Beech Church Graveyard
(Also called Old Beech Church Cemetery)
Tombstone Inscriptions

Contributed and Transcribed by
DeAnne A. Shelley

© 2001

Note: The following cemetery record comes from TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499.
Copied under Work's Progress Administration
by Mrs. Alice Guthrie in 1936 & 1937

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Note from Diane Payne: It is interesting to that Mrs. Guthrie transcribed these cemeteries in 1936 & 1937 however, she did not include any headstones with death dates after 1900.

Note: The following was sent by Lucinda Kinsall (
"I am wanting to put in someone that has been added to the list of people I saw on the site for the Beech Church Cem. I photographed twice there so I know that I saw very near William Montgomery and wife, practically at the feet of their stones was a "MATTHEW KINSALL", with no dates! This was also listed in the Cemeteries of Sumner County book...he is in there. But, I have to add since I have been back, his stone is on the ground and almost overgrown, which is too bad and that there are no dates for him. Please add him to this list. I research KINSALL in the very early years of Sumner Co. With connection to a Pavatt Cuffman who married Jane Kinsall and lived on Center Point Rd. near Hendersonville. I am still working on connecting all of them, including a Kinsall sister who supp. married a Col. Montgomery that absolutely no one knows about so my search is in for the long haul.

David Halbstein ( sent information found at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society library. It is from a xeroxed copy of a newsletter title "The Chain Link" about the Kettering/Kettenring/Catron family.

David writes "Francis Catron was the donor of the land for the cemetery." He cites an article written by Sammye Louise (Routt) Wood, in the newsletter The Chain Link

"Johann Franz Kettenring was born about 1846 in Scharrof, Germany. He died 15 July 1819 in Shackle Island, Sumner County, TN. Franz married Barbara Houch/Hauk...Francis Ketering donated land in the vicinity of Shackle Island...for the cemetery which is adjacent to the Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church..."

Beech Church, located on Long Hollow Pike 10 miles west of Gallatin, TN.
(Note by DP: Book by Snider & Yorgason give the location as "Located at Shackle Island on Long Hollow Pike.")

Hannah, W. T. Jouett died July 24, 1820. Age 41 years.
Daniel Montgomery, born March 25, 1789. Died July 5, 1855.
William Montgomery, born Sept. 21, 1782, died Sept 15, 1838. Age 76 years.
Jane Montgomery consort of William Montgomery, Age 73 years, born Mar. 8, 1837
. Sarah Montgomery consort of Daniel Montgomery, died July 7, 1850. Age 55 years.
Margaret M. Smith, born Aug. 4, 1822, died July 27, 1848.
Jane McMillin, died 1806. Age 75 years.
Cathrine, wife of J. R. Hutchinson, born Mar. 24, 1828, died Oct. 1, 1889.
J. R. Hutchinson, born Mar. 12, 1826, died Feb. 10, 1894.
Mr. James Reid, died Aug. 14, 1838. Age 75 years.
William J. Montgomery, born May 20, 1824, died May 3, 1875.
John Montgomery, born April 17, 1826, died Jan 22, 1889.
Peter Ketring, born April 26, 1775. Died Mar. 13, 1866.
Jane Ketring, consort of Peter Ketring born Sept. 23, 1796, died Sept. 21, 1849.
Francis Ketring, died July 1819. Age 71 years.
William Lowry, born 1800, died July 29, 1815.
Barnet Hauk, died 1817. Age 87 years.
Francis Kirkpatrick, born Nov. 1, 1774, died Sept. 15, 1850.
Alexander Kirkpatrick, born March 1772, died Dec. 1807.
John Kirkpatrick, born April 1770, died Oct. 10, 1806.
John McMurtrey Esq. Died March 16, 1841. Age 89 years.
Margaret McMurtrey, born Aug. 1, 1763, died Apr. 4, 1846.
W. J. Frazer, born Aug. 13, 1821, died July 21, 1888.
John Boyd, died Jan. 3, 1846, age 20 years.
Cyrus Boyd, b orn Jan. 28, 1806, died Feb. 17, 1879.
William King, born Jan. 17, 1777, died Sept. 9, 1842.
Daniel King, born Dec. 16, 1820, died June 19, 1846.
A. Hogan, born Jan. 26, 1802, died July 24, 1893.
Rebecca Hogan, born Dec. 6, 1806, died July 19, 1847.
James H. Hogan, "A volunteer in the Mexican War" born Dec. 28, 1825.
Died Aug. 23, 1848.
John W. Hogan, born Nov. 21, 1830, died Sept. 24, 1858.
John Kizer, died Jan. 12, 1860, age 65 years. James Elizer, born Apr. 8, 1798, died Feb. 1875.
Joseph Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 21, 1827, died Dec. 11, 1845.
Samuel Kirkpatrick, born Nov. 20, 1798, died Sept. 11, 1853.
James Kirkpatrick, born July 18, 1768, died Nov. 24, 1852.
Rev. Hugh Kirkpatrick, born May 8, 1771, died Dec. 3, 1863.
Stewart Kirkpatrick, born Apr. 15, 1802, died Mar. 20, 1844.
Samuel Kirkpatrick, born Jan. 6, 1800, died June 27, 1875.
Robert Taylor, born Mar. 11, 1777, died Mar. 30, 1859.

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