The Brigance Clan

Submitted by Albert H. Brigance

The BRIGANCE Clan was part of the Cumberland Settlement (now Sumner Co., TN) by 1786--migrating from Cumberland Co., PA. Included in this clan were at least seven adults who's names appear in Sumner Co. Record prior to 1800. These seven were:

  1. David who died in Sumner Co. in 1820 with four adult children listed in his will.

  2. George Stuart who died in Sumner Co. in 1828 leaving a wife (Francis Hunt) and 10 children.

  3. Hugh who is thought to be the ancestor of the Brigances who lived in Henderson Co., TN.

  4. Jane who married Joel Dyer 3/17/1796 in Sumner Co.

  5. John who died in Sumner Co., TN in 1798 (three adult children listed in will).

  6. Robert who was killed by the Indians near the Sumner Co. courthouse in 1792 (no known heirs).

  7. William who died about 1804 with wife Elizabeth and 9 children listed in his will.

Documentation of the relationship of these "Seven Oldtimers" has not been found. Most or all were probably siblings.

Since 1972 the author and others have compiled a database of approximately 15,000 descendants from these "Seven Oldtimers." Anyone reseaching BRIGANCE should contact the author at 278 Royal Oaks Drive, Maryville, TN Ph.:423-982-0223, or Additions to the database are welcomed and appreciated.

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