James Roney to Moses Cavitt, 1816

Source: Sumner Co., Tn., DB 7, p. 323

Transcribed by Larry Hallstrom at uva64lgh@msn.com
© 2006

This Indenture made this third of April in the year of Our Lord Eighteen hundred and sixteen between James Roney of the County of Sumner & State of Tennessee of the One part and Moses Cavitt of the County & State aforesaid Witnesseth that the aforesaid Roney for and in consideration of the sum of One thousand Dollars the Receipt of which is acknod'd have bargained and sold and my these presents do bargain and sell unto the said Moses Cavitt a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred & twenty seven acres more or less lying and situated in the County of Sumner and aforesaid on the waters of the Wolf Branch and bounded as follows (viz) Beginning at a Spanish Oak the North East corner of the six hundred & forty acres and Running from thence South one hundred and ninety three poles to a White Oak from thence West fifty poles to a black Oak, from thence North fifty degrees West forty five poles to a Hickory, from thence South thirty seven degrees West Sixty five poles to two post Oaks, from thence West one hundred and fifty four poles to a post Oak, from thence North two hundred and twelve half poles to Hickory & black Oak, from thence East Sixty poles to a stake in on Bowmans line, from thence South four poles to a post Oak Bowmans South West corner, from thence East with Bowmans line two hundred and four poles to the Beginning, To have and to hold the above described tract of land with all ways waters hereditaments and appurtenances unto the said Moses Cavitt his heirs and assigns to the only use and behoof of the sd Cavitt against the legal claim of myself my heirs and so forth forever and from legal claim of myself my heirs and so forth forever and from the legal claim of all and every person or persons whatsoever. In witness hereof I have this day and date above written set my name and affixed my seal
James Roney {Seal}
Signed sealed and
Delivered in the
Presence of

State of Tennessee Sumner County Circuit Court April Term 1816
The within deed of bargain & sale between James Roney of the one part and Moses Cavitt of the other part for 327 acres of land was duly acknowledged in Open Court by the said James Roney the bargainer & ordered to be Registered.
A Copy Test
A.B. Shelby clerk of said Court
Registered & Exam'd 10th May 1816
James Douglass Register
By Robert Crockett Deputy
Register of Sumner County

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