, buried in the Roscoe graveyard on the Overton Harris farm on Liberty Lane. The name was spelled 'RASCOE' prior to 1900. It is unknown why it was changed.
      Their children:
      1. Willie Rascoe m. Fred B. Weatherby. Several children (Boston, Mass.)
      2. Nettie Rascoe m. D. Estes
      3. Bini (Benie) Rascoe m. Will Frazier. Several children.
      4. Mary Rascoe m. - (California)
      5. Tom Rascoe m. - (California)
      6. Campbell Rascoe (California)
      7. Scott Roscoe b. 1875 m. Sallie _______, lived with Mrs. Frazier (He lived in Detroit, MI. I don't recall ever meeting his wife. I remember Scott once betting me that I could never find an ear or corn with an uneven number of rows. I'm still looking!)
      8. David Rascoe (Major in U.S. Army)
    2. William Pleasant Baker b. 20 Feb. 1843 d. 4 Oct. 1928 m. 14 Nov. 1866 Louise Baker (his 1st cousin) b. 4 Mar. 1849 d. 7 June 1878, when her youngest daughter was only 3 years old, and the 2 little girls were raised by Louise's parents. William (Pappy Bud) was in the Civil War and made a brave soldier. He was taken prisoner at Fort Donaldson 16 Feb. 1862, but was back on the active muster roll of Co. F., 330 Reg't. in October, 1962. He was shot down at the Battle of Atlanta, 4 July 1864, while serving under Gen. Hood, who superseded Johnson. At the time his mother heard he had been wounded, the rivers were up, but she rode 100 miles, on horseback, to see him. Bud was well thought of in the community. Louise Baker was a woman of extraordinary beauty.
      Their children:
      1. Malvina (Mallie) Baker b. 1868 d. 1936 m.1. James E. Cardwell m.2. Harold Thompson - Mallie was blind from birth - there were no children.
      2. Minnie Louise Baker b. 3 Sept. 1875 d. 7 Apr. 1954 m. 17 Feb. 1897 Charles Clark Bone b. 20 July 1872 d. 23 Jan. 1933, son of William Leonidas Bone and his wife, Jane Fulton Clark. William Leonidas Bone was the 10th Mayor of Independence, Missouri, in 1858. Jane Clark was the granddaughter of Reuben Douglass, a prominent man in the history of Sumner Country, Tenn. (These were my grandparents.) After Louise's death, William Pleasant Baker married Widow Neil. One son - Will Baker. Married again - 25 Apr. 1909 Widow Katherine Hoskins b. 28 Oct. 1874 d. 8 Oct. 1942. Because of the wound received during his Civil War service, Pappy Bud was badly crippled during his later years and died nearly a pauper.
    3. Winfield Scott Baker b. circa 1844 d. 3 Mar. 1922 Gallatin, TN m.1. Sallie Baber - one adopted son Winfield Scott Baker, Jr. b. Aug. 1889 d. 21 Dec. 1948 m. Kate Day Simpson b. 25 Jul. 1893 Their children were: Sarah Simpson Baker, Charles Scott Baker, Harry Jackson Baker, Martha Day Baker, Robert Winfield Baker, Richard Edward Baker, Catherine Baker, Mary Ellen Baker and William Baker Winfield Scott Baker aka Charles Winfield Baker m.2. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Love Baker widow of Alexander Rush Baker.

      Ben Baker says Winfield Scott Baker lived in Los Angeles for a number of years; was living there in 1913 when his mother died.

    4. Hettie E. Baker b. 27 May 1845 d. 18 Apr. 1859. This child was a surprise when found on the 1850 census, as no one in the family today knew about her. A visit to the old Baker cemetery located her stone.

  4. Leonidas Baker married Rhoda Odom, 19 November 1846. Leonidas Baker was a typical southern gentleman. He carried on his large farming interest with profit and ease and was always in a receptive mood. Rhoda Odom was well born and a very capable woman with a great deal of force of character. Her parents were Harris Odom, Esq. and Adaline Temple Elliston Odom, of Nashville.
    Children of Leonidas and Rhoda:
    1. Louise Baker m. William Pleasant Baker - her 1st cousin. See #10.b.
    2. Charles Elliston Baker b. 21 Feb. 1856 d. June 1915 m. 15 Nov. 1881 Annie Allen Boyers b. 1861 d. 1949. Annie was the only daughter of Thomas Boyers, an influential member of the powerful Democratic Committee in Sumner County. Charles E. Baker was a high toned, honorable gentleman, highly respected by all.
      Children of Charles E. and Annie Baker:
      1. Louise Baker b. 1884 d. 1965 m. Oscar Smith b. 1886 d. 1978. They lived out Red River Road; they had no children.
      2. Alice Baker b. 14 Aug. 1889 d. 27 May 1986 m. 23 Sept. 1913 Robert Joseph Guthrie. One son - Charles Robert Guthrie. Alice was such a help to me in getting this part of the Baker history together and I am most grateful to her. After graduating from Liberty School, she attended Howard Female College. She was involved in historic preservation and assisted in organizing the Col. Jethro Sumner Chapter of the D.A.R. She was a dedicated member and officer in the Clark Chapter of the U.D.C. for over 50 years. She was a very special lady.
      3. Thomas Boyers Baker b. 24 Oct. 1886 d. 28 Dec. 1954 m. Marvirine Ford b. 1 Aug. 1894 d. 2 Aug. 1953
    3. Ophelia Baker b. 21 Mar. 1852 d. 16 July 1892 m. 19 Dec. 1888 Everette Saunders Dulin. No issue
    4. Dr. Julian C. Baker b. 14 Mar. 1858 d. 5 Aug. 1918 - never married. Dr. Baker was a fine physician having a mind well stored with knowledge. He was well posted on most any subject, and was very kind- hearted and obliging. "He was a great lover of nature and a genial gentleman of the old school who numbered his friends by the hundred."
    5. John W. Baker (called Capt. Jack) b. 11 July 1861 d. 1933 m. 2 Mar. 1887 Susan Gillespie b. 1866 d. 1958 - daughter of Marion Gillespie

