Finis Bruce et al vs. Shelly Bruce et al, 1901
Deed dated 30 Jan 1901

Source: Sumner Co. Archives Deed Book 51, Pages 22, 23 &24

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Brown Harris
M. M. Dobson
and others

Wednesday morning January 30th 1901. the Hon. County Court of Sumner County Tenn, met pursuant to adjournment present and presiding the Hon. James Anderson Chairman &c when the following proceedings were had to wit:

Finis Bruce et al....... }
........... vs....................}
Shelly Bruce et al......}

This cause was heard on this the 30th day of January 1901 before Hon. James Anderson, Chairman &c upon the whole record in the cause and particularly upon the report of the clerks which is as follows: In this cause M. M. Dobson et al have paid in full for the land sold them in the cause and they are now entitled to a decree of divestiture and vestiture of title, said M. M. Dobson, W. K. Dobson & B. W. Dobson the purchasers have divided the land in kind among themselve and have filed a written order or request that the court decree title according to each ones share as agreen upon said
surveys are filed and made a part hereof together with said order B. W. Dobsons share is set out in Exhibit No. 1, M. M. Dobsons No 2, and W. K. Dobson No. 3 Respectively submitted Jany 28 1901.
..............................................Harris Brown Clerk.....................................
We, W. K. Dobson, B. W. Dobson & M. M. Dobson purchasers of the land in above cause having divided same among ourselves according to survey filed ask the Court to decree title to us respectively according to said division this Jany 28, 1901.
W. K. Dobson
B. W. Dobson
M. M. Dobson
Which being unexcepted to is by the Court i all things confirmed, And it appearing to the Court that the purchasers have divided the lands among themselves as follows: Tract No. 1 was allotted to B. W. Dobson and said tract No. 1 is bounded as follows: Beginning at
a rock in the junction of two lanes, thence N. 62-1/2 (degrees) W 60 poles to a ____ and persimmons pointer thence N 69-1/2 (degrees) 11 poles 18 links to a rock and cedar pointers; thence S 25 (degrees) W. 92 poles to a planted rock; thence S 89 (degrees) E. 101 poles 5 links to a planted (space left blank) in middle of the lane; thence with middle of said lane N. 2=1/2 (degrees) E 50-1/4 ples to the beginning containing 36 acres And tract No. 2 was allotted to M. M. Dobson and said tract is bounded as follows. Beginning at a rock at the junction of two lanes; thence N. 62-1/2 W 60 poles to a rock and persimmon pointers thence N. 69-1/2 (degrees) W. 29 poles 12 links to a rock; thence North 42 poles to a rock at the fence near branch; thence East 81-1/4 poles to a stake; thence S. 85 (degrees) E 84 poles to a rock between a large black oak and white oak Bells corner; thence with Bells line S. 1 (degree) W. 79 poles to a rock in middle of lane; thence N. 88 (degrees) W 82 poles to the beginning, containing 71 acres. And tract No. 3 was allotted to W. K. Dobson and said tract was bounded as follows: Beginning at a
permanent rock; thence N. 88-1/2 (degre) W 48 poles to a planted rock West of a spring; thence N ___ ___ poles 13 links to a rock & hickory pointers Bells corner: thence N. 81-1/2 (degrees) E. 40 poles with Bells line to a Hackberry; thence N. 54 (degrees) E. 24 poles to white oak with the letters J.B. on the same Bells corner; thence East with Bells line 183/4 poles to rock on South side of a fence, near a branch; thence South 42 poles to a planted roc; thence S. 69-1/2 (degrees) E. 17 poles 20 links to a rock with cedar pointer; thence S. 25 (degrees) W. 92 poles to a rock; thence N 89 (degrees) W. 18 poles 20 links
to the beginning, containing 55 acres.
It is therefore ordered and decreed by the Court that all the right, title, and interest of all the parties to this suit in and to said three tracts of land be and the same is hereby divested out of them and the title to the above described tract No. 1 is hereby vested in B. W. Dobson and his heirs forever and the title to the above described tract No. 2 is hereby
vested in M. M. Dobson, and his heirs forever, and the title to the above described tract No. 3 is hereby vested in W. K. Dobson & his heirs forever. And it is ordered by the Court that the clerk will execute and deliver to each of said parties a deed conveying to each party the respective tract of land allotted to him as abaove described or will them a certified copy of this decree for Registration if they so prefer, the cost of said deeds or certified decree will be paid by said purchasers.

State of Tennessee...}
Sumner County..........}

I, Harris Brown, Clerk of the County Court of said County hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the decree title rendered in the case therein named and upon the date it bears witness by hand, this June 30, 1902.
Harris Brown
Recd for Registration July 5th 1902 at 1.30 oclock P.M.
Registered and Examined July 8th 1902.
A. C. Dobbins

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