Alexander Stark to Louisa Montgomery, 1873

Source: Sumner Co. Archives

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker at
© 12 November 2002

Whereas D. O. Montgomery on the 22nd day of Febry 1872 by deed conveyed to me a tract of land in Sumner County which deed is duly Registered in the Registery office of Sumner County and since that time Louisa Montgomery, wife of the said D. O. Montgomery, has paid out of her separate estate various debts that were outstanding against D. O. Montgomery (viz) a debt to D. H. Smith of $600, a debt to Samuel Bugg of about $500, a debt to 1st National Bank of Gallatin about $200, a debt to John Clendening of $579.79, a debt to Frank Taylor $200, a debt to Robt Pybus of $221.00. She has also furnished said D. O. Montgomery five shares of stock in the Louisville and Nashville Rail Road Company to pay other debts. She has also paid J. H. Joyner a debt of $100 and a debt to Burden Binder $100 and a debt to J. _____ of $40. and has paid other debts And whereas I have paid various debts for D. O. Montgomery and the said D. O. Montgomery otherwise indebted to me which the said Louisa Montgomery is to pay to me out of her private estate. Now in consideration of the above ___ and also for the love and affection I bear said Louisa Montgomery I do hereby give transfer and convey to said Louisa Montgomery during her natural life the land described in the above named deed made by D. O. Montgomery to me which deed is here Referred to for a description of said land the said Louisa Montgomery to hold said land during her life with the conditions that said D. O. Montgomery is to be permitted to Remain and live on said land if he so desires and the said Louisa and the said Louisa is to furnish him a support from said land, at the death of said Louisa Montgomery I give transfer and convey said land to the children and the legal Representatives of the children of said Louisa Montgomery with the condition that said D. O. Montgomery be permitted if living to Reside upon said land during his life and that said children furnish him a support from said land and I warrant the title to said land against any claim to be made by me or any person claiming through or under me this 24th day of April 1873.
Alexander Stark

State of Tennessee }
Sumner County }
Personally appeared before me Jesse Cage Clerk of the County Court of said county Alexander Stark the bargainer with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office the 24 April 1873.
Rec'd for Registration 24 April 1873 at 1 O'Clock PM
Registered and examined the same day Red'd
R. Hallman, Rgr S. Cty

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