Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Membership List
Part Two
Pages 78 - 81

Contributed by Cheryl Kirkpatrick
Retyped for the page by Diane Payne

Note: Information located at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Typescript record copied by Rubye Dillion in 1938.

"Church Book for the Beech Congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Formed by the Beech Session, July 29, 1831. Rev. Hugh Kirkpatrick. Elders Robt Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Christopher Ketring, Alexander Hogan, Alexander K. Taylor, Andrew H. Guthrie, Thomas Hudson."

Members Names
Ackerman, Susan
Ackerman, Thomas P.
Blair, Elmira
Blair, Louisa
Boyd, Mary
Calmore, Mary R.
Cearcy, Tabitha
Cobler, Mury R.
Collis, Elizabeth
Collis, Francis R.
Dempsey, George L. Dismissed by letter
Dempsey, Levi R.
Dempsey, Lucinda R.
Dempsey, Nancy R.
Dempsey, Rebecca J. R.
Duke, Manervy R.
Duke, Thomas
Durrington, Ewing
Durrington, Frances R.
Elizer, Francis
Elizer, James
Evans, Elizabeth
Frazer, Margaret R.
Frazor, James
Frazor, John
Frazor, Margaret R.
Frazor, William
Garritson, Marinda
Garritson, Sarah dismissed by order of Presbytery
Garritson, Smith
Gibson, Elisha
Gibson, Patsy
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Emily
Hamilton, Jane A.
Hamilton, Malberry R.
Hardin, George R.
Harper, Amandy
Harper, Robert C.
Head, William
Herrin, James B.
Hill, Elizabeth R.
Hogan, Harriett
Hogan, Howard
Hogan, Lucinda
Hogan, Martha
Hogan, Narcissa E.
Hubbard, Margaret
Hunter, William D. R.
Hutcheson, Alexander R.
Hutcheson, Sarah
Hutchinson, William W. M.
Jefferson, Samuel A. R.
Jones, Thomas
Jourdon, Angeline
Jourdon, William E.
Joyner, Emily R.
Ketring, Katherine
Ketring, Peter
Kirkpatrick, Alexander
Kirkpatrick, Alexander
Kirkpatrick, Ann R.
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Finis E.
Kirkpatrick, Hansel
Kirkpatrick, John A.
Kirkpatrick, Margaret E.
Kirkpatrick, Margaret, A.
Kirkpatrick, Martha E.
Kirkpatrick, Mary K.
Kirkpatrick, Mildred
Kirkpatrick, Nancy
Kirkpatrick, Peter Suspended
Kirkpatrick, Sarah Jane
Kirkpatrick, Sumner
Kirkpatrick, Tennessee
Kizer, Amanda
Kizer, Amanda
Kizer, China
Kizer, Emily
Kizer, Harriet
Kizer, John
Kizer, John B.
Kizer, Leander
Kizer, Mary A.
Kizer, Mary J.
Kizer, Philip
Kizer, Sarah
Kizer, Sarah A.
Kizer, Sarah Ann
Kizer, William
Latimer, Caroline
Latimer, Elizabeth
Looney, Malinda R.
Lowrey, Jowlett
Lowrey, Louisa
Lowrey, William R.
Lowrey, William R.
Mackney, Jourdon
Martin, Manery W.
Marting, Martha A.
McMurtry, Asa Deceased
McMurtry, Elizabeth
McMurtry, Mury
Montgomery, Leoary D.
Montgomery, Margaret M.
Montgomery, Tennessee
Moore, Ann M.
Moore, Mary Eliza
Moore, Nancy K.
Moore, William C.
More, Elmarine
Patton, John
Perry, Nancy A.
Perry, Susan J.
Ralph, Alexander R.
Ralph, Lewis
Ralph, Mary
Ralph, Preston Deceased
Ralph, William
Reed, James Deceased
Rice, Elizabeth
Rice, Margaret J.
Rutherford, Martha
Smith, Lorance R.
Smith, Martha
Taylor, Caroline J. R.
Taylor, Finus A.
Taylor, H. W.
Taylor, Jam. W. R.
Taylor, John K.
Taylor, Lucy J. R.
Taylor, Mary Ann Deceased Jan. 23, 1853
Taylor, Robert In.
Taylor, Robert H.
Taylor, Sumner C.
Ti ___, Rachel?
Watte___, Eliza R.
White, Willis W.
Williams, Elizabeth
Wright, George M.
Black Members
Hutchison's Milly
Kirkpatrick's Patsy
Rutherford's Jack
Rutherford's Peter
Taylor's Sally
Taylor's Toney

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