Clark Cemetery

Contributed and Transcribed by
Linda Harrison Clark

Note: The following cemetery record is not found in the book Sumner County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by Snider and Yorgason

I want to report a new cemetery. It is the Clark Cemetery just off Hwy. 231. It is located on private property. The box number is 1404 Hwy 231 near Bransford, TN., in Sumner Co. If any one wants to go, they should first get permission from the owners.

Some of the stones are unmarked. These are what I could get the first time I went.

Mary A. Clark, Wife of J. H. Clark, b Jan 15, 1822, d. Sept 5, 1878;
George H. Clark, J. R. & S. Clark, b. 1876, d 1878;
Susan A. Wray, wife of Pleasant Wray, May 9, 1871;
S. S. daughter J. R. & S. Clark, b. 1864, d 1864;
infant daughter of J. R. & S. Clark, B.& D. (rest unreadable).

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