Kirkpatrick, Patton & Watson, 1832 & 1841

Source: Sumner County Deeds

Contributed by David Agricola
© 2001

"Know all men by these presents that whereas divers difficulties and a law suit had existed between the widow and children of DUNCAN PATTON dec'd. and SAMUEL WATSON & JANE WATSON (late JANE PATTON) of the one part, and SUSANNAH PATTON, widow of ROBERT PATTON, dec'd. and THEOPHILUS M PATTON of the other part in relation to the validity of the will of their ancestor and husband the sd. Robert Patton dec'd.

And whereas the suit has been compromised between sd. parties, and for the further consideration that the parties of the first part have transferred and relinquished to the sd. T. M. Patton all title, claim, and interest in and the whole estate both real and personal of their ancestor the sd. Robert Patton dec'd. & the said Theophilus M Patton does sell and convey unto Joseph Kirkpatrick for the use of the sd. Jane Watson during her life, and for the use of the heirs of her body by Sd. Samuel Watson, a certain tract or parcel of land lately the property of T M Patton beggining on the boundary?.. a part of a tract of 60? acres in the name of Robert Patton afsd. ... dividing line between this tract & that of POLLY PATTON... same, running thence with sd. dividing line south 278 poles to a stake & pointers, thence East 31 poles to a stake in the eastern boundary of a ?? acre tract deeded to T. M. Patton by C Felsker, thence south with sd. lines 10 poles to Coley N. W.. corner, a walnut, red ... thence with Cole's line East 35 1/2 poles to the western boundary of the heirs of WILLIAM PATTON, thence with their line & T. M. Patton's line North 102 poles to a white oak in a field, thence with T M Patton's line NW? 45 poles to a stake, thence with his line north 134 poles to a stake, black oak and white oak, thence west 22 poles to the beginning, containing by estimation 75 acres be the same more or less. To have and to hold to the sd. Joseph Kirkpatrick (Wm McCall crossed out) his heirs tec forever for the purposes of constituting an estate in common the heirs of sd Jane Watson by her husband Saml Watson at her death hereby warranting the title to sd land & ... to the sd Jos Kirkpatrick his being .. for the use afsd. and to the heirs of the body of sd Jane as afsd at her death against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever..
Witness my hand & seal this 28 day of Augt. 1832. T. M Patton."
(attested) This deed was not recorded until the Nov. 1841 term of Sumner Co court, at which time a separate deed was executed by T M Patton to Duncan Patton's heirs.

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