      (I remember Aunt Susie well, she was somewhat of a character, she loved to tease and laugh, and everybody loved her.) Jack was, in 1902, division engineer of the L & N Railroad at Knoxville. John and Susie had one daughter: Rhoda-Foster Baker b. 14 Oct. 1900 d. 13 Dec. 1977 m. 1923 James Edwards Stevens. Rhoda-Foster and James had one son: James Edwards Stevens, Jr. m. Elizabeth Nixon. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

  5. John Blakemore Baker m. Olivia Elizabeth Mathes, 3 Mar. 1853 John B. Baker was a well known and prominent man of his time. He was a man of stern integrity, clear perceptions and great energy, always accomplishing anything he set out to do. Olivia Elizabeth Mathes was the daughter of Dr. A.R. Mathes of Davidson County. She was of a modest and retiring disposition and possessing many lovely traits of character. ("Thus Callie Baker Weisiger describes her parents".) Many descendants of this couple still live in the Gallatin area. One descendant, John Garrott purchased the old family homestead in 1986. This was part of the original Blakemore land grant which had been sold out of the family for the first time circa 1920. During the 66 year period that it was out of the family, the house had been badly neglected, hay stored in the attic, etc., and it was literally collapsing when John bought it. John and his sons have now restored it, much to the great pleasure of all of us Baker "kin".
    Children of John and Olivia Baker:
    1. Molly Blakemore Baker married Dr. W.S. Rascoe, 1897.Molly Baker Rascoe was a most capable woman of great energy, unselfish to a degree, and loved by all. Dr. Rascoe was a very cultured and highly respected citizen of Davidson Co., Tenn.. No issue.
    2. Alexander Rush Baker b. 2 May 1857 d. 29 Dec. 1896 married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Love b. 4 Apr. 1865 d. 20 May 1925.
      Their children:
      1. Alexander Schell Baker m. Annie Brown.
        Their children:
        1. Alton H. Baker b. 12 Dec. 1908 d. June 1933m. Ethel Duvall - one son, Jack Baker, lives in Louisville, Ky. Jack has one adopted son, Steve.
        2. John Alexander Baker m.1. Hilda Beagle - deceased. m.2. Mary Duncan. John and Mary live in Covington, KY. one son - John D. Baker.
        3. Frances Louise Baker m. Louis Schochet - divorced 1932. Children: Barbara m. Charles Clemmons, lives in Fla. Billy Griffin, lives in Fla. The children were adopted by foster parents after the divorce. Frances had her name legally changed to Barbara.
        4. Benjamin Schell Baker m. Gladys Catherine (Kathy) Nitschke. Ben and Kathy are a terrific couple, warm, sincere and fun loving.
          Their children:
          1. Katherine Ann Baker b. 14 Nov. 1947 d. 28 May 1952
          2. James Robert Baker m. Lucy Steioff - They have 2 children.
          3. Linda Katherine Baker m. James D. Dennis - They have 1 one.

          Information on this family comes from Ben Baker of Covington, KY.

