Brown Cemetery

Contributed and Transcribed by
Dolores & Gordon Miltenberger
© June, 1972

Located on the property of Mrs. Homer Scott, near Hartsville, Trousdale Co. TN. It is a few yards south of East Fork where it intersects the Sumner-Trousdale County line. Copied June 1972. The cemetery is given this name because of the name of the first person apparently buried there.

Note: The book by Snider and Yorgason, 1981 has the following location: 4 3/10 mi north of Castalian Springs on Johnny Dyer Road; then 7/10 mi east on Old Hopewell Road. Cemetery is approximately 300 yds southeast of the cross roads.

Crenshaw, Elizabeth 11 December 1803 - 11 January 1845
(Note: Snider & Yorgason have birth year as 1805 and death year 10 Jan 1846.)

Dickerson, John P. 4 June 1804 - 4 September 1840
(Note: Snider & Yorgason have death date as 7.)

Brown, Nimrod 5 April 1777 Albermarle Va - 17 August 1855 Sumner County
(Note: Snider & Yorgason birth 1797 and death 1833.)

Brown, Amanda wife of G. T. Brown 10 January 1809 - 5 March 1882

Brown, George T. 29 December 1807 - 7 June 1883

Brown, Reubin D. 16 January 1771 Albermarle Va. - 6 July 1819
(Note: Snider & Yorgason have lived in Sumner, Tenn.)

Brown, Amanda C. daughter of Nimrod and Susan

Brown, Susan T. 29 March 1803 - 3 February 1855
(Note: Snider & Yorgason have wife of Nimrod Brown.)

Note from the transcribers - The date for Nimrod indicates he died after the 1850 Census, but he does not appear with Susan in District #3 of Sumner County. Sumner County marriages show Nimrod Brown and Susanna T. Brown 22 September 1823. There is a Nimrod Brown names in Mrs. Beverley Stercula's compilation of Virginia Thompsons - he was born 5 April 1797; also an Amanda Brown born 10 January 1809. George T. Brown was in District #14 of the 1850 Census. No further research has been done by the compilers.

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