Bentley Cemetery

Transcribed by
Susie Louise Bentley Swaney
© 1962

Contributed by Alan Bentley

Thanks to the Bentley family for permission to reprint this transcription

Location: Bentley Graveyard, Belote's Bend, Sumner County, Tennessee

Note from 1965: Deaths listed here are taken from tombstones that can be read. The land that this graveyard is on now belongs to George Cox, Sr. whose wife is the Great Granddaughter of James and Elizabeth Bird Bentley, one of the first settlers in Belote's Bend.

b. December 21, 1833
d. December 31, 1912

b. February 17, 1856
d. October 29, 1926

William Thomas BENTLEY
b. and d. August 27, 1912
(Note: Snider & Yorgason in their book Sumner Co. TN Cemetery Records list the death year as 1918.)

b. September 20, 1858
d. January 18, 1927

Sadie, dau. of Thomas & Alice BENTLEY
b. October 21, 1911
d. November 11, 1912

b. December 8, 1797
d. April 27, 1857

Ann Russ CHAPPEL wife of William BENTLEY
b. July 7, 1795
d. June 26, 1864

Cass Bentley MOSLEY
b. November 30, 1851
d. November 27, 1928

Annabet HOBSON, wife of T. H. BENTLEY
b. January 1, 1854
d. September 8, 1891

Thomas Hill BENTLEY
b. June 24, 1838
d. May 20, 1902

Ann RUSS, dau. of  T. H. and A. BENTLEY
b. August 15, 1886
d. November 28, 1886

b. February 11, 1854
d.  March 23, 1925

Nancy BENTLEY, wife of George TURNAGE
b. August 25, 1815
d. September 18, 1859

Jimmie Oleen BENTLEY
b. November 30, 1923
d. July 18, 1926

Josephine E., dau. of J. M. & A. A. BENTLEY
b. February 8, 1890
d. September 29, 1898

Maud, dau. of R. A. & M. F. BENTLEY
b. September 10, 1875
d. October 19, 1905

One marker is too far in the ground to be seen and there are at least fifteen field stones. Also known to be buried there but no markers have been found:
Minecie Patton BENTLEY
Jeremiah BENTLEY
and two children of Minecie Elizabeth ROBERSON (one child named Matt Richard, other unknown).
There are slaves buried in this cemetery also it is said but no markers found.

Note: Snider & Yorgason in their book Sumner Co. TN Cemetery Records also list these two graves:
Bentley, William Hill died 1952
Bentley, Ida Bell Walker died 28 Aug 1969

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