      2. John Franklin Baker
      3. Julian Baker
      4. Fannie Baker, died before 1912
      5. Cullen Baker, graduated from Hawkins Training School, Gallatin, Tenn., and became a prosperous business man of Nashville. He was high minded and honorable as well as a capable man.
    3. Helen T. Baker married Charles H. Talbot, 9 May 1883. Helen Talbot was born in 1859 and died in 1912. She was a very deserving and kind-hearted woman, possessed of a cheerful and happy disposition. C.H. Talbot was a man of retiring disposition, fine intellect, and a mind well stored. He was a grandson of Albert Gallatin Talbot, a man of great political and social prominence in his day, and a grandnephew of Cassius M. Clay, a man of national reputation.
      Children of Helen and Charles Talbot:
      1. Nettie Talbot m. Hugh Bates - lived Bethpage
      2. Lila Talbot m. Richard Salmon - lived Arlington, KY
      3. Lizzie Talbot m. Sydney Bryant - lived Nashville
      4. Pauline Talbot m. Hugh Mellon - lived Gallatin
    4. Isaac Mathis Baker b. 26 Jan. 1862 d. 8 Feb. 1935 m. Myra Sanders b. 23 Oct. 1868 d. 3 Apr. 1939. Isaac Baker was man of sterling qualities who believed that success is a duty. He was one of Sumner County's most substantial citizens. Myra Sanders Baker was a most extraordinary woman, could fill most any place with distinction and credit, and was a most attractive and lovable woman. She was of fine lineage and had her mother's Cantrell "Coat of Arms".
      Their children:
      1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Baker b. 27 Jan. 1891 d. 4 Nov. 1964 m. Edward Symes b. 20 June 1882 d. 24 Oct. 1917. One known son - Edward Baker Symes
      2. Norval S. Baker b. 14 Aug. 1892 d. 19 Dec. 1966 - lived in Gallatin.
      3. John Blakemore Baker b. 3 Mar. 1894 d. 2 Nov. 1957 - never married - lived in Gallatin.
      4. Will Henry Baker b. 9 Feb. 1898 d. 28 July 1969 - was a car dealer in Gallatin - Tenn. Pvt. Stu Army Tng. Corps WWI
      5. Emily Baker m. Mr. Hamilton
      6. Mary Baker m. William Brimage Bate, grandnephew of Gov. Wm.B. Bate - lived Castalian Springs, Tenn.
      7. Myra Elizabeth Baker m. Edmund H. Garrott (John Garrott's parents)
      8. Isaac M. Baker, Jr. d. 9 Feb. 1897, age 5 days
    5. John Allen Baker b. 1867 d. 1927 married Mary Sanders b. 1870 d. 1954 - John and Mary were married 24 Dec. 1896. John Allen Baker was a handsome man, a man that lived well, and was always satisfied and contented. Mary was an all-around good woman and full of business.
      Children of John and Mary Baker:
      1. John Allen Baker, Jr. b. 12 June 1905 d. 10 June 1950 m. Corrinne Adcocks b. 7 June 1911 d. 10 June 1950
      2. Mary Sanders Baker m. Mr. Flynn - they live in Gallatin
    6. Kitty Connell Baker b. 3 Sept. 1872 d. 15 Aug. 1909 m. James Odum Baber b. 14 Apr. 1865 d. 2 Dec. 1933. Kitty and James were married 25 Nov. 1891. Kitty Baber was a very beautiful and cultured woman, always impressed everyone with her gentle and sweet disposition. J. O. Baber was a man of ability and great energy, always carrying out his plans with success.
      Children of James and Kitty Baber:
      1. Harriet Baber b. 1892 d. 1979 m. Jennings Bryan Duncan. No issue.
      2. Milton A. Baber d. 22 Mar. 1935 Tenn. Corp. HQ Troop 82 Div. No issue
      3. Mary Baber m. John Frank Kelly
      4. Elizabeth Baber m. Marion Polk Perdue
      5. Dixie Douglass Baber m. Richard B. Whiteside
    7. Caroline M. Baker m. 11 May 1886 Joseph Weisiger. Joseph Weisiger, son of Joseph Weisiger, Sr. and Mary A. Kinkaid, was modest and retiring. (Carolyn Weisiger Engel here added the following note: "My copy of the 'Bakers in Tennessee' breaks off here, at the end of a page that was re-copied and placed between the covers of the booklet. It would have been interesting to know what Grandmother had to say about her own husband and family. I feel that she may have completed different drafts of the booklet, and this was the 'spare'.")
      Children of Caroline and Joseph Weisiger (added by Carolyn):
      1. Joseph Weisiger IV b. 3 Oct. 1890 m. Jennie Mae Sapaugh
        Their children:
        1. Carolyn Elizabeth Weisiger m. Mr. Engel. (This is the lady who compiled much of this history.)
        2. Joseph Weisiger V
      2. Mollie B. Weisiger b. 2 Feb. 1892 m. Herbert Snow
      3. Isaac Baker Weisiger b. 22 Nov. 1894 m. Missy Wylie Shelton. One son - John Marshall Weisiger
      4. Olivia Mathes Weisiger b. 26 Feb. 1896 m. Horace Cartwright.
        Their children:
        1. Robert Baker Cartwright
        2. Mary Cartwright
      5. Ross Weisiger b. 2 Aug. 1903 m.1. Catherine, 2nd wife unknown. He had 3 sons.
      6. Kitty Weisiger b. 7 Oct. 1905, not married.
    8. Henry Baker - died young
    9. Ann Baker - died young

Thus completes all that is now known of our Baker Clan.

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