Thornton Stark -- County Court Deed, 1843

Source: Sumner County, TN Lawsuit #537

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker at
© 12 November 2002

Talifaro Stark & others executors
Be it remembered that this _____ came on for final hearing before the Hon'bl Thomas Manay on 29th day of June 1843 upon the report of the ____ and security which is as follows: Here insert them
It there__ appears that Thornton Stark became the purchaser of the tract of land at $1200 which has been paid to Edward Turner. It is therefore adjudged and ___ that the title of the s'd tract of land be divested out of the control and rested in Thornton Stark and his heirs forever which is described as follows -- Beginning at an Elm and Sugar Tree Smith Hansboro South East Corner. Thence north 41 poles to a white oak and Spanish oak. Thence East 36 poles to a walnut tree in I. Lindsy line at the stone quarry. Thence South 134 poles with Lindly line to a Spanish oak and Elm. Thence west with ____ line 44 poles to a hickory ___ corner. Thence south 96 poles to an ash in ___ line. Thence west 112 poles to a Hickory and white oak. Thence north to a mulberry and Elm Smith's corner. Thence west 40 poles to a white oak Ra___ line. Thence north 140(?) poles to a large hickory in Smith Hansboro's line. Thence East with sd line to the beginning 154 poles -- containing two hundred acres more or less.
It further appears that the purchase money has been paid on all the negroes sold except the two sold to P. W. Davis and ____ Elya__
It is therefore _____ and decreed that the title of the s'd slaves be divested out of the compls and vested in the purchasers ______ and his heirs with the exception of the slave ___ ____ which title shall be vested in the purchaser as soon as the purchaser shall pay the moneys.

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