Belote-Hamilton Cemetery

Transcribed by
Susie Louise Bentley Swaney
© 1964

Contributed by Alan Bentley

Thanks to the Bentley family for permission to reprint this transcription

Location: Belote-Hamilton Graveyard, Belote's Bend, Sumner County, Tennessee

Note from 1964: The following information was taken from tombstones in the summer of 1964. This cemetery is on land now owned by Mr. Cecil Walker and is now known as the Jack Sweat place. This cemetery is in very bad state and has been for since back in the 1930's, all stones have been knocked down and it is grownup in brush (1964). The following is all that can be read:

Elizabeth F. FAKES, wife of J. V. WILKES
b. 1831
d. June 14, 1895

b. August 19, 1788
d. August 30, 1826

Margaret E., wife of John Y. BELOTE
b. December 18, 17??
d. January 4, 17??

Mrs. Nan
Mr. Daniel
(Note: Snider & Yorgason in their book Sumner Co. TN Cemetery Records list the following: McDaniel, Mrs. Nancy 28 Apr 1811 - 2 June 1843.)

It is also known that
James Calvert and Patsy Hamilton
Ansley Hamilton
John Hamilton and his two wives plus two of his children are buried there.
It is also said that Henry BELOTE and his wife, plus other members of his family are buried there.
It is also said that Annie BELOTE Swaney was buried in this cemetery plus many other members of the first families to settle in what is now Belote's Bend are buried here.
James and Elizabeth Bird BENTLEY are also thought to be buried here instead of in the BENTLEY CEMETERY further on down in the Bend.

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