Henry Pitt
Estate Settlement, 1847

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State of Tennessee
Sumner County
I William S. Munday
Clerk of the County Court of said County have this day settled with Josiah Walton Executor of Henry Pitt decd and find him in amount as follows to wit To amt of Sales of personally property
To amt of Sales of Land sold under will
To amt of Sale of Negro boy Tom
Making this Sum

Cr by voucher
No. 1 E. G. McMann (?) - $28.00
Cr by voucher No 2. Jno. J. Franklin - 27.00
Cr by voucher No 3. G. S. Gary & Co - 8.66
Cr by voucher Court Expenses & Clerks fee for settlement - 5.50
Cr Allowance to Executor for Service - 30.00 - $99.16
Leaving this Sum due estate

All of which is respectfully
Submitted to the Court March 26th 1847 Wm S. Munday Clerk
Note: This is on the back of the Document
Executor's Settlement with Josiah Walton Recorded March 26th 1847

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