Benjamin Roney to Benitta Gilbert

Source: Sumner Co., Tn., Deed Book 26, p. 303

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© 2008


Whereas I did on the 24th January 1855 put my daughter Benitta J. Gilbert in possesion of the following tract of land viz situate in the State of Tennessee Sumner County Civil District No.18 and bounded as follows: Beginning at a small post oak some twenty poles from a pond and corner to the heirs of James B. Thoruehill thence South 82 ˝ East ninety one poles to a stake, thence South 3 West twenty six poles to a stake, thence South 81 East thirty two poles o a thorn bush, thence South eighteen poles to the center of a Well, thence South 5 West one hundred and fifty two poles to a post oak on Baileys north boundary, thence West one hundred and eight poles to a stake thence North 17 West one hundred and fifty three poles to a gum, thence North 86 East six and a quarter poles to a turkey oak, thence north fifty one and three fifth poles to a stake, thence West twelve poles to a black oak thence North twenty six poles to the middle of a Pond, thence South 32 ˝ East Twenty two poles to the beginning, containing one hundred and fifty acres including to make her a conveyance for the same but which I never executed and whereas the said Bennitta J. Gilbert has departed this life leaving John Benjamin Gilbert and William James Gilbert her only children, now in consideration of the love and affection which I have for my said grand children John B. and Wm. P. Gilbert and the further consideration of one dollar to me paid I give grant and convey to them equaly the above described land to them and their heirs forever. I will warrant and forever the title of said land against the claims of all persons claiming by though or under me but no further or otherwise this 4th day of January 1868.
Benj. Roney

State of Tennessee }
Sumner County }
Personally appeared before me John L. Bugg clerk of the County Court of said county Benj. Roney the barganor with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office this the 4 day of March 1868.
John L. Bugg Clerk
By S. A. Trousdale DC
Rec’d for Registration 4th March 1868 at 9 Oclock AM
Registered and Examined the same day Rec’d
R. Hallum Regr SC

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