Bloodworth-Parker Family Graveyard
(Also called Bloodworth Cemetery)
Tombstone Inscriptions

Contributed and Transcribed by
DeAnne A. Shelley
© 2001

Note: The following cemetery record comes from TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499.
Copied under Work's Progress Administration
by Mrs. Alice Guthrie in 1936 & 1937

Cemetery, located 3 1/2 miles west of Gallatin on Long Hollow Pike. Residence of W. H. Keisling, Gallatin, TN.
(Note by DP: Book by Snider & Yorgason give the following directions, "3 5/10 mi west of Gallatin on Long Hollow Pike.")

Mary B. Bloodworth, born Dec. 3, 1861. Died Sept. 20, 1887.

Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Parker, consort of S. C. Parker departed this life Sept. 1, 1831.
Age 20 years, 6 months & 10 days.
"Depart My friends and dry your tears, I must lie here Till Christ appears."

Here sleeps the body of Mrs. Cherry Ellis, consort of The Rev. Joseph Ellis, who died June 16, 1852 in the morning. Age ___ yrs. 2 mo. & 25 days.
(Note by DP: Book by Snider & Yorgason has Age 42 yrs.)
"Why do we mourn for departing friends
Or shake at deaths alarm
Tis but the voice of Jesus
That calls them to Heaven."

Sacred to the memory of Hardy M. Parker died July 19, 1852. (Note by DP: Book by Snider & Yorgason gives death year as 1832.)

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