Charles Payne to Benjamin Roney
Source: Sumner Co., Tn., Deed Book 21, p. 184

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I Charles Payne have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to Benjamin Roney and his heirs forever for the Consideration of fifteen hundred dollars to me paid a tract of land in the State of Tennessee Sumner County and District No.18 containing by estimation Three hundred and thirty three and one quarter acres be the same more of less and bounded as follows: Beginning at a small Post Oak some 30 poles from a Pond and corner to James B. Thornhill running thence South 82 East 91 poles to a Stake thence North 3 East 43 poles to a Post Oak thence East 122 poles to a stake with pointers and corner to Major W. Mitchell, thence South 1 West 75 poles to a black gum thence West 30 poles thence South 43 East 100 poles to a barked post Oak thence South 20 East 70 poles to a small black oak and corner to M.W. Mitchell thence North 87 1/25 West 47 poles to a double black oak thence South 33 poles to a post oak thence West 230 poles to a stake thence North 17 West 153 poles to a black gum thence North 86 East 6 poles to a turkey oak thence North 51 1/5 poles to a stake thence West 12 poles to a black oak thence North 26 poles to the middle of a pond thence South 32 East 22 poles to the beginning. To have and to hold the same to the said Benjamin Roney his heirs and assigns forever. I do covenant with the said Benjamin Roney that I am lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey and that the same is unencumbered. I do further covenant and bind myself my heirs & representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to said land and every part thereof to the said Benjamin Roney his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatever this 7th day of December 1848.
C. Payne
Test G. Payne, Sly Huthen
W. Bandy John Clendening

State of Tennessee Sumner County
Personally appeared before me Wm. S. Munday Clerk of the County Court of said Court W. Bandy and John Clendening subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Deed who being first Sworn depose and say that they are personally acquainted with Charles Payne the bargainor and that he acknowledged the bargainor and that he acknowledged the Execution of the same in their presence to be his act and deed upon the day it bears date and for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at Office this 3rd day of April 1849.
Wm S. Munday Clerk
Recd for Registration 3rd April 1849 at 9 Oclock Am Registered and Examined same day recd
J. Bruce RSC

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