John Wesley Bruce and John A. Bruce Heirs, 1903
Quit Claim Deed Dtd 16 May 1903

Source: Sumner Co. Archives DB 64, Pgs 381, 382

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© February 2001

Know all men by these presence, That we Adeline Bruce and J. R. Perry and J. L. Bruce, and Mary Bruce, heirs of Harriett and Lee Bruce, also J. M. Bruce, A. F. Bruce, Tilda Bruce and Elizabeth Lassiter and Peter Lewis in consideration of having received our portion and allotment of land of J. W. Bruce deceased, do hereby remise, release, and forever quit claim unto J. M. Bruces devised heirs to wit J. T. Bruce, J. W. Bruce, J. A. Bruce, J. H. Bruce, W. B. Bruce their heirs forever in our title, interest and estate legal and equitable in the estate of J. W. Bruce deceased to wit: a certain tract or parcel of land the same being the tract allotted to J. A. Bruce deceased, situated and lying in the State of Tennessee, Sumner Co., Civil District No. 6 on the head waters of Manskers Creek and bounded as follows: Beginning in center of road, Peter Lewis corner; Thence N. 22 (degrees) W. 35 poles to a stake, A. Bruces corner, Thence corner, Thence N. 27
(degrees) E. 9 poles and 13 links to a stake in old line, Thence East 84 poles to two hickorys; Thence S. 39 (degrees) W. 2 poles to a stake P. Lewis corner, Thence S. 65 (degrees) W. with Lewis line 82 poles to the beginning, containing by estimation twelve acres. In testimony where of we have this day subscribed our hands and seals, This May 16, 1903.
P. Lewis

M. J. X Lewis

A. F. Bruce
J. M. Bruce
M. D. Bruce

State of Tennessee }
Sumner County }

Personally appeared before me, D. A. Montgomery, a
Notary Public in and for said County and State, the within named A. F. Bruce. P. L. Lewis & wife M. J. Lewis, J. M. Bruce and wife M. D. Bruce the bargainors with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that they executed the within written deed instrument for the purposes therein contained. And M. J. Lewis & M. D. Bruce, wives of the said P. Lewis & J. M. Bruce having personally appeared before me privately and apart from their husbands, the said M. J. Lewis and M. V. (sic) Bruce acknowledged the execution of said deed to have been done by them freely, voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from their said husbands, and for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand and official seal at Lohman, Tennessee, this 16 day of May 1903
(Seal) D. A. Montgomery, Notary Public

Recd for registration Oct 5. 1911 at 7:40 oclock A. M.
Registered and examined Oct 11, 1911.

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