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Richard Cantrell

Joseph Cantrell, son of Richard Cantrell, was born in 1695 and had a son, Zebulion Cantrell.

Zebulion Cantrell son of Joseph Cantrell, was born in 1727 in New Castle, Pennsylvania Married Mary Montgomery and had a son, Stephen Cantrell.

Stephen Cantrell, son of Zebulion and Mary Montgomery, was born in 1758 in Abbingdon, Virginia and died in 1827 near Goodlettsville, TN. The State of Tennessee records show that Stephen Cantrell served on a committee of three which designed the State Seal for the State of Tennessee. Stephen Cantrell was married to Mary S. Blakemore, (born March 8, 1765 and died in 1849). They had ten (10) children.

William "Billy" Cantrell, son of Stephen Cantrell and Mary S. Blakemore, was born in Sumner County, Tennessee on January 22, 1792 where he spent his entire life. He was married the first time to Joyce Bugg and they had three children. The second time he was married to Sara Gillespie of Williamson County, Tennessee and they had ten (10) children.

John Marshall Cantrell, son of William "Billy" Cantrell and Sara Gillespie, was born in Sumner County, TN and died in 1906. He married Ann Elizabeth Abston and they had two children, a daughter, Mates Cantrell Schell and a son, William Edgar Cantrell. John Marshall Cantrell was Sheriff of Sumner County, Tennessee from 1883 to 1895.

William Edgar Cantrell, son of John Marshall Cantrell and Ann Elzabeth Gillespie, was born on January 25, 1860 and died January 13, 1946. Mr. Cantrell lived in Sumner County, TN his entire life and died at the home of his daughter, Elizabeth Cantrell Coley on Station Camp Creek Road, Gallatin, TN. Mr. Cantrell married on December 25, 1882 to Georgia Walker Hitchcock (born December 21, 1860 and died October 6, 1935) and they had seven children. William Edgar Cantrell and Georgia Walker Hitchcock are buried in the Gallatin City Cemetery, Gallatin TN. Mr. Cantrell was elected Sheriff of Sumner County, Tennessee on August 2, 1900 for one term.

William and Georgia Cantrell had the following seven (7) children:

  1. John Winchester Cantrell was born 10-19-1883 and died August 20, 1951 in Nashville, TN. John was married to Mary Carolyn Cage. Mary Carolyn Cage was born 3-8-1880 and died in December, 1924. John and Mary had 9 children, including a set of twins.

  2. Charlie Hart Cantrell was born 11-25-1885 and was killed by lightening on 5-23-1918. Charlie was married on March 22, 1907 to Sallie King Jackson who was born on 11-29-1886 and died 7-7-1933. They had 6 children.

  3. Ann Cantrell was born 12-19-1887 and died in Sumner County, TN 10-25-1970. Ann was married on August 12, 1908 to Henry Sugg McKoin who was born on 12-12-1874 and died 3-14-1948. Ann and Henry had three children.

  4. William Clark Cantrell was born June 5, 1890 and died April 25, 1943. William was married to Corrine Kizer. Corrine was born in 1895 and died June 13, 1967. William and Corrine had one daughter.

  5. Jennie Abston Cantrell was born on 11-7-1892 and died 4-29-1936. Jennie married Joseph Grimm Dorris on 12-22-1909. Joseph was born 4-1-1887 and died 5-4-1954. Joseph and Jennie had 5 children.

  6. George Maney Cantrell was born on 6-13-1895 and died 7-29-1944. George was married to Minnie Bell Williamson Wright. Minnie Bell was born on 5-9-1899 and died 2-16-1948. George and Minnie Bell were the parents of three children.

  7. Mary Elizabeth Cantrell was born on 11-15-1905 and died 9-21-1981. Elizabeth married Coy Franklin Coley on 3-14-1926. Coy was born on 12-4-1893 and died 3-28-1974. Coy and Elizabeth were the parent of three children. Coy was born in Westmoreland, Sumner County, TN and Elizabeth on Cages Bend Road, Number One Community, Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee. They spent their latter years on a farm in the Ocana Community on Station Camp Creek Road, Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee.

Note: Some of the above information was taken from Cantrill - Cantrell Genealogy book by Susan Cantrill Christie.

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