Pitt Cemetery

Contributed by Anne S. Lawrence



Photo (on left) of the grave headstone of Joseph Robert PITT, 3rd child of Maggie M. Grainger and Albert Washington PITT.

According to the Sumner County TN Cemetery Records by Snider and Yorgason, published 1981, the marker states "Joseph G. PITT Son of A. W. & M. M. Pitt 25 Aug 1872 - 16 Nov 1872 (the names are very legible; dates are very difficult to read). Several children of A.W. and M.M. Pitt has 3 "given" names; it is possible that Joseph's full name was Joseph Robert Grainger Pitt or Joseph Robert Green Pitt --- Grainger was his mother's maiden name and Green was the name given to A.W. Pitt's last born son child, James Henry Green Pitt (Green was the name of a family doctor according to J.H.G. Pitt's oral history).

AW Pitt recorded (in very clear handwriting) the following in his Bible:
Joseph Robert Pitt was Bornd Jan 25th 1872 AWP
Joseph Robert Pitt Died Nov 16 1872

Photo (on right) is the footstone of Maggie M. Grainger PITT (headstone could not be found in Dec. 2008)

AW Pitt recorded in the following in his Bible:
Maggie M. Grainger my Beloved Wife was Bornd 28 of August 1840
Maggie M. Pitt Died August 19th 1881.
Both are buried in a cemetery in a pasture located on Clubbs Lane between Hwy 52 and College St. (old Hwy 52), 2.3 miles west of Portland, Sumner Co., TN. These are the only two grave markers in what may have been a much larger cemetery.

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