North Carolina Land Grant to
Joseph Hendricks, Assignee of John Barrow, Assignee of Thomas Jones, son of Jacob Jones -- 1792

Source: Copied from microfilm records at Tennessee State Library and Archives. Land Grants Book E-5, Grant No. 354

Transcribed by Mike McMurray at
© September 2009

Preemption Entry (Land Entry)
Preemption No.: 230 To Whom Granted: Thomas Jones
No. of Acres: 640
Date: 1783
County Situate in: Davidson Location: on both sides of Cedar Lick Creek
(from North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791, comp. by Cartwright & Gardiner, 1958)

No. 230 January 18th, 1783
230. Thomas Jones (son of Jacob) obtained a pre emption of 640 acres of land lying on Cedar Creek a South branch of Cumberland river abt 10 miles from the River to begin on the Creek half a mile below a Spring marked F 1780 at which there is an improvement, the Spring on the east side of the Creek to extend up the Creek on both sides for quantity.
(from The Preemptors – Middle Tennessee's First Settlers, Vol. 1, Early Tennessee Land Records, Irene M. Griffey, 1989)

1. Front of Shuck
File No. 449 TENNESSEE Sumner County Joseph Hendricks
640 acres
Grant No. 354 Grant Date: Nov. 27, 1792 Warrant No.: [ ] Entry No.: 554 Entry Date: July 27, 1784
Book No. 81, p. 10 Location: On both sides of Cedar Lick Creek
**Bottom of front of shuck: Thomas Jones – written in a different hand, possibly his signature**

Compilers Note: The Preemption/Entry Numbers do not match those on the front of the shuck and in the Warrant.
The only explanation I can see for the confusion here is sloppy record keeping. No. 230 is actually the Entry No., and the Entry date should be January 18, 1783. The Warrant No. should be 554. The information about the Grant No. and Grant Date is correct. Thomas Jones, who was given the original preemption, would have had to present to the Entry Taker a signed document outlining the location of the land. Then the Entry Taker would endorse the back of this document, noting the Date of Entry. In this case it would be Preemption/Entry No. 230, entered on Jan. 18, 1783. Then the Entry Officer would issue a Warrant which would authorize the Surveyor to carry out the provisions of the Warrant. In this case it was Samuel Barton instructing Daniel Smith to survey the property, for Warrant No. 554 on July 27, 1784. Then the Surveyor would survey the property and make a plat. The last step was the issuance of the Grant, which was recorded in the County where the Grant was located. In this case Grant No.354 was issued on Nov. 27, 1792.
(from Founding of the Cumberland Settlements, The First Atlas, 1779-1804, Vol. 1 – North Carolina Warrants, Surveys, & Surveyor Plats, Drake, Masters, and Puryear)

2. Back of Shuck
No. 554 Joseph Hendricks
640 Acres

3. Warrant
“Territory of the United States of America South of River Ohio
Samuel Barton Entry Taker To Daniel Smith Surveyor in Davidson county Greeting
These are to Authorize and Require you to Measure and Lay off for Joseph Hendricks Assignee of
John Barrow Assignee of Thomas Jones Son of Jacob Jones a preemption of 640 Acres of Land Lying on Cedar creek a South Branch of Cumberland River About Ten Miles from the River, to Begin on the creek half a Mile below a Spring marked T4 (or F) 1780. At Which tree there is an improvement the Spring on the East Side of the creek to Eaton's up the creek on both Sides for Quantity as ___ Entry No. 554 July 27th 1784 And for so Doing this that be your Grant given under My hand this 29th day of January 1791
Samuel Barton E.T.

4. Survey and Plat
Map – Rectangle
Top – East 432 poles; Left side – North 237 poles; Bottom – West 432 poles; Right side – South 237 poles
Northeast corner – Double Sugar Tree and Sycamore
Northwest corner – White Oak and Dogwood
Southeast corner – Cedar and White Ash
Southwest corner – Small Mulberry, Cedar and Ash
Cedar Creek depicted running West to Northeast with one small branch emptying from the South and an even smaller branch emptying from the Northwest Key to Map: “Done by a scale of two hundred poles to the Inch. William Green and Amos Hendricks Sworn Chain carriers.”
Sumner County January 25th 1791
“Agreeable to the enclosed Warrant No. 554 the entry dated July 27th 1784. I have surveyed for Joseph Hendricks Assignee of John Barrow Assignee of Thomas Jones a preemption of Six Hundred and forty acres of Land lying in Sumner County in the _____ Territory of both Sides the Cedar Lick Creek and bounded as follows.
Beginning at a double sugar tree and Sycamore on the East bank of the creek, thence East four Hundred & thirty two poles to a Cedar & White Ash, South two hundred & thirty seven poles to a small Mulberry Cedar & ash, West four Hundred & thirty two poles including the creek to a White ash & Dogwood, thence North two hundred and thirty seven poles to the beginning.”
Surveyed by Daniel Smith, Surveyor

Compilers Notes:

  1. This is not Jacob Jones' preemption, but rather Thomas Jones' preemption, which he subsequently assigned to John Barrow who then assigned it to Joseph Hendricks. It is not unusual to see an individual identified by geographical location, e.g. “John Doe of Halifax Co., Va.” It is unusual to see an individual identified by descent, as in the Warrant portion of this document – “Thomas Jones, son of Jacob Jones,” unless the grantee dies, and then his heirs become the grantees, e.g. “the heirs of Jacob Jones.”
    On the North Carolina State Archives M.A.R.S. (Manuscript and Archives Reference System) listing of this document, it says “Note: Survey made by virtue of assignment of preemptive rights of Jacob Jones.” This is a mistaken interpretation of the contents because Jacob Jones is only referred to once, and that as the father of Thomas Jones, not as a preemptor.
  2. The location of this Grant: Present day Wilson Co.
    1783-Davidson Co.
    1786-Sumner Co.
    1799-Wilson Co.
  3. I have been unable to find a copy of the document which lists this Grant, either in the State Archives in Nashville, Tenn. or Raleigh, N.C. So, what we have here is the Preemption and the Warrant, but no Grant.
  4. It should be noted that while Thomas Jones does appear on some Preemptor lists, he does not appear on the list from North Carolina State Records, Monday, May 10, 1784. “The following persons satisfied the requirements of pre-emption and had made the necessary petitions:…… His brother Abraham Jones and father Jacob Jones do appear on this list.
    (from Founding of the Cumberland Settlements, The First Atlas, 1779-1804, Vol. 1 – North Carolina Warrants, Surveys, & Surveyor Plats, Drake, Masters, and Puryear, p. 6)

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