Benjamin Roney to Sarah J. Gilbert

Source: Sumner Co., Tn., Deed Book 41, p. 341

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We Benjamin Roney and wife Susan Roney do hereby convey to Sarah J. Gilbert her bodily heirs or assigns for the consideration of four hundred dollars a tract of land lying in Sumner County Tennesssee Dist. No. 15, it being a part of the land known as the Gilbert land, bounded as follows: Beginnng at a small post oak 25 poles from a pond and corner to the heirs of J.B Thornhill the S 82 ˝ E 91 poles to a stake. Thence South with Link & Culbreath 36 poles to a stake, Thence S 81 E wih Link & Culbreath 32 poles to a stake, Thence South 18 to the center of the well, thence Southward with Link & Culbreath to an point in their line where a due west line will run twenty feet south from the stock Barn, thence West to the road, thence Southward with said road to Brileys line, thence West with Brileys line ___ poles to a stake, thence N 14 W 153 poles to a gum, thence N 86 E 4 poles to a stake, thence North 51 3/5 poles to a stake, thence West 12 poles to a black oak, thence North 26 poles to the Middle of the pond, thence S 32 ˝ E 22 ˝ poles to the Beginning, containing 115 acres more or less. T. H. Warren is to have a lifetime interest in the above described tract of for the consideration that he gives up his life interest to said Sarah J. Gilbert to another tract to enable her to pay for this. Secondly we do hereby connvey to James Gilbert his heirs and assigns for forever for the consideration of two hundred dollars. The balance of said bounded as follows: Beginning at a stake in Link and Culbreaths line at a point so that a due West line will run 20 feed South from the stock barn, thence West ___ poles to the center of the raod, thence south with a straight road to the Briley line, thence East to a stake the original corner, thence North ___ poles to the Beginning, Containing 35 acres more or less. We hereby retain a lien on the land conveyed in this deed to James Gilbert and relinqush the legal lien to the land conveyed to Sarah J. Gilbert and her bodily heirs. We covenant with the above partiess to said to warrant and defend the title to said land against the lawful claims of all persons claiming under me and no further, this the 21st day of December 1891.
Benj. Roney {Seal}
Susan Roney {Seal}

State of Kentucky }
Simpson County }
Personally appeared before me J.H. Covington, a clerk of the Simpson County Court within and for said County and state, Benjamin F. Roney and his wife Susan Roney the within named bargainors, with whom I am personally acquainted, and acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained. And the said Susan Roney, wife of the said Benjamin Roney, having appered before me privately and apart from her said husband, acknowledged the execution of said deed to have been done by her freely, voluntarily, and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint of her said husband, and for the purposes therein expressed. Witnss my hand and official seal, this 21st day of December 1891.
J.H. Covington Clerk of the Simpson County Court

State of Kentucky }
Simpson County }
I John Jesse Willken, Judge of the Simpson Court do certify that J.H. Covington whose name appears subscribed to the foregoing certificate was at the time of signing same and is at present Clerk of the Simpson County Court duly qualified and authorized to take acknowledged to deeds. Witness my hand this Jan 28th 1892.
{Seal} John Jesse Milliken
Rec’d for Registration Jany 30th 1892 at 11:30 Oclock AM
Registered & Examined the same day received W.H. Joyner Register
By J. E. Joyner DR

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